So, today TOS has updated with full synopses for Back To Earth. “Whoop-de-shit”, you may say “we’ve already seen these“. But you’d be wrong, as well as ugly, for there are VERY MINOR DIFFERENCES between the two versions. Hooray!

Well, OK, it’s only Part Three that’s different, but it’s a biggie. Here’s the original, from Dave:

Knowing they are destined to die, the Dwarfers – in best Blade Runner traditions – track down those responsible for their creation to plead for more life.

And here’s the new version, from TOS:

Knowing they are destined to die, the Dwarfers head to a mysterious address in London to plead for more life.

So, gone is all mention of “those responsible for their creation”, and in its place is a much more generic sounding way of putting it. Which makes me wonder… maybe it was a genuine accident that Dave released these synopses so long ago. At the time I assumed it was a deliberate fanboy-frenzy-whipping move, but if something spoilery has been changed in the interim, maybe we weren’t supposed to know about the creators thing. Hmm.

But anyway, this new detail sounds very good – and suddenly the whole thing about finding Carbug’s location on SCD98247 makes a lot more sense. The Catnav is slowly but surely revealing somewhere in the centre of town – as soon as we figure it out, let’s have a G&T meetup there!

Also, is it just us, or is Ellard taking the piss out of John Hoare’s hilarious water tank phobia in that article?

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  • “And she was stuck there in the water tank, with the water getting higher and higher…and suddenly I saw the glass bulge and realised ‘oh my gosh – there’s loads of electrical wires on the floor!’ so I just shouted “GET HER OUT OF THERE!” and at that moment I wasn’t playing a part – I was a real-life hero and I’d saved the day!”

  • Speaking of addresses in London, HAVE YOU SEEN THE UPDATE?! I think I’m going to have a heart attack cos I can’t get down there.

  • Annoyingly enough I will actually be in London that day (not that’s it’s very far to go, but I am lazy) but I’m not free until half five. This will require either sneaking out or pleading them sneaking out.

  • Well that’s part 1 and 2 Sky plussed then. Another thing you couldnt do to Dwarf last time new episodes were on. Stuff Video plus numbers.

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