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Well, that’s what 80s/90s BBC kids magazine Fast Forward thought – and who are we to argue with them, eh, readers?!?!?!

Yes, I thought it was high time I popped back up and dished out my usual collection of dodgy scans. (When my friend said that to me back in 1997, I was altogether more excited.) Luckily, I had an excellent time rummaging through an old box. (When my friend said that to me back in 1997, I was altogether more excited.) First, we have an article from Issue 62, dated November 14th 1990 – just before the second series aired. Secondly is an article from Issue 172, dated January 9th 1993 – just in time for Series 3:

Fast Forward scan, Issue 62 Fast Forward scan, Issue 172

Wouldn’t I do anything to see the advertised behind-the-scenes look at the series on Going Live! – if only it’d been dug out for the DVDs. However, I am too busy shaking in rage at the use of “councillor” instead of “counsellor”. THE BBC IS TO BLAME FOR THE STATE OF OUR GENERATION’S SPELLING.

Luckily, I haven’t scanned you the Phillip Hodson’s problem page, with the tale of a teenager getting a “funny feeling in my tummy”, going upstairs, grabbing her teddy bear, and hugging it until she gets a “tingling sensation”.

I did that back in 1997.

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  • “She’s back…and she’s wearing a hat!”

    It wouldn’t have entered my head as an 8-year-old but right now, in the words of Keith Lemon, I’d wear her like a hat!! :P

    I remember Robin used to really do my head in. I used to get so mad over how stupid and wet he was lol.

  • loved the series – make metal note again that I need the dvds.

    I had those Fast Forwards – you bastards!!1!11!

    was it them or the Young Telegraph that had the cast meeting real life kids
    from Worksop (I’d thought the show had made the place up /facepalm )

    Anyone have scans / reprints of the Young Telegraph comic strip. IIRC was based on the series with little extra gags – they did the plot of Marrian having to pretend to be normal because of her relative coming to stay.

    Fast Forward talked to Danny about Red Dwarf & props – showed a replica head of him.
    I remember him wearing a Caterpillar brand cap, and thinking he’d got one saying Cat specially
    think I’ve still got that stuck in the back of my Doctor Who scrap book
    (I was @ 12 ok)

    and one year Sylvester Mccoy invented a game called Smackbotty lol *raises eyebrow*

  • Worksop (I’d thought the show had made the place up /facepalm )

    Not alone there, I was between 5 – 10 when MM was on, and i just thought they just couldn’t spell Workshop, and stuck with it! Seriously.

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