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Ooh, it’s started, I knew it would. Features from the forthcoming Back To Earth DVD release have started showing up on the BBFC website. Nothing massively interesting just yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it over the coming weeks. If you lot spot any before us, post them in this thread!

Anyway, let’s have a look at what we’ve got. All three broadcast episodes are up there – here’s links for Part One, Part Two and Part Three. The entry for Part One also contains ten minutes’ worth of trailers and teasers. Excellent. Also, there’s the Making Of, which has been classified in two parts for some reason.

But here’s the big exclusive – there’s going to be a twenty three second extra called Craig Charles Piece To Camera. Given the length, this’ll probably be the semi-in-character episode introductions – if three other similar titles turn up, we’ll know for sure.

Keep ’em peeled, and in the meantime, I’m going to pre-order Six Nurses Take It Up The Ass.

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  1. Hmm, it’s all rated PG instead of 12. That seems rather odd, but then again there are loads of RD episodes that would probably be PGs if rated today. I almost wish they’d stuck a model shot at the end of every episode, so they could all be re-rated…

  2. G&T Admin

    You don’t know how lucky you are, boy.

    > That seems rather odd, but then again there are loads of RD episodes that would probably be PGs if rated today

    Unless I’m massively mistaken, every 1 to VI episode is rated PG, with the exception of Marooned which was first 15 and then 12 for the DVD version. VII to VIII are all 12s, I believe.

  3. You are mistaken, Jonathan. My VHS of Gunmen of the Apocalypse was rated 12, not sure which episode on the video was responsible for that, though.

  4. Maybe it’s because of the extras that the DVDs get 12 ratings then – only now I’ve recently rewatched some of the doccos (I went off Dwarf for a bit and now BtE has come out I’m trying to become a mega-obsessed fanboy again) I’ve noticed how many “shit!”s there are.

  5. Marooned was rated 15. The DVD version is rated 12. Gunmen is rated 12, the other two episodes – like the rest of I to VI – are rated PG. Episodes for VII and VIII vary between 12 and PG, and are all listed on the BBFC site.

    The bonus material pushes the cert up on the DVDs for I, II, IV and V. Not surprising, given that the content includes Smeg Ups. Again, it’s all listed on the BBFC site.

    The word shit is PG-level swearing and won’t, on its own, drive up a rating.

  6. I see ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ season one has been classified today.


  7. Ahh ‘Marooned’ xtended, it is the only way to watch it.

  8. How mad is it to see Andrew Ellard’s name on the same list as Edward James Olmos, Michael Rymer, Richard Curtis and Doug, of course?? Mad.

  9. Ridiculous.

  10. >10 minutes of smeg ups? awesome.

    My god. This cast is awful.

  11. >117m 26s 6 NURSES TAKE IT UP THE ASS

    How will the plot be kept through 2 hours?

  12. Plot?

  13. G&T Admin


    We’ll see how plotty it is, laddie, the 5 minute free period is nearly up…

  14. Twat? Twat! Twat?? Twat!!!

    We’ll see how twatty it is, laddie, the 117m 26s runtime is nearly up.

  15. That’s what she said.

  16. G&T Admin

    [Bender][offscreen] Wooooooo! [/offscreen][/Bender]

  17. I know, Bromley’s on fire today.

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