Ah, @bobbyllew. What would we do without you? Thanks to Teatime’s interrogation, he’s let slip that Doug Naylor is recording a commentary for Back To Earth. In fact, he’s doing it RIGHT NOW. (Well, he was doing an hour ago, and the show’s quite long…)

We already knew there’d be a cast commentary too, of course, and they’re recording that today too. Here’s a picture to prove it. How can they look so young and beautiful in costume, and yet so old and haggard in their civvies?

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  • 2 commentaries? Oh yes!

    I don’t think that picture makes them look too old, certainly younger than they are.

    I wonder which version of BtE the commentary will be on, hmm, it could be Doug on the Directors Cut (since he is the director).

  • But when are they recording the Mike Mellington, Iain Lee and Norman Lovett commentary?

  • I’ve heard Norm’s going to do commentary on the next set of specials. Red Dwarf: Get Me My Ball Back. And Lee will be interviewing him as part of the bonus features, asking why Red Dwarf is so crap.

    As you can tell, it’s a real hardcore fan collectors piece it really is…

  • I hope both commentaries are on the long cut. Surely that’s what everyone will want to watch when they put on BtE. YES a Doug commentary! I wonder if he’ll be on his own or with Ellard and possibly one of the producers? Lone commentaries can be a bit negative because it’s hard to praise your own work.

  • Think anyone will be joining him or is it likely to be a solo Doug commentary? I do prefer it when there’s more than one person and they can get interesting (and funny) conversations going. I think next weeks TOS update is pretty much guaranteed to be a report on the commentary now anyway!

  • Nice one.

    > How can they look … so old and haggard in their civvies?
    I don’t think they look that bad.
    Only Craig looks particularly rough. It’s hard to believe that there’s, what, 10 years(?) between him and Bobby.

  • Maybe Ellard is doing a commentary for the Making of show =]

    (gasps) I foresee two possibilities:

    1) Andrew speaking over his own voice could phase and simply cancel each other out or

    2) The track could create a time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe!

    Granted, that’s a worse case scenario…

  • I think Andrew should do a commentary on Doug’s commentary, and then do a trivia text track about that. Comprehensive!

  • If we get a one and a half hour commentary on The 10%ers, i’ll be pished! If there’s a link to the writing of 10%ers and BtE of course….

  • Anybody actually going to try and guess the content of Doug’s commentary- will he provide any insight to the unanswered questions, like the resolution of Series VIII, the status of Rimmer, or will he side-on address fan criticisms, like the motives for the amount of Blade Runner references?

    Or will he explain it away by citing time pressures and pitch for a movie?

  • Of the Dwarf-related stuff out there which is never going to get a DVD release (and therefore I don’t feel bad about downloading it), I can find Captain Butler (which I already have on tape from its airing) and The Strangerers and all kinds of oddities… but there doesn’t appear to be a single episode of The 10%ers on the whole of the interwebz. Has anyone ever seen this available anywhere?

  • No, but if you find it, let me know.

    And you’ve reminded me that we’ve got a Strangerers article to finish and post at some point soon…

  • Just started watching The Strangerers for the first time today, actually.

    It’s… okay. Not hilarious, but very watchable. Laughed out loud a couple times too.

    All in all, it’s already a hundred times better than Dark Ages, and I’m only on episode 3.

  • I love the strangerers, Im still waiting for a dvd. I think it starts well but then loses direction a bit in later episodes but I love the trying to walk trying
    to eat and work out the world stuff in the early episodes. I hate the cliff hanger ending, that im still waiting to be resolved. I want a dvd with a story boarded or filmed resolution. Maybe Dave could bring it back.

  • Yeah, having seen them all, pretty satisfied with it. Some good laughs, and a fun premise. Cliffhanger ending is annoying. Red Dwarf scriptwriters need to steer clear of cliffhangers, no?

  • I tend to like cliff-hanger endings. I mean Star Trek done them brilliantly, the ending of Enterprise Season 3 with Archer randomly in a Nazi hospital tent with Nazi aliens, Picard on the Borg ship as Locutus about to be destroyed as Riker gives the order to fire in ‘Best of Both Worlds’. Besides I don’t give a shit about the not so good reprise in ‘Tikka to Ride’ since the ending to ‘Out of Time’ is two of the best minutes of television ever.

  • Not quite sure where to post this but here’s as good as anywhere:

    @bobbyllew Hey Bobby. Do you have any news on Red Dwarf’s future, now things have settled post-BTE? Or are you not at liberty to say? :)

    @j_dalton1 I have not heard a peep, I should hear something soon though, partly through trying to bully Doug into doing a #carpool

    So… nothing to report at the moment.

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