Er, right. Apparently, “Official Craig Charles Merchandise” are selling this framed goodie selection, which includes a Charles-signed copy of what appears to be… the first page of the movie script.

Unfortunately, the accompanying photograph (see right) is TOO DAMNED SMALL AND BLURRY to read what it says. But if anyone either has superhuman computery enhanco-vision, or is willing to pay two hundred quid to have a look at it, then GET IN TOUCH. We can guess the first line of the script is probably “1. EXT – SPACE”, but beyond that, we’re stumped.


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  • Interesting, a very nice piece of history here. though how many of these does he have, wouldn’t take second to that and then these could be run off at £200 a piece. I’ve known people who have brought movie scripts in the past for fraction of the price and that has been for a complete movie, not the firt sheet.

  • Very pricey! Not one for the collection I think. Thing is how many Movie scripts have there been? More than one! I presume it’s his lines in the script, not just some random page. I’m not 100% sure this is genuine to be honest. The only thing that isn’t available, or could be made up is the polariod of him from Series 8. But the Propstore had most of the costume screen tests pictures. Second to this the signature on the supposed script doesn’t look the same as the main picture, which he signed 100’s of at Memorabilia. I’m sceptical!

  • Where does it say “Movie Script” on the ebay page, am I missing something? That could be any script page.

  • Hmmm … following on from what James has said, as nobody (save a select few) actually know what was in the movie script, it would also be quite easy for anyone to knock up a few lines of dialogue and pass it off as a page from the script.

  • If he auctions off his movie script at £200 a page then perhaps they’ll be able to fund the movie with the proceeds.

  • Just to clarify, after contact with GNP: the seller in question is legit, the content and signatures are genuinely Craig’s, but the item on offer is *no longer* a script page from the movie. As I’m sure some saw in the first place, it was listed that way initially, but the seller is changing the entry to remove that (text has changed already, lo-res pic will likely follow) and replace with non-movie content.

    It’s just an error of enthusiasm. As you might imagine, nobody wants the movie script released a page at a time over eBay – even signed in a nice frame!

  • K: I’ve never seen one before, no-one has but I’m guessing it’s an autographed First-day Cover, with polaroid of Craig Charles, as well as a signed copy of a script…

    R: an autographed First-day Cover, with polaroid of Craig Charles, as well as a signed copy of a script?

    K: Hmm, every action has an equal an opposite reaction. Ebay often has people buying items on it, but sometimes they sell them.

    L: So is that thing spewing money, back into the Internet?

    K: Precisely, that’s why we’re experiencing these curious fiscal phenomena online.


  • So it’s been changed? Blimey. Question is, was it changed before or after someone put in their £200 bid for it? Either way, I’m not sure changing the content of an eBay listing (whether there are existing bids on it or not) is in any way, shape or form in keeping with the site’s regulations.

  • Years ago ebay’s rule was that you COULD alter your listing as many times as you liked, provided there were no bids on it.

    That may have changed, but for a long time at least, they allowed it.

  • This script doesnt exsist here anymore. In fact it never exsisted here anymore in the past particple never sense.

    It was changed before the bid, when I saw the page the text had clearly changed from what was reported here and there were no bids when I saw it.

  • So, the winner of the auction is Dan “pendo” Pendleton, sometime-of-this-parish. Who, according to his Twitter/formspring, added the item to his watch list when it was the movie script, then bid on it without seeing that it had changed. So is naturally a bit miffed.

    And I think he’s right to be – because even if the item page description changes, there are myriad ways to bid on an item (directly from the My eBay page, through an app such as for the iPhone, etc) that don’t involve re-visiting said page. And I don’t think many people would assume that the actual contents of a listing would change mid-auction. So personally, I think Dan’s well within his rights not to stump up.

  • It’s gonna make shifting these “used boxers” a bit easier…..they’ll all think they’re buying “used boxes” until I change the description!! Mwahahahahah!!

  • I’ll believe it when I see it, the movie thing has become like the holy grail of Dwarf….still 2 new series…YYYEEEESSSS Red Dwarf has always been so much more a series than a movie format don’t you think?

  • We all know the movie will never happen……………

    ……….it’s that pot of gold at the end of the eternal rainbow!!!!!!!

  • We all know the movie will never happen……………

    ……….it’s that pot of gold at the end of the eternal rainbow!!!!!!!

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