Bloomsbury Theatre, 3rd November. “A comedy celebration of codebreaking, cryptography, computing and those brilliant boffins of Bletchley Park”. Featuring Robin Ince, Richard Herrin and our very own Bobby (ooh-ooh), Bobby Llewellyn (aah-aah). Tickets go on sale on 12th August, so what are you waiting for? Er, besides the tickets going on sale on 12th August, of course.

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  • Oh, Bobby’s lovely, isn’t he? I once went to one of his ‘lectures’ (It was WomanWizard, actually), and he had a Q&A sesh afterwards, where I decided to ask him if Dick Strawbridge’s moustache was real. He said it was, and that he got food stuck in it. Good times.

  • Oooh, Bletchley Park – my little geek cup runneth over!

    > so what are you waiting for?

    Er, that would be because it’s in bloody London. Typical.

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