Yes, I could have just amended the existing post, but where’s the fun in that? We’ve got NEWS, people, let’s have a RUN of posts about it. So, Chris Barrie has said stuff in an interview, and just this very evening we’ve had a bit more in the way of some updates from the ever-reliable Bobby Llew Twitter :

Quick Red Dwarf update. I know 99% of nothing, but it does seem very possible we will make a new series (6 episodes) in 2011 (link)

It will be with original cast, hopefully recorded in front of audience but don’t know any of that yet. (link)

The new series is indeed for Dave. Won’t be on until later next year. And yes, I do have to do the rubber thing again. Doh! (link)

So, six episodes according to Bobby, thus contradicting Craig’s “two series” thing (er, unless it’s two series of three each). OOH, IT’S GETTING EXCITING.

(And yes, we’re calling it “Series X” or “Series Ten” until we hear otherwise, so there)

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  • Nice link. I like the look of the house for Big Brother 11. Oh whoops sorry wrong part of that link, I meant. Yay!!!! hints of 6 episodes :-) That will mean 6 more Dwarfcasts Excellent. :-)

  • So, six episodes according to Bobby, thus contradicting Craig’s “two series” thing (er, unless it’s two series of three each). OOH, IT’S GETTING EXCITING.

    Not necessarily. It could just mean there’s plans for two, but that doesn’t mean they’ll do both together. (In other words the usual way of doing series.) Possibly the success of one series might lead to another and there’s 2 series’ worth of stories/story if there is.

    I haven’t said much on this news, mainly as I didn’t have anything to add that hasn’t been expressed. I am tentatively very glad though. (Is that a contradiction?) Tentative because I thought the way BtE ended was a great ending. But I still certainly want more Red Dwarf.

  • The great thing about BtE’s ending is that it would be lovely to have that as the last Dwarf ever, but it also feels absolutely right to continue from where it left off.

  • We havent’ had an ending to a series since Series 5 which is incredible when you think about it. BTE ended very nicely, but as Cappsy says, it gives us a clean break but for god’s sake, NO MORE CLIFFHANGERS! For Dwarf fans, they more infuriate than intrigue…

  • They definitely should go for ‘Red Dwarf X’ as the series label. Surely it’s too tempting not to? Great-looking for a DVD title too.

    I think as far as the audience side of things goes, just like with BtE’s production it’s gonna depend on several considerations like budget, scheduling, the tone and look of the series (BtE would have blown with audience laughter in the same way that series’ 1-6 needed and thrived off it), what Doug’s vision is.

    It’s exciting news no matter what! Even if you didn’t like BtE (I did, and still do) you’ve got to say this is something to look forward to. Probably summer broadcast of some kind. So we’ll get Who series 6, the new 10 episodes of Torchwood (oh yessss) and then Red Dwarf X!! Not a bad 2011 lineup!

  • However much the prospect of watching Dwarf being recorded wets my loins, I can helping hoping for more serious moments like BtE, which surely wouldn’t happen with an audience. Or maybe they would.

  • Hhhmmm, so it looks like the new series will be series X assumedly followed by series XI. I also have problems with calling the BTE specials series IX…mainly because the events of those specials therefore ‘didn’t happen’ due to the joy/despair-squid/leviathan thingy, therefore BTE was like that penultimate episode of Dallas ‘it was all a bloody dream’…I much preferred the rumoured idea that the specials would be linking a proposed series IX and X together, possibly exploring the apparent events discussed in the specials that led upto the specials.

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