TORDFC have announced that a new guest for DJXV – Mr. Hoagie The Roguey himself, Richard O’Callaghan! Richard is no stranger to the Fan Club team, having run past most of them during the recording of Back To Earth Part Three. Here’s hoping that this meeting will not end in random gunfire being unleashed into the crowd.

This is an excellent acquisition for what is turning out to be a very exciting DJ. After the rather moribund atmosphere at the convention in 2007, the hiatus in 2008 and what was then nine years of Dwarf inactivity, things were looking bad for what was once the best weekend of the year. But with The Creator added to the full “main” cast, the nice Holly and the ever-entertaining effects boys – along with the location being the best city in the world – DJXV should be one of the best ever. If you’re not going, you’re either a twat, foreign or a foreign twat.

The team promise “more guest announcements in the coming weeks”, which sounds rather promising. Between now and 4th September, registration is just £55 for club members and £60 for non-members. And that includes all your photos and autographs, unlike other shitty conventions we could mention. Plus, you get to meet the full roster of G&T staff. You can call us all fat cunts if you like.

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  • I’m not going. I’m an unwell twat. The fan club have got ?20 of my money, if it’s any consolation.

  • At the 2007 DJ we all knew it was the last for two years and the way things were going with Dwarf it looked like the last ever. Then Back to Earth happened.

  • I’m a living overseas twat and deeply regret not being able to meet such a fine bunch of fat cunts.

  • 10 weeks to trim down fatty.

    Aw, forget it. I’d like to think that DJ is the place where you can let the flab hang out in all it’s cunty glory.

  • Think I’ll be attending my first ever Dimension Jump… and it’s *only* 6 years later than I was supposed to.

  • >Think I?ll be attending my first ever Dimension Jump? and it?s *only* 6 years later than I was supposed to.

    I remember when I went to my first DJ, I had such a brilliant time, I was determined I was going to go every year from then on.

    It was five years before I went again.

  • I only went the second time because I won the Fan Club competition. Even then, I think it was a fix, and they’d just got fed up of me ‘wishing I could go’.

    This year, I registered the day it was announced – then had to cancel because of my bad health. Life sucks.

  • One day I will get across the pond. Maybe if Phil gets there before me he can give me directions.

  • Google Maps says that you may have to swim across the Atlantic Ocean for 27 days

  • Even then, I think it was a fix, and they?d just got fed up of me ?wishing I could go?.

    Gratitude there… and that isn’t confirmation that it was a fix btw – I wasn’t on the team then and as far as I’m aware it was all above board.

    You just can’t please some people, clearly.

  • >Google Maps says that you may have to swim across the Atlantic Ocean for 27 days

    My BSC and SSC are up for review. Guess I need to get back in shape.

  • >You just can?t please some people, clearly.

    No, but it was unbelievable. I only found out about it when Symes text me three days before said event. Had to beg spending money off my Nan.

    Good times.

  • I went to the Dimension Jumps in 2002 and 2003. 2002 was rather memorable – I spent the evening pissed and sitting on Mac MacDonald’s lap (and I stole his glasses and wore them) and kissed Lee Cornes. Unfortunately no, I’m not joking…

  • I haven’t been to Dimension Jump since 1998. I was convinced that Dwarf was over in 2000 after poor shows and little hope of a good or existing movie.

    Bought all the dvds and loved them during the lean years though. To a worrying degree.

    Now I want to embrace my smegginess in Birmingham.

  • Elvis Presley told me I was a beautiful person at DJ 98 by the way.

    Craig Charles told me I was a cunt.

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