I’d always assumed that Red Dwarf associate (or should that be “exec“?) producer Andrew Ellard spent his entire life immersed in the show, even when it wasn’t being made. I’ve always had this picture of him sitting at his desk, watching the DVDs over and over again, occasionally having a chat with Doug, and just counting down the days until Friday so that he could post news items on the official site.

But it turns out that no. That perception is a good few years out of date. Because Andrew actually has an entire non-Dwarfy CAREER as a writer and somewhat renowned script editor, a career that’s just yielded a radio sitcom pilot that you can download for free RIGHT NOW.

This is what it’s about:

Barry and Linda share a house – and categorically nothing else.

With a friendship that, outwardly, appears to be founded on mutual irritation, the inseparable and idiosyncratic pair spend most of their time trying to avoid chaos at work, at home, with friends, family and romantic partners. They are rarely successful.

The rest of their time is, of course, spent repeatedly explaining that no, they are not a couple.

What the synopsis doesn’t mention is that Barry is a bespectacled, karaoke-loving movie buff. No, we’ve no idea where he gets his characters from either.

Aside from a bunch of people who have been in various things, I’m Not With Him also co-stars Chris Barrie and Hattie Hayridge. Ah, so still a little bit of a Dwarf connection, then. Andrew talks a little more about the project, its origins and various other things in this interview, which has also already seen Digital Spy doing what is now known in the trade as “a Stephen Fry” on him.

Anyway, you can download the pilot on iTunes, or if you’re an Apple-hater directly from Andrew’s site itself. We heartily recommend you give it a listen. If you were doing a sitcom podcast, he’d download yours.

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  • Downloaded, on my iPhone, and I’ll listen to it… erm… well, later, I expect. Sounds great, though!

  • I didn’t listen to it all the way through, but the kareoke bit did make me giggle. “Why am I Olivia Newton John?!”

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