Contains spoilers – depending on what you consider spoilers to be at this point. All in very general terms though, although it does contain Graham Kibble-White’s personal view of the episodes, including of the ending, so you might want to wait if you want to go into this with fewer preconceptions…

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  • That report has me worried.

    In the preview clips I would say that some of the cast members look like they haven`t really got back into character too well so the possibly ingenious storyline is something I was pinning my hopes on…

    It`s only one guy`s opinion though.

  • I think that’s a pretty encouraging review, isn’t it? It’s not as if I expected all that much from this- 10 years later sitcom revivals are never quite as good as they originally were; but there’s fun to be had from just seeing the characters again. Plus comments like ‘Red Dwarf: The Movie’ and him hoping to see more… well it makes me look forward to it.
    Clever old Dave; there’s some very canny people there.

  • Right I think I’ve found my Spoilers line, I dont think I want to know what a TV critic think of all three episodes. I’ll wait until Monday for this one.

  • One line in that has given me enormous faith that this will be good. All my worries have gone now i’ve read his review.

  • My worries kinda died down a little after seeing that released footage that i’m not allowed to talk about…

  • This ‘review’ (aka ‘let’s go straight to whining about the very end of BtE. How genius am I?’) I think perhaps confirms something that I think we were all worried about – whether the meta element would make for a permanent change to Dwarf. The fact that the guy was disappointed that they didn’t have the balls to go there means nothing. This is GOOD news, not bad. Just as long as the reset button isn’t of RTD standards!

  • Hi folks, new poster here. Excited about the new episodes beyond belief!

    Anyway, performingmonkey, I’m not so sure that is actually what he was saying. I read it quite strongly the other way.

    Seems to me he might be talking about what Llewellyn mentioned in an interview about it having an ending. Without giving too much of the article away obviously, I wonder if he’s confirming that a rather dramatic and violent looking scene in the trailers that came out a few weeks ago is actually the ending. And thats it. Thats the end. Blunt. Maybe meaning the meta is the impression we’re left with, and the image of that final scene. Not cleaning anything up.

    All that is speculation folks, I don’t know anything. His wording in that review just worried me a little.

  • Naylor and the others have said that it’s an ending – a proper one. I don’t interpret this as “We’re going to kill them all at the end” or “We’re looking at the kind of cliffhanger that’s SO TERRIBLE that you think we can’t get out of it” – more like, “It doesn’t have a big cliffhanger. If we don’t make more, then you’ll all be happy and satisfied. But if we do, we won’t have to overcome some enormous, ridiculous cliffhanger in order to get them all back on the Dwarf where we know you all want them.”

    My personal prediction (I call nothing because I don’t want to look like a twonk, however) is that the “ending” will involve the re-establishment of the Status Quo. It’s a pretty safe bet that “Earth” isn’t quite right, and they won’t be staying there. Episode two will be a cliffhanger, but it will get a nice resolution for the final episode, plot-integrity intact. Nobody will die, nothing will get exploded, and Ed Bye won’t get kicked in the nuts again. And hopefully it will do well enough that somebody commissions another series / another something…

    Well, that’s what I think/hope. 29 hours, 18 minutes to go!

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