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  • Cool.

    And unsuprisingly there is mobile broadband coverage in Berkely Square, just checked on my way to Seven dails, will be back at Berkley for the Landing.

  • Amusingly Chris Barrie has just let slip on BBC 6music that he (and presumably the rest of the cast and crew) is seeing the finished show for the first time tonight at the Mayfair theatre!

  • I brought my DSi to work just so I could check your twitter updates, but I can’t find a wireless connection signal. BASTARD.

  • There is a Bentley garage, a porche and rolls royce showroom next to this park.

    I think Chris chose this location.

  • The G&T team are here twitter. So there are stars in the park already. They are much politer in the flesh. It’s already a good day.

    “God, it’s gorgeous” John Hoare. Star bug is having its legs attatched.

    Some fan kevin dingo is filming here he’s come from australia. Thats got to be a record.

  • I’m Tweeting G&T! I want the picture with the thumb over the lens framed. Ian’s got a huge lens. And a green car, very exciting!

  • First time doing this, and some of the photos aren’t uploading great. Will try and get better as the day progresses…

  • Plenty of fan web work going on. G&T are twittering, filming and photoing and moaning about quality of pictures. Cool to see them in action, you can all look forawrd to Berkley Park The Movie Yes Yes, I think.

    Im sorry I called them polite, they are swearing at me since that post, just to live up to the reputation. Its an honour to be the first person in the park to be told to fuck off. Though I reckon the cars bouncers are pretty handy, I got too close and was told to Mind it!

    No cast yet, fans are gathering.

  • Jonsmad, have you set up something to automatically feed your Twitter to posting on here?

  • No ive a laptop seb and mobile broadband. I’m just charging the G&T i phone with it on USB for John. And Ian is filming Grannys gawping at carbug!

    Nothing happening yet, except dave treating the car like what bike magazine would, with T-shirt promoting totty.

  • Enjoying the updates, jonsmad! Keep ’em coming! (I’ll read all of G+T’s in a row when I get home tonight.)

  • Now since you have your laptop would you mind *ahem* putting it on youtube please?

  • Thanks for the updates ladies and gentlemen! It’s great to see and read what’s actually going on. Love all the pictures. A first for Red Dwarf again. Superb!

  • Yes, thank you very much! It’s just on 2:00am here (I’m a night owl anyway) and I’m sitting at my pc checking on the updates between doing other things. Keep it up! :)

  • I just noticed that Terry Pratchett Twittered about 40 minutes ago that he’s en route to the Red Dwarf premiere. The lucky bastard.

  • Change of plan. Leg it! They’ve gone already! That was short and sweet. Looks as though G&T have an interview for the readers!

  • Are we going to have some video content on G+T, then?

    Regardless of my thoughts on the outcome of this weekend and I’m really rather pleased for the G+T crew. This is the pinnacle of years of hard slog on the website.

  • I was unable to be with the rest of the gang today, but they’ve done a fucking great job haven’t they?

  • There was nothing on BBC London, news, by the way. Unless I nodded off half way through without realising.

  • Sorry it all went hectic, the cast arrived in a car. and I used all my battery power jucing the G&T I phone, but that was more than worth it.

    I’m back and stealing british rail electric no less!

    So sureal seeing Kryten in the Latex and Chris and Danny in the flesh great stuff.

    Mr Symes faked being an official camera man news source and got pride of place and John has Interveiwed Doug. It’s Photos, Audio and Film a plenty I think from the G and T team. Brilliant meeting you guys.

  • Ian is home, back in the warm embrace of my loving arms.

    Exciting things are afoot.

  • That was fantastic fun. Went with my drummer and got loads of photos between us. I’ll get more up later:

  • Just got back and it was amazing. Met so many lovely Red Dwarf fans. The boys were fabulous and I love my USB stick.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • Sorry for the small photos on our Twitter feed today, everyone – they were supposed to upload as 640×480, but for some reason they uploaded as 320×240. I’ll upload the full versions later.

    I hope it all gave you at least an idea of what it was like there!

  • Hope the audio came out ok on the interview with Doug what with it being so bloody noisy over there, especially as what he had to say was very interesting.

  • Bloody Hell.

    Can’t believe I turned up late!

    Hi to those who I met late! Sorry for being a hanger on!

    Thanks so much to the lady whose name I’ve forgotten who gave me the USB stick :D

  • It was great talking to Doug. Never had the honour before, he came across as a really nice guy, thrilled to have met him. Worth missing some of the cast antics to have met him.

  • Same here, though he seemed to be a little uncomfortable in the limelighht and quickly left. Sorry to have loomed over you guys while you were doing the interview but it seemed to good to miss in person.

  • No need to apologise VS, It was like “G&T live” for me too, a good time to be looming I think, glad we got him talking for you to hear. John says it should be up on here tomorrow evening, the interview. As great as the cast mucking around and being photo’d was, we didnt know Doug was going to be there, so it was nice to get to meet him.

    Yeah a little bit of shame Dannys beard, I wonder if he has a role playing something that needs a beard, even if it’s theatre, or whether it was stubborn stubble. He had the teeth in though.

  • The coolest thing in the entire world is the indicator, brake and reverse lights being in the engines of Carbug.

  • At this juncture, I’d just like to point out how utterly bloody lovely G&T readers are.

  • > At this juncture, I?d just like to point out how utterly bloody lovely G&T readers are.

    It’s probably time that us readers pointed out how utterly awesome the coverage has been from the G&T team. It’s without doubt added to the experience, and the line taken has been correct every step of the way.

  • > It?s probably time that us readers pointed out how utterly awesome the coverage has been from the G&T team. It?s without doubt added to the experience, and the line taken has been correct every step of the way.

    This times infinity. I’d have missed out on so much stuff over the last few months if it wasn’t for this place. Great job guys!

  • What Karl said.
    Despite my being somewhat older than most of the G&T team, it saddens me that I really admire you.

  • What Karl and everyone else said.
    The build up to BtE has been made all the more exciting by all the lovely people on this site.

  • >Wow, Dave doesn’t look as complaining as he writes.

    There is new Red Dwarf practically sitting on our faces, the cast and carbug were in London in the flesh and in costume and THIS is what you concern yourself with.

  • There is now just about enough time left for you to watch all 52 episodes of current Red Dwarf in a row, before the airred total starts to become 53. As long as you are a quick changer of DVD’s.

    You VII & VIII skippers dont need to worry for another 7 hours and 40 ish minutes.

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