Yes, yes, we’ve been lousy at keeping up with this sort of thing recently. But in case you’re not aware, the Proper TV Version of Carpool with Bobby Llew starts tonight, on Dave, at 8.30pm. The first guest is Jason Manford, but don’t let that put you off. We’ve already seen how something doing really well on Dave can lead to lots of immediately exciting possibilities that definitely don’t go wrong. Er.

Anyway, Robert is great, and this deserves to do well, so let’s help make it so. There’s also a nice little piece on BBC News about the show, in which Robert admirably tackles the question of whether there are any of his Dwarf pals he hasn’t interviewed yet by answering “Norman Lovett”, although admittedly failing to add “Because he’s been an arsehole lately.”

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  • I’m off to a pub quiz tonight, However, I’ve Sky-plussed it. Looking forward to the shiny new look of the programme.

    Go on Bobby!

  • I liked it. Mind you I’ve already seen quite a few of the web episodes anyway. I think I like the two 15 minute slot structure.

  • I was pleasantly surprised how the TV incarnation kept very faithful to the original. I was a bit worried that they’d spoil it by jazzing it up too much. Very enjoyable.

    The opening credits are a little creepy though, hehe.

  • >The opening credits are a little creepy though, hehe.

    Yeah…it has nothing to do with the creepy laughing. Nope, not at all.

  • Checked and it doesn’t look like there are any repeats. Bobby Llew is talking about releasing the eps on iTunes, but there’s no mention of if they’ll cost anything.

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