DwarfCast 24 – Waiting for God Commentary

A commentary DwarfCast? Here? With our reputation?

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Since we’ve not had a commentary ‘Cast since time immemorial, here’s one we did quite a while ago now. Covering the slightly controversial episode Waiting for God (it was the only none-VII or VIII episode to place below Cassandra.)

Seb Patrick and Jonathan Capps talk over the finer details of this criminally underrated episode. Also in attendance is Julian Hazeldine, penguin tamer and long time Dwarf sceptic, along with John Hoare and Tanya Jones towards the end.

DwarfCast 24 – Waiting for God Commentary (26.9MB)

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18 Responses to DwarfCast 24 – Waiting for God Commentary

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  1. A fact: The ‘”Smegging garbage pod” lines were definitely done in front of the WfG audience, directly after the final scene.

  2. lol the thumbnail

  3. another great DwarfCast, it’s funny when you listen to these in show order and how the style of each ‘cast varies from show to show. so how many are left ‘in the can’ now?

  4. G&T Admin

    Just the one at the moment, a fairly wretched affair involving Cassandra. We’ll stick it up soon, but with any luck we’ll have one or two brand new non-commentary ones after Easter, but we’ll see how that goes.

  5. I still want to arrange a group viewing of Red Dwarf US and record a commentary for it…

  6. I found Julian’s observations and comments really interesting. Anyone I know who isn’t heavily into Dwarf refuses to talk to me about it…….

    …..although I still try………..often!

  7. Yay! New content. New old content! Off to listen to it.

  8. I listen to these as I watch the episodes. I don’t think you realise how often you describe something as “that”. Whether it’s “I love that line” or “Now that is funny.”, so synchronising the episode to the Dwarfcast gives the comments a context they would otherwise lack. I’m not suggesting you should phrase these observations differently as the Dwarfcasts give me an excuse to give the DVD another spin.

  9. Well they’re called Commentaries for a reason.

  10. Well they did ask.

  11. I listen to the commentaries while watching episodes of the Jasper Carrott sitcom “All About Me”.

  12. > I listen to the commentaries while watching episodes of the Jasper Carrott sitcom ?All About Me?.

    So that’s what they do on those suicide bomber training weekends…

  13. Another great commentary there, but why in “iTunes” is the release date listed as 2009 & not 2010? I do enjoy your commentaries & hope you return to Series VII again soon, as I’d like one for either “Ouroboros” or “Duct Soup”, as they’re 2 of my least favourite episodes ever. Anyway, keep up the good work guys & Happy Easter to you all!…

  14. If I had to guess, Fairborne, I’d say it was recorded (or edited) in 2009. But hey, what do I know? I bite the heads off fish.

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