Hmm. Doug Naylor has just tweeted this:

An early Xmas present which I can’t open until January. What a beautiful day Dwarfers!!!

This either refers to some sort of time-locked tin of Quality Street, or we might expect a big announcement in the new year. Either way, have a wonderful Christmas, and try not to get attacked by the pan-dimensional liquid beast from the Mogadon Cluster.

29 comments on “Merry Christmas?

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  • I think the car park payment machine & cash point i’ve just seen in Bill Baileys Little Cracker, are definately early Jupiter Mining corporation prototype vending machine technology.

  • At best this is Doug getting a good and proper green light on the series, production commencing January. At worst…nope, there IS no worst, this is clearly what it means!!

    Or…James Cameron just phoned…

    Jim – ‘Hey, Doug, massive fan! Listen, good buddy, I was thinking…fuck the Avatar sequels. That’s it.’

    Doug – ‘Er, okay…bye.’

    Jim – ‘Oh wait, there’s a part 2. What I meant to say was, fuck Avatar, let’s get down with the boys from the Dwarf! Provisional $300 million budget, 6 month shoot in Australia, 18 months post-production, WETA digital completely at your disposal, 30 RED Epic cameras shooting in 3D at 5K, all the backing of 20th Century Fox. Whadda ya say??’

    Doug – ‘Er yeah, no, yeah the thing is Jim, there’s this show we get in the UK called Coronation Street and, well, our lead guy is sort of tied up-‘

    Jim – ‘Doug, my friend, as of thiry minutes ago I now OWN Coronation Street.

    Dough – ‘*silence*

    Jim – ‘Take that as a yes, buddy, seeya in January!’

  • Chris O’Dowd’s Little Cracker was very good I thought, best of the one’s I’ve seen so far.

    Merry Christmas to Doug. January is only 9 days away.

  • T’was most excited when I saw these tweets!

    I prefer the Strawberry Cremes anyway…

    Thems and the Orange ones are my faves…

  • Ahem, I haz pink fudge… Seriously, why don’t they just make a tin full of those? WHYYYY, I ask you?????????

    Annnnnd why are there only 2 or 3 green triangles in every tin yet millions of the bloody toffee fingers and pennies??

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!! lol I always get told off for sifting through the tin for 5 minutes to take the best…*sigh*

  • It’s Roses that have the little caramel barrels in, isn’t it? Then I’ll stay away from the Quality Street, ta.

  • The Caramel keg. I spend many an hour pulling those buggers apart and play with the fondant. Deep Joy.

  • As I recall, the Caramel Kegs don’t come in the foil “Oh, it sort-of looks like a barrel, doesn’t it?” wrapping anymore. At least, I don’t remember them being wrapped like that in the box I had earlier this year.

    Or maybe my memory is playing tricks on me. Sigh. I miss British chocolate. That’s it, I’m moving back.

  • 9 Days has never seemed so far away. Forget christmas, this is something far more exciting to look forward to. I just hope it ain’t time locked til after Xmas break, say 4th or 5th when most people go back!

  • I think we’re just going to have to be patient on this one. Doug seems pretty chipper about this, so it’s obviously something that’s gone to plan.

    I’m hoping that 2011 isn’t as shit as 2010 has been. With New Dwarf and a ton of wrongly guessed speculation ahead, it shoudl be fun.

    I just have one note for the new series. Please use the first ‘new logo’ that was to be considered. I dont’ like the beveled one. :(

  • “Oh yes, and there’s another thing happening in 2011 which I’m not at liberty to divulge yet. Engage innocent whistle mode.”

    From Bobby Llew.

  • So Doug is going to tweet the news at 00:01 yeah, roughly 6 hours time, is that right? ;-)

    I’ve asked Doug exactly this. Well, it was worth a try :)

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