Ooh, Dave are doing a Red Dwarf special of their video podcast! Unfortunately, it’s just the old Youtube stuff all over again, right down to the “Kryton” typo and the “sneak peeks” at videos that are by now available in full. Bugger. And this after spending the best part of half an hour installing iTunes on a PC. Please, chaps at Dave, make your podcasts available to those of us who don’t use iTunes. KTHXBYE

Of much more interest, however, is a new cast blog – this time from Danny John-Jules

True to form for these cast blogs, it whets the appetite beautifully, without really giving too much away. And true to form for Danny, most of it is taken up with taking the piss out of the rest of the cast. The main revelation is that Craig smoked a cigarette in a hotel room – something which has been illegal since the smoking ban came in a couple of years ago. Great, another court case and tabloid scandal on the cards…

There’s also the amusing news that some daft sod locked the keys in Carbug while they were on Coronation Street. I guess that explains this photo, then. Other than that, it’s just more and more lovely, encouraging, exciting minor details. Good God, this time next week, it’ll all be over…

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  • Ok, seen the video blog now, nothing new in it, in fact it features nearly all the stuff dave have made avalible so far in one video.

  • I think that’s the best blog yet, quite funny..

    By the way, Hotels have different smoking laws surprisingly and many still offer smoking or non smoking rooms..Many of the large chains have made the decision to go smoke free…I have a feeling though, that stage 2 of the law comes in soon which effects nursing homes and hotels & possibly, prisons…

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