Danny John-Jules has been posting some interesting tweets today…

I was wearing my Duane Dibbley teeth today for the first time in over 10 tears. People at the studio who didn’t know the character gagged!

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tell you why I was being Duane today…. I’ll have to ask

I can’t get Doug, he’s still in the studio. But I will tell you one I get the all clear

i still can’t get hold of the powers that be. I’ll get sued if I say something I shouldn’t.

So, the good news is that Danny is in a studio – with Doug – and they appear to be doing make-up tests! Surely the new series isn’t progressing that quickly? Maybe it’s related to the “multi-media merchandise” we heard about recently? Maybe there’s a Duane Dibbley spin-off show in the pipeline? We just don’t know.

The bad news, of course, is that Duane Dibbley appears to be in the offing again. That gag was perfect in Series V, it was pretty good in Series VI, it was a bit tedious in Can’t Smeg Won’t Smeg and it was a fucking embarrassment in Series VIII. Surely there’s no place for Duane in Series X?

But, of course, we know very little about what – if anything – these plans are. But if titbits like this are starting to dribble through again, we’re in for a bumpy few months…

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  • I think it is too late for the calender now. Atleast I hope it is.
    I see no reason why Danny would be scared of mentioning this if it was just for the calender.
    I don’t think it worked too well in Series VIII but it worked very well in the previous 3, if this is very early make-up tests for a new series I will be interested, fuck it I will be excited, Duane Dibley has had his good gags and he has had his bad but I trust Doug (especially after BTE) to write 6 fucking fantastic scripts.

  • As much as I’d hate to have a repeat of the Dwayne gag in VIII, it is rather exciting to hear that there’s stuff happening already.

  • Danny’s obviously filming a sequel to his unforgettable Tongue Tied video. The itunes single will feature a new remix by Tabby Ranks and a rap by Dizzee Rascal.

  • It’s got to be the new ‘content’ whatever it is. Something for phones, perhaps? Bring it on, I say! Even if it does feature Duane. There’s no way it’s related to (any potential) series X.

  • Yay, Duane is back! Wow! I’m so excited, I… I… cannot… possibly muster ANY enthusiasm for that character anymore. Bah humbug.

  • Duane Dibbley? Duane Dibbley?

    Did…did we do something wrong? Are we being punished? What did we do to deserve this?

  • I’d much prefer to meet a new character who is as funny and memorable as Duane was when he first appeared. I agree with others here, I’m not particularly interested to see Duane return for the 5th time or whatever it is :/

  • The more I think about, the more I’m convinced it’s for some sort of merchandise project, rather than for Series X.

  • Ian Symes / Thu, 2009-11-05 12:30 / #

    The more I think about, the more I?m convinced it?s for some sort of merchandise project, rather than for Series X.

    Agreed. Maybe a new Beat The Geek or something…

  • “The Duane thing should be up later tonight, I’ve had a whisper and I don’t mean chocolate!”
    So it’s probably a promotional thing…

  • ”The bad news, of course, is that Duane Dibbley appears to be in the offing again. That gag was perfect in Series V, it was pretty good in Series VI, it was a bit tedious in Can?t Smeg Won?t Smeg and it was a fucking embarrassment in Series VIII”

    Okay, Relax.

    I’ll concede that the joke had got a bit cartoonish, but I’d hardly call it a #####ng embarrassment

    And anyway, that was over .10. years ago, i think enough time has past for it to be used again.

  • that was over .10. years ago, i think enough time has past for it to be used again.

    I’m not sure about that, had there been 10 years of Red Dwarf between it being used then, yes I can see what you mean. But there hasn’t. We’ve had a ten year gap of no Red Dwarf at all. and for the next series (technically speaking) to include him yet again (if indeed, it is a series they’re using it for) could been seen as flogging the proverbial.

  • I had wondered if it could have been Children in Need related as that will soon be here once again….bang goes that idea!

  • Is the word “app” now being used generally as a shorthand for any kind of application, or is this an iPhone-specific thing, I wonder?

    (and yes, before Cappsy or someone points out, I know Apple weren’t the first to use it as a shortened form of “application”; but I never heard your average layman say the word before the iPhone came along)

  • > before Cappsy or someone points out

    I might even be joining your disgusting ranks soon.

  • If he’s just recording audio the teeth will likely be there to help the voice sound more Duane-esque, and the glasses are… er…


  • It could just be one of those ones where you press buttons to get a sound clip.

    “I was jokin’, MOVE.”

  • If there’s more Duane it’ll just confirm my thoughts about the new series (and that includes BTE) being a characateur of the old series, a kind of OTT, cartoon version of the Dwarf that we know and love, dumbed down to reach a wider audience. “Oh yeah, let’s bring back Duane Dibbley, and Ace Rimmer, and maybe have a rendition of Tongue Tied! Maybe some more Space Corps directives and… let’s make them say ‘smeg’ a lot”. I don’t know if Doug is instigating this or sitting in a corner crying during this meeting, but it’s how it’s happening in my mind…
    On the other hand, maybe it was for apps. I want a cAPPsy, but I want an iPhone first.

  • Lister tries to lose weight by riding his space pushbike, but finds it difficult when space hogs refuse to respect the rules of space bike lanes.

  • Intriguing news, at least something is under way, although I hope like others that this isn’t anything to do with a new rendition of Duane in the upcoming 2010 series. I pray that they leave him alone, enough is enough, he is better remembered with his previous classic appearances bar ‘his’ VIII cameo, same with Ace Rimmer.

  • They need to think of new alter egos if they’re going to do anything like that. Maybe for Kryten or Lister

  • >Technically the Kryten we saw in ?Krytie TV? was an alter-ego

    ….and he returns to fix a problem on the diesel decks.

  • Hello, I’m the data doctor!
    Able, my name’s Able, A, B, L, E, Able.
    That’s not chicken sirs, its that man we found.
    I don’t need no bugger to look after me.
    Jake, Jake Bullet, cybernautic detective.
    Maybe if I give them you it will let me go, move it suckers!

  • I’d like a Jake Bullet ep.

    I always felt that that should have had two ‘T’s : Jake Bullett. Jake Bulletttt.

  • I don?t need no bugger to look after me.

    I wouldn’t be annoyed if Spare Head Three came back. Although rather than looking back on previous ideas. New ideas would also be welcome…

  • It could be a new character that was aboard one of the Cat arks that left Red Dwarf. Cats twin brother known as Wayne Wibbley

  • > Urrrrgh, not fucking Duane Dibley again. Have a new idea, Doug!

    Yes. Novelty tie-in products would work much better if they were based on characters no-one’s ever seen before.

    My Star Wars key-ring is based around unseen character Nosto Ollibrey’s. It has all his best unheard catchphrases: “Oi you – out! Only two Jawas at a time in my shop.” “Betty – I’ve had another bloody tax demand from the Empire!” And who could forget “In my day your village stromtooper commanded immediate respect, now they can’t fucking shoot straight”?

  • Heh, heh. Actually I think I’d quite like that keyring.

    Actually there ARE a lot of minor Star Wars character who end up as figures, etc, although not before the main characters of course.

    I wonder if Moorish read the news about the application though. (I noticed a couple of people didn’t even after the link was posted.) Maybe he’s still worried Dibbley will return to the show…

    … of course for all we know he still might as well. I’m happy enough to judge how it will be if it happens.

  • Fair point Chris, I didn’t see the app news. That’ll learn me. I henceforth retract my Dibley-bashing until such time as they try and put him back in a regular episode of the show, in which case I’ll dust it off and bring it back out again.

    (Ace Rimmer – this means you too).

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