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The convention is over. Now, what the fuck was THAT all about?

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & Titan

As we try to make sense of what happened this weekend, you have the pleasure of trying to make sense of what the hell we’re talking about. As Dimension Jump XVI comes to a close we have what can only be described as a metric fuck tonne of things to cover and consider, all while trying our best not to pass out.

As a word of warning, there’s a large section talking about Series X that may be spoilery. It should be noted that it is all based on stuff Doug was freely talking about and does not relate to finished scripts, but we warned nonetheless.

DwarfCast 28 – Dimension Jump XVI – Sunday Evening (64.6MB)

It’s been an amazing weekend and we’d like to reiterate our thanks to everyone who came to talk to us, buy our book and generally be lovelier than we could ever hope to deserve.

See you at XVII.

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  • Now that was worth the wait, perfect way to round out the weekend. the spoilers were great and I really hope that the ideas don’t get diluted by the time the series broadcast, as they sound good and have a very series IV/V.

  • That was a brilliant listen. Love the character intro from Chris. And it was just as funny afterwards, laughing loads as you painted pictures of both embarrassments and shining tales of how good all the guests were, it was like being there and sounds like it was a great weekend, and such a huge exciting slice of dwarf old and new discussed within too. Sounding like series X will be strong on character exploration of the leads again.

  • Well, that was worth it. I’m pissing my sister off as I’ve hijacked her laptop to listen to this for the past hour or so (it’s 1am, for fuck’s sake), but, my God, I’ve enjoyed listening to it, and I wish I’d been there like you wouldn’t believe (as you may have picked up from my Tweets this weekend).
    DJXVI sounded fansmeggingtastic, and I will be there next year, definitely – The savings account will be opened on wednesday.

  • 3.53am for me. But that’s not unusual for me. Really great to hear you all. I was wondering whether I should ffwd over the spoiler bits, but of course I didn’t! No harm done, more an interesting taster than anything, which is what spoilers should be.

    I did find myself wondering how one of those stories would work out. THAT was confusing… but potentially very interesting too. (If you heard the broadcast, I think you’ll understand what I’m referring to. ;} )

  • I thought the ideas sounded like things Rob and Doug might have tried to do in the novels back in the day. Pretty ambitious stuff, and mostly things that would hopefully be explored over the course of the series rather than being sqeezed into single episodes dedicated to the ideas, but I’ll stop there for anyone who didn’t want to listen to that bit (was there anyone?).

    The recap in general was great to listen to and like Si I feel pretty shit about not being there now. You’ve all done a great job of relaying the news and events to us throughout the weekend, on here and on the Twitter feed. Good job guys and thanks a lot!

  • Prove it!


    Can the spoilers be summarised in text somewhere? Clearly my ears and speakers aren’t working well enough to hear half of them clearly.

  • I wasn’t there for three reasons, but am not telling you what they are. Suffice to say that being skint was a major contributory factor.

  • Sorry Pete. In changing my earlier post, I have made your (and, indeed, Cappsy’s) comment seem a little nonsensical. Or even a bit ahead of itself. You’re now referring to a later comment. Timey-wimey and all that.

  • Sorry. Original post written in a moment of self indulgence, thought ‘No, I didn’t need to say that’, so I got rid. TBH, I forgot the edited posts went to the bottom, I wasn’t thinking. As is so often the case…

  • The Chris Barrie intro really was all kinds of win.

    Oh, and the rest was good too. Although, I can’t say I’m bowled over by any of those ideas for Series X (mainly because they sound like offshots of Dimension Jump, Confidence and Paranoia and Back in the Red respectively).

  • >The Chris Barrie intro really was all kinds of win.

    The full story on that: I asked him to say something along the lines of a Space Corps directive that said all personnel had to listen to Dwarfcasts. Hattie then suggested he read the the number off the barcode on a packet of pens. He then changed “personnel” to “Dwarfers” (knows his terminology, that man), and completely adlibbed the Kryten bit at the end.

    I love Chris Barrie.

  • Fantastic Dwarfcast guys! Sorry Kiran and I missed the recording – we had to disappear to get our train back home.

    Just our two cents on the photo session – I think I almost preferred the experience to the autographs! It seemed a lot more intimate (Craig seemed rather keen on a quick squeeze!), the lines moved far quicker, and we had a great memory to take home at the end of it.

    Plus, because this was offered as an easier and more professional alternative to running behind the signing table for quick snatched pics, we felt that the autograph queues actually moved quicker than previous years. Presumably because those that were really keen on pics had them done officially.

    All in all, a fantastic weekend. Out of my three DJ experiences, this was by far the best one.

  • Doug’s Announcement happened round about exactly this time right now RIGHT NOW, last week…

    God it’s been a week already :( I miss DJ.

  • Sorry to bump this back up, but I felt the need to mention that I was on the same college course (in 2001 to 2003) with the man who blacked up as Duane Dibbley. Seeing the photo, I nearly spat my drink out because A) oh my god what’s that guy doing and B) Oh my God it’s [Name Redacted!] And I can thoroughly assure you that he was just as adept at making rash and slightly misjudged comments and poor decisions then as he appears to be now.

  • >I’ll look forward to listening to this before I put my jimjams on. See you next year.

    I really must stop saying that.

  • I listened to this back last night. Tanya totally called out the misrepresentation of bone marrow donating in Over To Bill way before it was cool.

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