Right, folks. In accordance with the spoiler rules in the above post, this is the thread for discussing new footage that may or may not arrive from the Berkeley Square event. If you read comments on this post, you have only yourself to blame if anything gets spoiled.

Go nuts.

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  • Small black 1GB with the red dwarf logo, thin style usb stick.

    Contents of USB’s

    4 Folders.

    The Mobisode “red alert bulb”
    Wallpaper “The new logo”
    Ringtones contains 7 of those recent ringtones
    Pictures 4 pictures you’ve seen

    and the preview file… wathcing now.

  • Wallpaper ?The new logo?

    release this into the wild. Set it free. Jon!!!

  • Sat by a tree, wishing i brought my laptop lol. Tbh its something to look foward to when i get home. Nice day!

  • The preview clip is 5.20 long.

    Dont think its the first scene, no title sequence.

    It is the scene with cat looking bedraggled and distressed in the bunk room with lister and rimmer listening to his big squid story.

    Kryten appears later in the clip in the hawian shirt hat and suitcase.

    All four of them get to shine in what is a very banter heavy, to and froing dialouge scene. I laughed as did the 3 guys watching with me, at both gags and charater reactions. It’s warming to be back on board red dwarf, it feels good hearing the banter.

    As they decide a plan to deal with the squid and it leads into the diving bell, and rimmer monitoring scene in bits that obviously lead up to those clips from breakfast. Clip ends with the radar noise and rimmer spoting the squid very back to reality at that point.

    Cant wait to see the episodes…

    Someone is arriving in berkley square with a dave banner… back in a bit

  • Yeah I would like to hear the ringtones as I have only just got a phone that would download the mobile RD tones and eps but now they no longer do them so I would love the ringtones from the memory stick

  • If someone will upload the whole USB stick contents as a zip file or something, for those of us unfortunate enough to have missed our chance to get one, I will gladly drop trou and run up and down the street, member flapping in the Spring breeze, shrieking ‘fun fun fun in the sun sun sun’ much to the consternation of the largely Dwarf-ignorant Netherlands.

  • Those are awesome would you be able to email them to me? or atleast upload them to the internet?

  • The 5 minute clip is awesome. It doesn’t really give anything away in terms of plot. But the comedy and the core of the clip is just so, so much better than anything I can recall in series VII and VIII.

    And the lack of audience laughter means that they can’t say a joke and then forget they said it while the audience laughs – all the dialogue’s got to link together and be followed up. Can’t wait…

  • I’d upload it to youtube if I knew how. But I’m sure it’ll turn up shortly.

    As I say, it contains minimal spoilers – basically it’s an extension of the clips we got today on BBC breakfast.

  • I would appreciate it for anyone who can upload the ringtones or email them to me

  • Well sure, one clip will be getting to youtube via train, meaning sometime in 2011. I’m sure it’s not as epic as I’m making it out to be, we’ve just been so spoiled this week all this nearly instant gratification has gone to my head.

  • > I?d upload it to youtube if I knew how.

    Upload it to your PC from the USB.
    Upload it from your PC to your youtube account.
    Post the link on G&T.

  • The ringtones are

    1 “sorry to disturb you sir” –
    7 “Red alert you phone is ringing Ma’am” – kryten
    8 “answer the smegging phone” – rimmer
    9 “damit there is no way around it” – ace rimmer
    11 “This is Arnold Rimmmer leave a message and smeg off”
    14 “The person you are calling is unavailable”
    18 “calling this number is an act of war” – rimmer

  • Well I’ve worked out how to upload to youtube. But currently the file is over 500mb, and I’ve no idea how to compress it. Still, uploading that file now. Might take a while…

  • Well it’ll take an hour or so at this rate. I imagine someone will upload sooner than me, but my connection’s doing its best…

  • Can you also upload the ringtones to zshare? please (sorry if I am annoying but I would really like these tones)

    I would mostly like
    ?answer the smegging phone? – rimmer

    ?This is Arnold Rimmmer leave a message and smeg off?

  • Stick, stick? What stick? Hee, hee.

    I’m joking, cos I turned up early and I think I saw 1 usb stick handed to someone by one of the cuties in Red Dwarf T-shirts. (I managed to lose my glasses before I came out today so my optical sensors were a bit kput. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. I still saw plenty and took quite a few pictures though.)

