Doug announcement. Dave press release. And the important bit: a podcast from us tonight.

Pre-production: October 2011. Shooting: November-January. Broadcast: September/October 2012. Studio audience preferred. 6 x 30 minute episodes, to fit in a 40+ minute slot. And yes, Dave are calling it Series X.

And the quote marks around “confirmed”? Simply that the cast haven’t signed on yet. But nobody appears to be too worried that they will. At the moment, anyway.

The worst-kept secret in showbusiness? Quite possibly. But make no mistake: it starts here, folks…

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  • And possibly with Hattie and Talkie Toaster, right?

    2012 will be a good year for Sci-Fi, my four favourite series will be getting a new instalment/series (Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Futurama).

  • > I’m gonna go ahead and guess the article title on here for when GNP confirms the series as “Look Sirs, Confirmed”.

    …well, that shut me up. Excellent news though!

  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!


    G & T Have Written a book. Cool.

    Now What was this other thing about some TV series?

  • [CaptainHindsight]Should have just set Back to Earth after ‘series nine’.[/CaptainHindsight]

  • Very excited about a new series finally confirmed…just as i thought naylor was teasing and getting the go a heads and green lights of the necessaries until he could finally announce something more concrete at Dimension Jump. Wish i could have been there!!!
    What do I hope now? I hope the actors sign on the dotted line of course and that no egos get in the way. I of course hope that Naylor keeps up the same level of creativity as he included in the Back to Earth series; even though it has divided fans, and there could have been abit more of the old school dwarf comedy, Back to Earth was a retrun to form for Naylor i think, and I hope they keep it up in the new series with the same aesthetic standards (though I do wonder whether they’ll re-introduce the live audience…I think they should shoot the same way they did for Back to Earth and have the episodes screened to a recorded live audience – this also rules out the element of farcical overplaying that can be exacerbated by an audince presence). I also hope Holly returns…
    There should be 2 series!!! In the first the crew back to it’s core member should strive to find Kochanski…in the 2nd series the crew should strive to return to earth.
    Heres to a new series !!! :)

  • [CaptainHindsight]Should have just set Back to Earth after ‘series nine’.[/CaptainHindsight]

    By that logic, they shouldn’t have had the Tyrell building in BtE either. I mean, that’s nowhere to be seen in London.

  • >By that logic, they shouldn’t have had the Tyrell building in BtE either. I mean, that’s nowhere to be seen in London.

    Why is that the same logic?

  • To elaborate; BTE is still marketed (in-show and out) as having taken place “after series X”, so it’s a bit clunky that series X will now follow it. Yes, it’s a joke, but it would have been smarter if BTE had taken place “after series IX”, only to become IX itself.

    Curiously, Doug remarked during the pre-publicity for BTE that there wouldn’t be a series IX, but there might be a series X…and added that this would make sense once you’d seen BTE. Well, it does…and it doesn’t.

    It’s like series frnarg all over again…

  • BTE is IX according to iTunes.

    It makes sense to want to use X, it’ll be stronger number to advertise the show on, make it seem like more of an event!

  • Yeah thing is it confuses all the idiots without a brain who think the “after series X, the best series” stuff was supposed to be real, rather than just being from the perspective of people in a made up reality. Already seen a few people saying “oh so if this is series X it’ll be set before Back To Earth and we know what happens then?”

  • Didn’t even notice that this announcement was made 2 years to the day that ‘Back to Earth’ first aired.

  • Why is that the same logic?

    Because it’s expecting a fictional version of the real world to some how line up 1:1 with reality, which is a bit mental really. It’s like complaining that Doctor Who has referenced EastEnders while characters from EastEnders are avowed Doctor Who fans.

    Anyway, YES and so on.

  • So am I the only one that beleives that Doug is aboutto deliver the great mythical Series X, the greatest in the history of the show?

  • And I’m off to London soon- is this Tyrell Building open to the public?

    The financial have’s from the financial have-not’s will have their day.

  • Chuffed with the announcement, naturally. If there is a new series airing in 2012, that will be more than 3 years since Back to Earth aired. If we assume that nobody is resigned to this being the last Dwarf ever made (which I suppose is a big assumption – for all I know, everyone involved is planning this as a big farewell to the show – but from some of the SPOILERS mentioned on the DJ DwarfCast is seems as though Doug has designs on once again refreshing the show which seems counterproductive if he was planning on this being the final season, so I’ll assume away…) then we could potentially hope for another series after this. Another three years? 2015. We’re getting to the point where new Red Dwarf could be in the offing thirty years after it originally aired.

    THIRTY YEARS? What the hell is going on, firstly? Where did thirty years disappear to? Secondly, could Red Dwarf outlive Last of the Summer Wine?

  • The idea that the show could actually go for so long that Craig can play the Lister that appears in Future Echoes without make-up is kinda cool.

    As for Rimmer? may be he could catch a hologramatic virus and turn into a munchkin…

  • I like to think this series might be a fresh start, and could end up being the start of a more regular rotation.

    But this is of course wildly optimistic.

  • The news seems to be filtering into the general public domain. There’s now a piece on DigitalSpy, and, more importantly, Zoe Ball mentioned it while sitting in for Ken Bruce on Radio 2 this morning.

  • > the show could actually go for so long that Craig can play the Lister that appears in Future Echoes without make-up …

    Continuity. That old chestnut.

  • Oh fuck yes! And 30 minutes per episode too — excellent!

    Bring back Hattie bring back Hattie bring back Hattie. (And Chloe.)

  • > Continuity. That old chestnut.

    Well, I did think about the Brain-In-The-Jar Lister, but figured Craig would still need to spend time in make-up for that.

    Prosthetic brains can take hours.

  • Craig did joke, in regards to Danny’s current follical state, just how accurate Rob and Doug got things in Out of Time…

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