Hello! Remember us? In a fond trip down Memory Lane, G&T have collected together yer actual Red Dwarf news, just like your Mum used to make…

Red Dwarf (or Roter Zwerg) finally hits Germany! In book form. TOS have unveiled the German novel artwork for Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers. G&T think it’s nice, although we worry that it’s a bit too rocket-like to be really Dwarfy. The novel will blast off in time for a very Frohe Weihnachten (hopefully).

Back in Blighty, Londonist use a favourite RD quote of G&Ts to promote National Express East Anglia’s new ‘dob on a fare dodger’ scheme, something which should warm the hearts of every troublemaker on the rail network.

Bobby Llew gets a free plug from us for his Dave Gorman interview on Radio 4’s Chain Reaction (not sure when it’s being broadcast, though), and Series IV makes it to iTunes.

Also, the perfect thing to wear to the upcoming Dimension Jump (the best value Red Dwarf convention on the block); a Starbug belt buckle (actually, it’s quite cute).

Mmm. Didn’t that taste good? Now stop sucking your thumb.

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