    The cuties were standing around near carbug with carrier bags, so maybe we were all meant to go up and ask. Tsk. (I wasn’t fussed, the new program appearing very soon anyway.)

    Nice to see a few of you in the flesh anyway!

  • It’s all so exciting! And I guess with Youtube, it’s the same forever waiting period you get with images on Image Shack, times 100.

  • Annoyingly I squashed the clip from widescreen to 4:3 when compressing it, so everyone looks unusually tall, but you’ll have to live with that… :/

    EDIT: working on youtube for me.

  • Thanks :)

    I just rewatched it. Some great lines: ‘fritter the critter’ and ‘there appears to be something bigger than God heading straight for you’, for instance. And nice to see Cat being the centre of a decent scene…

  • alot of it was pretty funny and felt so classic :D

    only parts i cringed over were kryten walking in singing, cats monkey boy speech and listers tuna threat :S

  • The monkeyboy and tuna thing I liked. Makes the cat more ‘catlike’, as he was in the earlier series.

  • Oh, YES, that’s beautiful! Thank you! Certainly a Back To Reality feeling going on there… And we even get “smeg” – magnificent. And Rimmer’s squeak… Me happy, very happy.

  • >only parts i cringed over were kryten walking in singing, cats monkey boy speech and listers tuna threat :S

    Ditto. Those parts didn’t seem very much like the characters. Well early Series 1/2, but not later.

    I must admit i did love Rimmers love of classic cars. Obviously nicked from the real life of Chris Barrie, but it is the first time Rimmer has been geeky about cars since Marooned. Most welcome :)

    This clip defo making me look forward now :) Definitely feels like Dwarf :)

  • I’ll try and upload the correct aspect ratio. High quality will have to be for someone with a faster connection…

  • Is it just me, or does both Kryten and Cat sound wrong!!? Or is it just so long since we heard NEW lines?

  • Thankyou so much TeaTime!
    I loved Kryten’s entrance, the accent is a little out but I can live with it. What I can see from this is that Kryten has developed much more over the 9 years, I mean he developed so much in the first 5 or 6 years so it stands to reason that he would become even closer to being human now.
    The Rimmer car mag stuff is a hint at Chris so very funny.
    The bit were Cat describes the squid is so funny, giant testicle, classic!

  • AND if you have time would it be possible for you to upload load the ringtones on that site hummingbird mentioned?

    if you can please could you upload
    “answer the smegging phone? – rimmer

    ?This is Arnold Rimmmer leave a message and smeg off?

    Also anyone else noticed kryten it not following the electronic bible as he has had a vaction

  • Liked it. A few good gags. Looks nice. Sounds nice.

    One thing that’s noticeable in my opinion is the lack of a laugh track. At times, it sounded like there was some unconscious pausing between lines to accomodate for one to be added in later during post (Series VII Syndrome, perhaps?). Also, it felt ever so slightly rushed, but aside from that, I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen all three parts.

    Overall, Condition: Mauve.

  • Right, there a lot of lines that SCREAM early series, little things like “flushing the tuna through the airlock”, similar to the “Trout a l? creme” from Balance Of Power. Some brilliant lines in there. Can’t wait now, i’m not annoyed i’ve seen this now.

    I’m quite happy.

    Very happy.

  • >Well, at least we now know why there?s no studio audience.

    Maybe there is one, but they just aren’t laughing, eh :P

  • So do we think the opening is the Lister grave scene followed by this preview clip, followed by the bits that were on the news this morning. I noticed the “weird” line turns up in this scene.

    Something which is a spoiler of sorts is that Doug mentioned Skutters to us,
    so they make an appearance somewhere. Which is great to be told.

  • Watching ‘Timeslides’ I suddenly see Kryten doing a funny dance is not totally out of character, waits for ‘Camille’

  • >Yeah, it?ll work in a few minutes if I understand the process correctly.

    Pretty much. First, user uploads, then Youtube processes, then HQ/HD if available.

  • Lovely. Had me chuckling along nicely.
    So nice to see the Cat getting a decent bit of dialogue.

