So, we’re approaching a week since the big news was announced. Anyone up for a roundup of how the media managed to SCREW THINGS UP AS ALWAYS? (You’ve got over a year and a half of this, you know.)

  • Wired. DOUGH NAYLOR. And the reference to Back to Earth being four episodes smacks of someone who really doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Also, Doug seemed quite hopeful for a studio audience, dependent on convincing the channel. (A whole other kettle of worms, which we’ll talk about in an upcoming Dwarfcast…)
  • The Register – Nice cut and paste job on the four-episode error, guys. Anyone want to do any original research?
  • Broadcast – Click on the Google link, to get around their bizarre paywall system. Apart from which: that’s how you do it, fellas.
  • Digital Spy – Weird that everyone seems to have got the news from Wired, rather than Doug’s Twitter feed, or from the actual convention. Isn’t that the kind of thing Digital Spy is supposed to be about? (The clue’s in the name.)
  • Den of Geek – By far the best-written and most informative piece about the new series, beating, erm, even us – as it’s written by the editor of OUR NEW BOOK, OUT NOW OUT NOW OUT NOW. Although in the interests of balance, I’d quibble with the headline, as it’s technically only 99% confirmed whilst the cast haven’t signed their contracts…
  • Zoe Ball, Radio 2 – A brief mention, 01:43:00 in. Awww. She’s not actually that bad these days either, although she doesn’t reach the majesty of Sara Cox. I’m being serious, she’s great. (And Cox knows how to drive the desk, which makes me hard.)

I will, of course, have missed some coverage – any interesting things you spot, stick them in the comments below.

It’s interesting to note that, Den of Geek aside, none of the reports managed to have the snippets of info about the upcoming series that we mention in our DwarfCast – which would be less noticeable if they didn’t all specifically say that no story details has leaked. There’s a serious lack of decent research in the sources above, which is disappointing – but hardly surprisingly.

Sadly, your mainstream newspapers and the like seem to have ignored the news – and so have SFX and the main SF websites. It would be easy to blame Craig and Robert’s indescrections back in January for the lack of coverage – you could argue there doesn’t feel much new here. On the other hand, whilst Doug was explicit on his Twitter feed, and the feeling coming out of DJ was pretty much a done deal – the actual noises coming out of Dave are very cautious. There was no official press release, for instance – despite my dodgy wording here.

In fact, it’s only with the report today on TOS that things feel a little more concrete. Let’s see when they wake up.

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  • Meant to link to that in this article. It’s incredibly cautiously worded – I wouldn’t blame any newspaper editor for not thinking there’s anything newsworthy there. It took all of Doug’s interjections reading it out at DJ to make it exciting!

  • I’d forgotten Zoe Ball existed. She used to be everywhere.

    I met Sara Cox last NYE and wished her happy new year. She was very pleasant but I still fucking hate her.

  • Broadcast were the ones showing the most interest in my press release for DJXVI, in fact they sent me some awesome emails (all-businesslike but with Dwarfy references chucked in ;) )

  • …I’ve just posted a link to a Red Dwarf X story to criticise it….only to find it’s already on the list at the top of this very article. What makes matters worse is that I think I got to it via that link up above!!

    Just ignore this posting…I’m having a womans period!

  • Love that the SFX article features comments from ‘loving fans’ who want to kill RD off and reboot it in a few years, and others who, for some reason or another, weren’t keen on the “2 part” offering that was “Return to Earth”…

  • Man I can’t wait for the ball to get rolling on this series. The mention of Craig being written out of Corrie for a while on the official site has got me all excited again.

  • I haven’t watched Coronation Street in years, not since I was little and it a was just something that happened daily. I did see a bit a few weeks ago when my mum was watching it again for some reason, and was surprised how many characters I could still name.

    Go on, what was the spoiler.

  • “Red Dwarf X is now certain”

    Those are the words of Chris Barrie in an interview on Wave 105.

  • PLEASE tell me they’re actually going to use that logo. I dont know why they didn’t…

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