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Now, what the fuck is going on here? A website called calendars.org.uk – which I assume is some sort of British calendar organisation – has listed a 2010 Red Dwarf calendar! But, erm, the picture is of a slightly altered version of the 2008 calendar – identical other than the numbers “08” being replaced by the numbers “10”.

This is very odd. The number replacement is done very well (it’s even there on the smaller images that the cast are holding), which means that if this is a hoax, it’s a very elaborate one – why would someone bother? Another possibility is that this is a temporary cover knocked up while the real cover is finalised. This seems unlikely too – other than the fact that it’s a bit daft, surely you can’t get to the end of October and release a calendar in time if you haven’t done the cover art yet.

A cursory Google search for more information yields just one other active listing – over at Play. There’s no picture, description or release date; no information at all, in fact, other than the publisher being a company called Browntrout. There’s bugger all about Dwarf on their website. It’s mostly various breeds of dogs and country cottages and the like. And besides which, surely Brown Trout is a euphemism for shit?

This is certainly very odd, and we’ll keep an eye on it if we can be bothered.

UPDATE (28/10/09): calendars.org.uk – the website who alerted us to this whole business in the first place – has removed their listing, and replaced it with this message:

This item has been removed at the request of Calendars Direct, who say they are no longer able to supply it. If we find an alternative supplier for this item we’ll add it to this page.

Curiouser and curiouser…

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  • As Browntrout are flogging a whole host of TV & celeb related calendars on Play, I think it’s fairly safe to say they’re legit. However, I seriously doubt that we’ll be getting a RD calendar this year – surely it would be available already?
    Seems a shame, though, what with all the renewed interest in RD ‘n’all.

  • They may have changed all the “2008”s to “2010”s, but it still says “Best before 03/01/2009″…

  • Got a Forbidden Planet catalogue with the SFX Review of the Decade Special Edition, and that features the same shot of the 2008 calendar as a 2010 one. What be goin on ere?

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