  • What an awesome day. Thanks to Jonsmad for showing me the clip AT the event. Good to see the G&T team covering the event. Looking foward to the video.

    What the hell did that guy swear at them btw???

  • He said Red Dwarf was bull shit before security dragged him away. Oh and on the way out there was a women shouting at Danny saying Red dwarf was a ‘pussy hole’. Lovely people…..

  • Cat: This massive testicle shoots out of the water and grabs me by the throat!

    Lister: He means tentacle

    Rimmer: I hope so…

    I love the delivery of those lines.

  • Rimmer’s whole “I’m surrounded by idiots” attitude during at the beginning couldn’t be more classic. Cat’s description of events cracked me up, and Kryten’s water wings are just too funny. I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  • >Kryten?s water wings are just too funny.

    They were slightly funnier in Terrorform.

  • OK our first proper look at new Dwarf…

    Not bad… The lines are very much series 1/2, and then a definite Back To Reality nod with the diving bell scene. A few of the lines are funny but nothing brilliant, but that’s OK. Seriously Cat-centric. Is this the most lines he’s EVER had in a scene?? It’s hard on Danny because it’s all just exposition and he’s got to try and make it sound exciting. I wonder if this is the final cut of the scene because there were a few pauses that I would definitely excise the heck out of. It felt like there should have been laughter there.

    Rimmer reading a car mag is cringeworthy IMO. The nod to Chris is about as subtle as a Loose Women panelist. HOWEVER, it could be relevant if they actually end up meeting the ‘real’ Chris and they do a car gag then. Kryten singing Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ (sort of…) is…something. Again, I would like to think this wasn’t the final cut because it feels like it needs a closeup of him or something. I do love the circling shot round the console when Cat first comes in.

    Btw, anyone else notice the subtle but excellent corridor effects shot as the bunkroom doors open?

  • >Rimmer reading a car mag is cringeworthy IMO. The nod to Chris is about as subtle as a Loose Women panelist.

    I thought this at first, but as i mentioned above it has been established in Series 3 that Rimmer is a classic car nut.

  • > it has been established in Series 3 that Rimmer is a classic car nut.

    Correct. Though at that moment it still seems more like Chris than Rimmer. That’s all anyone will be thinking watching that part.

    Incidentally, my favourite line so far is in the diving bell – Lister: ‘There’s something out there…I saw something moving!’ Cat: ‘My bowels, if you keep shouting like that!’ And my favourite part is Lister miming a punching motion as Rimmer’s wittering on. Classic Rimmer and Lister.

  • >That?s all anyone will be thinking watching that part

    “Anyone” or just fans who know about Chris Barrie’s hobbies?

  • I’ve watched the scene 4 times now. Maybe not a good idea but I can’t help it! God the single shot cuts in the bunkroom are pretty bad. The group shots with all of them are OK, but when it cuts to Craig it doesn’t seem part of the same scene! It doesn’t help when he’s getting lines like ‘this is so weird.’ and ‘but a sea monster in the water tank…that’s not right, we’re in deep space!’ It doesn’t sound like Lister.

  • It doesn’t sound like the lister for whom when it comes to weirdy spacey stuff has bought the tshirt, that’s for sure.

  • Poor monkey…methinks he’s already over analyzing. *gives a consoling pat on the back*

  • Agreed about the car mag. If it were telephone pole or morris dancing monthly, that would be Rimmer.

  • *must stop overanalysing*

    I’m just gonna starve myself till Friday 9pm now. Otherwise I’m gonna mess this up for myself.

  • >It doesn?t sound like Lister.
    9 years ago did you sound exactly like you do now?

  • In some ways I sensed an early RD vibe, particularly in the relationship between Lister and Cat. He treated Cat sort of like a, well, cat, as in the early series.

    But on the other hand it reminds me of how Series VII would have been had Rimmer stuck around and Doug the courage to follow his instincts and cut the audience laughter and forced gags.

    It’s not Grant Naylor Dwarf, but nor is it the RD of series VII/VIII (it’s better).

  • but nor is it the RD of series VII/VIII (it?s better)

    this is good. it’s reassuring.

  • the car mag is just a hint to chris barrie, but lets face it… the crew will be meeting craig charles… lets wait before the critism starts :P

    i think doug believes we watch to see the cast and not the characters

  • > I wonder if this is the final cut of the scene because there were a few pauses that I would definitely excise the heck out of. It felt like there should have been laughter there.

