VIDEO: Live From The “Red” “Carpet”

While we knuckle down and try and knock the main video into some sort of reasonable shape, here’s a little teaser, recorded at the Back To Earth press launch, at London’s May Fair hotel. As it was a press event, all the usual red carpetty stuff was done inside, but we managed to get a tiny bit of grey pavement access. Pickings are slim, but we still managed to get some lovely footage.

Of course, this is just the stuff from the press launch – all the Berkeley Square stuff will be along soon.

Our full coverage of the Berkeley Square event will be along within the next 24 hours, as will that interview you might have heard something about…

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  1. “He runs a comic sort of sci-fi shop”


  2. What took you so long?

    Very nice. More to come, I hope.

  3. Ah, the joys of guerrilla filmmaking. You spend all day shooting for 59 seconds of quality material(!)

    Great work, all.

  4. G&T Admin

    Possibly should have made it clearer in the article, but this isn’t all we’ve got! There’ll be a much longer video going up as soon as it’s done, either tonight or the early hours of tomorrow morning.

  5. >this isn?t all we?ve got!

    Fantastic! Look forward to seeing the Xtended cut… :-)

  6. G&T Admin

    I wish Youtube will hurry up and update my bastard thumbnail…


    Oh, somebody punch him out.

  8. Good work, guys. Looking forward to more.

  9. Nice One Ian, well done on bagging 2 actors. First I heard about the comic shop actor guy. Cant wait to see the rest.

  10. I want the rest of this!

  11. I nominate Bobby for Hall of Fame Human Being status.

  12. G&T Admin

    It’s on its way…

  13. Before tonight’s main event, or over the weekend?

  14. G&T Admin

    Within the next couple of hours. You won’t believe the shit I’ve been through for this bastard video…

  15. And that’s just the footage of me.

  16. Nothing Ian has ever told me has given such excitement, apart from that text telling me I’d won a free Dimension Jump registration:

    “Dude! You’re going to DJ!”

    I remember it like it was yesterday. Only trouble was, I then had about a fortnight to find some spending money and get there.

  17. > Within the next couple of hours

    Within the next 7 hours and 5 minutes would be lovely.

  18. >Within the next couple of hours. You won?t believe the shit I?ve been through for >this bastard video?

    Worth it though. And appreciated. I know this video is going to be great. On the scene before, during and after the whole thing, and on the best Official side of the crowd control ropes, camera angles during the cast mob experience. Despite being in the park I think I’ll be seeing things I didnt get to see happen on the day. So for anyone who wasnt there it should be a great virtual opportunity to live it like you did.

  19. I get the feeling Jonsmad will set up a Ganymede & Titan Fan site soon.

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