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What’s special, a DwarfCast but not a DwarfCast? Why, a PipesCast of course.

Hello! We’ve got a bit of a break from the norm for you here in the form of a PipesCast. As you may or not already know, G&T’s own p2p productions (known to others as simply ‘Rich’) has been working on Behind the Curtains, a retrospective documentary about the remarkable BBC drama Ghostwatch, for a number of years and now he’s breaking forth into the world of podcasting. Episode one features Rich and a ragtag group of waifs and strays he found in a house in West London (pictured below, in all our glory) discussing the show and Rich’s forthcoming documentary.

This is officially episode one of PipesCast, but we’re publishing it here too in order to reach maximum confusion. Anyway, you can download it below, and anyone who questions the thin connection between Ghostwatch and Red Dwarf will get a punch in the ribs.

DwarfCast 25 – PipesCast (52.1MB)

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  • I really enjoyed this episode. Ghostwatch stood out for me as a TV event from my teens. I didn’t know it was a drama at the time, but guessed it was once things went a little pear shaped….and even then, a small part of me did remain unsure. The suicide that is said to have been caused by this show happened in woodlands literally out back of our house at the time. I didn’t know the youth, but knew a few people that did. They said that to blame the show for what he did was ridiculous and that if it hadn’t have been Ghostwatch that was the trigger, it could have been a million other things.

    I’ve never felt compelled to watch it agin since it was aired for fear of ruining a good memory….I now question whether I should just bite the bullet and give it a rewatch.

    Are these non-Dwarf Dwarfcasts going to become a regular thing or is this just a one off?

  • I like.

    I’ve only ever GhostWatch once but the furore surrounding it means that it’s an interesting subject, for sure.

    I missed it when I was a youngling but remember the Next Day at Schoolâ„¢ and being rather annoyed that I’d not caught it. That said, it’s probably for the best that I didn’t see it, as I was still suffering nightmares after watching Damien:Omen II at the time. I was 28 years old.

    I rented it on DVD a few years ago (GhostWatch, not Damien: Omen II- I’m still having therapy about that). It’s pretty cheesy, but very good. It didn’t particularly scare me but I can see why it caused such a reaction. The sightings of Pipes are brilliantly done. I mentioned it to my Dad after watching it, and he can remember watching it back in ’92 and he rarely remembers anything. I guess it struck a nerve.

    By the way, it’s pretty much accepted that the reaction to TWOTW Radio adaptation was blown out of all proportion by misleading news reports from the Print Media who were feeling threatened by broadcasting mediums.

  • Good, ain’t it, Seb? :D

    Speaking of which, fancy writing a guest review of 31/10 for the blog? Let me know.

  • Ah, i’m glad you’ve found that, i’ve been wanting to read this since I heard about it. Didn’t realise it would be readily available…

  • Yeah, it was also featured in the book, ‘Dark Corners’. I’ve updated the blog so that everyone knows where to find the PDF. :)

  • Those millions of people standing around in Cairo. They were all shouting When’s the next dwarfcast. Honest. I heard them.

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