    You know, I felt that too, but thought I was being over-critical.
    Quite a few obvious pauses, although I’m not convinced that it’s the lack of a laugh track. I think it works just fine without laughter. But it feels under-edited (if that’s a word); too many long wide shots that slow the whole thing down.
    I wonder if this is the finished article?

    > Rimmer reading a car mag is cringeworthy IMO.

    It was funny in the clip shown on BBC Breakfast, but once they start specifically drawing attention to it, no.

  • Something tells me this isn’t the final cut. There are no music cues here and there was in the same scenes that were shown on BBC Breakfast.

    That wide shot with the three of them… We hang on that when I feel we should be going to a close up (Cat’s “I need counselling” / Rimmer’s “You got that right” / Lister’s “So where did it go?” / Cat’s “It didn’t say…” all taking place in the same shot with the camera perfectly still… feels a little static and undercooked… Although it goes give us the ability to see everybody reacting at once. But who knows, maybe it’s just the “cinematic” style as opposed to a fast-moving sitcom kind of camera set up where you have to make sure the camera is pointing right up the nose of whoever’s talking.

    And Rimmer’s line “There’s a big monster in the water tank!” – a very important line… And halfway through it we cut away to Kryten at “water tank” – very odd place to cut away.

    It’s hard to tell out of context with how the rest of the show will look…

    Let’s just say I’m very encouraged by this…

  • We must take into account the speed at which these shows were edited, 4 hours after filming the editing started on them, they had a hard job on the editing.

  • Looks good to me. Can’t really think of much else to say at the mo, other than that if this was a preview of an episode 1 year after Series 8, we’d all be jumping up and down with glee. As others have said, this feels like Dwarf.

  • My favorite delivery is “Please, we’re laymen. Spare us the plumbing jargon.”

    I’d say these scenes strike the right note of the same characters but noticeably different because of their advancing years.

  • I also hope this is not the final edit, but doesn’t the network need the final cut quite a while before it actually airs? I kind of imagine this is what we’ll see on the night.

    It got some laughs out of me (though I worry when my biggest laugh was triggered by the word “testicle”) and will hopefully build momentum nicely through the three episodes. Fingers crossed, but apprehension remains.

  • My first reaction would be not that great but not that bad. I chuckled a couple of times but some of the characterization seemed off and it didn`t really do that much for me. I will still reserve judgment on the show themselves though.

  • The whole thing has been done at breakneck speed… It feels like only a few weeks ago we were hearing from Rob that they’d finished shooting. Oh, wait…

    Theoretically I don’t see why they couldn’t deliver the final product to Dave on the day of air. For all we know, the cut on the USB stick could’ve been prepared a week or two or three ago; who knows? Obviously they had to go away for manufacturing / duplication / etc.

    I’m pretty well convinced that what’s on those sticks aren’t completely finished. As I say, the absence of the music cues that we heard on BBC Breakfast suggests a rough cut.

    All this aside, watching this… It just felt RIGHT. Rimmer’s reaction to Cat’s rambling, Lister’s “Rimmer, the SONAR! Check it, you smeghead!” – in general, it’s feeling more like one of the sci-fi comedy drama-esque episodes of series six (with some series 3/4 bunkroom banter thrown in for good measure – and when was the last time we saw Cat go “Yow-eee, yeah yeah yeah!” – whenever I see that I’m expecting to say “Only 24 Hours! I’d better start getting ready!” or “Good crispies, man!”.

    I can’t decide whether I agree that some of the characterisations are actually off, or whether I’m just shellshocked at seeing these people say lines I’ve never heard them say before.

    It’s going to be a lot of fun finding out…

  • Any chance of the wallpaper being uploaded please??? :P

    And personally I liked the clip, was a hybrid in my opinion. Visually latter series, and verbally earlier series. Perfect combination in my opinion. Nice to see Cat back to his thick vocabulary-lacking self again!

  • > And Rimmer?s line ?There?s a big monster in the water tank!? – a very important line? And halfway through it we cut away to Kryten at ?water tank? – very odd place to cut away.

