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Combat those post-DJ blues by reminding yourself how much fun you had last week contrasted with how miserable you are now

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & TitanIt was a fucking good’un and to prove it we have the traditional DwarfCast from the event packed full of chat about the highlights of the weekend as they happened.

DwarfCast 23 – Dimension Jump XV (49.0MB)

We’re sans clips from the Q&As this year, but we’ve made up for that by gathering a small audience into Seb and Danny’s room for the recording. They represent (if not all then a significant proportion of) the wonderful people we hung around with over the weekend, so thanks you all you magnificent bastards for being so sexy and cool.

See you in July?

31 comments on “DwarfCast 23 – Dimension Jump XV

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  • >contrasted with how miserable you are now

    Radio 2 are playing The Smiths: Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.


  • >Combat those post-DJ blues by reminding yourself how much fun you had last week contrasted with how miserable you are now

    Combat those post-DJ blues by reminding me how much fun you lot all had last week contrasted with miserable I still am.

    >See you in July?

    Hell yeah.

  • Could I really be Norman though…………
    Well actually no. Like you said, you’d met me by that point

  • >Still waiting for a comment on those new jingles/stings/whateveryouwannacallems.

    Loving the jingly idents.

  • Right. Listened to it all now, and I have REALLY enjoyed it. Made me want to weep with envy, but great all the same. Well done, gang.

  • That was great. Makes we want to go back right now and do it all again.
    Love the jingles/stings/whateveryouwannacallems.

  • Aw shucks :o) Thanks!

    Good work people!

    One comment: It’s not semantics! That is all. ;o)

  • I was there I just refused to say my name. I fell asleep listening to this last night, the boys’ voices are so comforting. Espcially Cappsy’s.

  • Finally listened to it all. Kudos on the idents guys!

    On a personal note, cheers for the good things you said about me. I was worried that I wasn’t doing a great job in the compere role and in general. To have the most critical of people giving some praise to what I did makes me happy :-)

  • I have a sneaking feeling that may have been attempted once. When people were drunk. It wasn’t pleasant.

    We have got the Krytie TV one, of course. That gets most of our VIII bile out of the way.

  • Yeh, despite liking ‘Krytie TV’ I thought your tearing apart of it (I say that, you mostly just said “shit”) was very funny.

  • I’ve decided to watch Krytie TV with the G&T commentary now. Just because.

    I still think it’d be fun to record a commentary for the first US pilot, provided we could get a decent recording of it (as opposed to it being split in three on YouTube).

  • The Idents in this one are fantastic, well done. Made up slightly for not being at DJ to listen to this and then to hear that G&T’s Berkley Square video got a screening which means I made it to DJ by video link briefly then.

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