As headed up by Dave on the forum… lovely stuff. Six (judging by the number of buttons) random Dwarf sound clips on a daft little keyring type device. The phrases are apparently (TBC), but will be chosen from a conveniently-included list. I hope they include the Princess Bonjela one, that’s one of the few good lines from VII. These things are of course completely daft and pointless, but they’re also (judging by how many different franchises now have them) pretty popular, so it’s nice to see Dwarf get one.

Just in case you’re thinking about it, though, I still wouldn’t trust FPI with my card details. The other Forbidden Planet should be fine, though.



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  1. I didn’t know of that with FPI! Still I’ve had my 2000 AD subscription through them (which I’ve just cancelled actually, although for a completely different reason) and had no trouble. Mind you I didn’t actually subscribe through the FPI site itself, which is probably where the problem lies.

    As for the gadget… not really my thing but it’s good to know more merchandise is being produced.

  2. And the “Kryton” spelling rears its ugly head once again.

  3. Let’s face it. Kryten has an ugly head however you spell him.

  4. G&T Admin

    Also: bloody hell, I hadn’t heard about that FPI credit card stuff. That’s fucking shocking. Going on for nearly a *year*, and they haven’t caught them yet? How can you run a business like that?

    Mind you, I hadn’t realised there were two Forbidden Planet companies, either…

  5. They’ve been maddeningly silent on the whole thing, too. No mention or warning of it on their site, or anything, and no official instructions from them to people who might be affected. PISS POOR. I don’t plan to order anything from them any time soon.

    But yeah, there was a schism a while back in the original Forbidden Planet company, and both parties kept the name. FP International (who ironically have the address) are the ones who are largely based in Scotland and the north (Worlds Apart in Liverpool and Nostalgia & Comics in Brum are also associated); are the ones with the red and black rocket logo who have the megastore on Shaftesbury Avenue.

  6. Quite like the mug and the key chain, think they will be nice Easter gifts for few friends and me!

  7. >Quite like the mug and the key chain, think they will be nice Easter gifts for few friends and me!

    Easter 2011?

  8. I REALLY like the key chain. Lovely design.

  9. >Easter 2011?
    I was reading article on a mobile and missed the Summer release date, darn it!

  10. I like the key chain too. The keys for my new flat will look nice on one of those.

  11. What’s that, Si? You’re having a flat-warming, and we’re all invited?

  12. I’ve already booked my plane ticket for Si’s party. I’m bringing three friends, they’re a bit violent but a lot of fun.

  13. I’m going to be arriving by zeppelin.

  14. I’m just looking forward to the grand unveiling of what the key looks like on the keychain.

  15. Evidently costumes for Lister, Rimmer, Cat & Kryten can be added to the list according to TOS.

  16. >I?ve invited Paul Gannon.

    Fuck off.

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