    Surely it cuts to Kryten because we’re seeing his reaction to this? It would stay on Rimmer if we, the audience, were just finding this out.

    I still hope this isn’t the final cut of the scene though. Considering it’s only a 24 minute episode you’d think the whole thing would be zipping along at a quicker pace than this.

  • Great clip. Made me laugh, but apparently there’s some moronic part of my subconscious that’s wailing “Why aren’t the studio audience laughing too?” I really didn’t think I’d find the lack of laughter as jarring as I have just now. I’m sure it won’t be an issue once I see it all in order and get sucked into the story, though.

  • True, true… Although IMO it cut a little too soon; we’d barely settled on Rimmer. When we landed on Kryten he’s just listening. Rimmer finishes then he reacts. I’m being a pernickerty bastard. It’s just that this bothered me for some reason…

    Audience: I miss them too… It doesn’t BOTHER me, but… I don’t know… it feels a little lonely without them. I feel almost afraid to laugh because I’d be the only person laughing. That sounds idiotic. I need to go to bed.

  • There’s definitely a few cuts that need tightening but that’s cosmetic.

    Ultimately it’s new Dwarf – and good new Dwarf too! As some have already said I’m getting a strong Series I/II vibe but with a glossy modern look – what’s not to like!

  • >Theoretically I don?t see why they couldn?t deliver the final product to Dave on the day of air.

    In theory, Communism works. In theory.

    No idea if Dave does it differently, but from what I understand networks here in the States require the final cut delivered a few days ahead of air. Why? No idea. Presumably so they can make last minute edits if need be? Or maybe just so they can plan their schedules tightly? (You know how the runtime of different episodes of the same program can vary sometimes by as much as a minute, but whatever program follows always starts at the same time?)

    They need a final edit for timing reasons, and probably other (even more obvious) reasons that I’m not aware of.

    It would be wonderful if every program in the world were turning in its final edit a few hours before it airs. It would also be complete chaos.

  • I think there is a lot of riffing on previous Dwarf in these scenes on this preview, and I like that, because I think this is a celebration of Red Dwarf these specials, as well as being new Dwarf.

    It’s reestablishing and reminding, as well as tribute-ing things previously liked a little, and as these are early scenes from the first episode it’s a good point in the show to be doing stuff like that, and getting those aspects in. Where as we have heard talk of other more emotional of different aspects happening to, in these specials.

    I think the in or out of character comments about Lister, it has to be taken into consideration the way he is dressed and that grave scene coming before what we are seeing in the previews, will have some weight upon his mood in this scene as well as the 9 years since we last saw him. I think he comes across as more dad like to cat or kryten in this, and the whole episodes will be a better judge of what Lister is 9 years on.

    I’ve loved this promotional build up, and I admire some of the G&T team for staying free of this preview spoiler but I don’t feel Ive seen too much of the episode yet, even though we are clearly spoiled. I feel like this preview has been more than the trailers, like a mini episode and left me on a cliff hanger I cant wait to see more of.

  • There are a lot of lines in it that feel like classic dwarf but I agree that the lack of a laugh track makes the performances seem weird in a VII sort of way. Just some awkward pauses and definitely some unpolished editing.

    It does seem that there may be some music missing, or at least I hope there is, as this does seem like a rought cut which could be made infinitely better by simple editing.

    Personally I think some background engine noise, like an underlying hum, would make the bunkroom scene a whole lot better as it seems like a set no matter how brilliant it looks. At the moment I can’t hear anything (and do you know why I can’t hear anything?)

    Final thought: The fact that there are some Sound FX present makes me think that this could be the final cut.
    I await Red Dwarf: Back to Earth: Remastered in that case.

    Still, at least the script is nice.

  • I don’t miss the laugh track like I did on VII Xtended, because there’s no pausing for laughter.

    But even so, It felt great. Favourite parts: “testicle”; “Big?!”; and an exchange I didn’t hear the first time I watched: “Something’s moving!” “My bowels if you keep on shouting!”

    I cannot wait.

  • It’s amazing how 10 years people have waited for this, and yet people STILL have to sit there and find complaints… enjoy it for smegs sake! :P

  • Despite having qualms about the footage (they’re only pretty minor). Not that it doesn’t LOOK amazing, CGI included. In fact, you don’t really notice the greenscreen parts (e.g. Rimmer on the screen), it’s all integrated really well.

