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  1. Funny.

  2. Cracking stuff.



  4. I like that the picture on the video before you press play is just Hitler with “What the jesusing cunting fuck?”.

  5. … and that’s also now G&T’s default avatar on Youtube, as well.

  6. Love the Downfall vids :)

  7. I was feeling a bit low. Now instead im laughing like a hyena on dentist gas.

  8. Very, very funny! Incidentally, if you’ve never seen ‘Downfall,’ I’d heartily recommend it. A stunning film!

  9. I like Downfall. Not as much as Monopoly though.

  10. Funnier than the specials, definitely!

  11. I do like how “Mein Fuhrer” is “John”.

  12. I just nearly choked on my tea.
    Bloody marvellous.

    > if you?ve never seen ?Downfall,? I?d heartily recommend it. A stunning film!
    But it also suffers from the lack of a laugh track.

  13. Extraordinary!

  14. Utterly amazingly brilliant. I’m speechless.

  15. > I like Downfall. Not as much as Monopoly though.

    Si, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of that Downfall first.


    He’s obviously just watched the final episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth.

  17. John, I just watched Balance Of Power for the first time in ages.

    What an amazing episode it is! Series one, second ep recorded and such powerful performances.

  18. And the only worthwhile thing I have ever inspired has been removed in the Downfall copyright purge.


  19. G&T Admin

    At least the freeze frame is preserved.

  20. I’ve still got the vid on my PC – we could always host it here on the site…

  21. G&T Admin

    There is that option, but I’m not sure I want to be sued by Hitler.

  22. *just came up on random*

    Hey! The Downfall purge got undone!

    This is still probably the best thing I’ve ever done, sadly.

  23. I love the way ‘Stalin’ translates as ‘Sophie Winkleman’s Chest’!

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