  • Really enjoyed the clip. A couple of moments that made me think “hmmm, could have left that out really” but for the most part really enthusiastic now about the new shows, even more so than before.

    The preview certainly makes me feel they’ve got it all right – they’ve worked out how to make proper Red Dwarf again – and this is coming from someone who actually LIKED series VIII (in its own way…)

    As for delivering the show weeks early, that doesn’t neccessarily have to be the case. The 1996 Christmas Day special of ‘Only Fools and Horses’, for example, was still being edited as late as Christmas Eve night and only delivered to the BBC on the morning of airing, according to John Sullivan.

  • Same goes for the Fools episode ‘A Royal Flush’ which was so late completing they literally didn’t have time to include a laugh track, which is why the episode plays without one in its originally aired form – it wasn’t an editorial decision, it was forced by time constraints (although this is questionable as the sections which would usually be performed in front of an audience, the flat scenes for example, were clearly not… but thems the words of John Sullivan).

  • Hmm, one downside to having watched that clip is, even though my interest in the specials is now positively RAGING, the 20-something minute running time means I have now already seen about a quarter of the first episode’s material :(

  • > It?s amazing how 10 years people have waited for this, and yet people STILL have to sit there and find complaints? enjoy it for smegs sake! :P

    They’re not complaints. We analyse the show to death because we love it.
    We do it because we care, man.

  • >even though my interest in the specials is now positively RAGING, the 20-something minute running time means I have now already seen about a quarter of the first episode?s material :(

    I was thinking that too. I limited myself to 2 viewings of the clip, and am consoling myself that it’s probably been re-edited and will be different in the context of the show. Ah well.

  • I am very pleasantly surprised.

    It’s never gonna be like classic Dwarf but the performances here are much funnier than anything in 7 or 8 – especially Chris Barrie who’s really reigned in the panto excesses.

    I loved:

    “In spirit, I will be right there with you. In reality, I will be up here reading a car mag.”

    Roll on tomorrow, I’m officially excited.

  • Lister`s demeanour is interesting I think. It seems like he doesn`t care at all about the leviathan being there. Perhaps due to his emotions earlier in the episode…

    I think it`s already understandable why the critic mentioned in another thread said that it seemed like Doug was doing a kind of tribute to Dwarf. Kryten`s holiday seems very similar to Rimmer going on a tour of the diesel decks (if memory serves) and the `Big` joke is identical to the `nine` joke in Series VIII.

  • On digitalspy someone’s partner apparently attended the premier. His report: ‘Well the O/H was quite impressed. Apparently the first episode is a bit slow (setting the scene?), second episode 10 out of 10 and probably one of the best ever…’

  • and the `Big` joke is identical to the `nine` joke in Series VIII.

    Which is the funniest line in ‘Pete’

  • You can see what people mean about the “tribute” element – massive shades of Back To Reality in the diving bell scene.

  • a new clip has just been on This Morning
    i had it on the background but missed most of it
    any one else see it?

  • I like the clip, as others have pointed out it does feel like Dwarf, in the way that most of VIII didn’t in my view. The only bit I really don’t like is Kryten entering, and Craig delivering the “me and the Cat are gonna die” line with a smirk on his face. Is Lister not that bothered about dying or what? Kind of felt like he was delivering the line in a half-arsed way. But as I say, apart from that, very impressed, and I like the bunkroom set much more in the video than I did in the pictures.

  • Seeing some new Red Dwarf for the first time, on a laptop with a few equally excited fans in a London park, sharing the laughs, and shortly afterwards getting to tell Doug Naylor in person I liked the clip. Wow did yesterday really happen?

    All this new Red Dwarf. It’s The Squid’s testicles.

  • > “The only bit I really don?t like is Kryten entering, and Craig delivering the ?me and the Cat are gonna die? line with a smirk on his face. Is Lister not that bothered about dying or what?”

    Well he knows there’s quite a long time before that happens and knows they’ve faced worst threats, so he’s just saying it to wind Kryten up. I like the way he delivers it.

  • Well Cat and Lister won’t really die with no water, I mean they have other things to drink.

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