Erm, hello. Look what we did. The web is so last year, darlings.

Ganymede & Titan – The Garbage Pod

Yes, we’ve, er… well, we’ve published a book. Thanks to print-on-demand service Lulu, we can now offer a lovely paperback tome (or a PDF download) collecting two hundred pages worth of old G&T articles. You can see what the front of it looks like over to the right there, and here’s what it says on the back:

Red Dwarf, the cult BBC2 and Dave sci-fi sitcom, has entertained millions of fans worldwide since its first broadcast in 1988.

Ganymede & Titan, a Red Dwarf fan website, has entertained literally several of those fans since its launch in 1999.

Now, a selection of the site’s best articles from between 2003 and 2011 have been rounded up and thrown into The Garbage Pod, the first such collection of unofficial fan writing in the show’s long and illustrious history.

Inside, you’ll find analytical critical commentary, bloody-minded arguing, meticulously researched Lists of Stuff, hard-sci-fi theorising and elaborate swearing from the site’s team of entirely unprofessional and equally unsanitary writers.

Now, some answers to the obvious questions:

Why have you done this?
Well, why not? We reckon, as we hope you do too, that G&T is a repository of largely Very Good writing about Red Dwarf – and the strongest representation of the 2000s-era “state of fandom”. This book is an attempt to provide a snapshot of that era, in much the same way as the years of excellent fanzine writing throughout the 1990s did for that time. Although the book consists of content that’s available on the site, many people won’t have bothered to spend the time rooting through the archives for it all, so we’re sure that for most Dwarf fans – even those who’ve been following G&T all these years – there’ll be something new and interesting to discover. Plus it all flows quite nicely when it’s put together like this.

It’s all old material, then?
There have been no articles specifically written for the book, no. However, a number of the older articles have either been given footnotes to bring certain details up to date, or in some cases had full revisions and/or extensions. The “Don’t Leave Us Hanging” article, for example, now includes full details on Back to Earth.

So how much is it?
A very reasonable £4.99 for the paperback, or £1.99 for the download. The bulk of that price is actually Lulu’s printing costs, BUT…

Are you making any money off this?
… no. There will be a small net profit made (about 15% of the cover price) on each copy sold – however, G&T will be donating any and all proceeds from the book to Amnesty International. It’s a cause that we all consider worthy of support, and we’d like there to at least be some positive result of our daft little vanity project.

Where and how do I get it?
In case you missed the big link at the top of the page, the product page on Lulu is here. You can buy either format straight away – the download is in PDF format, which unfortunately means it can’t be scaled on e-readers, although I can confirm it looks lovely on a Kindle so long as you don’t mind the text being a bit on the smaller side of things. If you go for the paperback, meanwhile, it’ll take a couple of days to print it and then a couple to ship (do also be advised that the quickest P&P option adds another three quid onto the price of the book).

And if you’d like to have a look at one in the flesh before making up your mind, we’ll also have copies with us at Dimension Jump. Which means, if you get in QUICKLY enough, you won’t even have to pay postage.

So what is it?
Oh, somebody punch him out.

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  • That’s great! Can I grab one off you gents at DJ please?

    And kudos on the Amnesty International donations! You truly are all gentlemen.

    Just gentlemen who say ‘cunt’ a lot.


    Give the Post Pod some credit, it only managed to catch up after you turned the ship around!

  • Awesome, good luck with it!

    Is there any particular reason the front-end cutoff date is 2003, though? Is there some significance there that I’m too tired to pick up on?

  • >Is there any particular reason the front-end cutoff date is 2003, though? Is there some significance there that I’m too tired to pick up on?

    It’s just… the year that the earliest article in the book comes from!

  • Cool. I’ve never read… a book.

    Also – loving the quotes on the back cover. Well played!

  • If someone doesn’t give Danny’s cover some love IMMEDIATELY, there’s going to be trouble. Just look at it!

  • It is a pretty awesome cover, at that. I bookmarked the Lulu link (it looks like I can buy a copy, ‘cos it showed me a price in dollars–and it’s definitely on my list.)

  • > You truly are all gentlemen

    > Tanya Jones dislikes this.

    I meant ‘gentlemen’ in the loosest possible sense.

    Not that I’m calling Tanya ‘loose’, I….


  • Considering at the very least one of those must be about Iain Lee that’s suprisingly low. Anyway, ordered mine. Looking forward to it.

  • I’m going to buy a copy and write sarcastic and antagonistic comments at the bottom of every page.

    You cunts.

  • For UK folks, the voucher code RAINUK305 on Lulu will give you 20% off. Though I don’t know if that’s taken off Lulu’s cut or Amnesty’s…

  • All copies banned at DJ unless I can get a freebie :P
    Seriously I’m impressed. I’ve never read a book, so this could be very interesting.

  • I’m not sure that we’ll be specifically reserving copies in advance or anything like that – but I’m sure we’ll have enough for everyone who wants one, and you can always seek us down in person early in the weekend if you want to make sure.

  • >Anyone spot the Quagaar warrior I put in the cover?

    If I’d gotten the PDF maybe, but I splurged on the paperbound version. So until it gets here all I’ve got to go on is the small image on this site, which is to small to see any detail. Looks very nice overall, though.

  • The PDF doesn’t include the full version of the cover, unfortunately. We should STICK IT UP here in all its high-res goodness at some point. Maybe after people have had a chance to see it up-close at DJ…

  • > Nine fucks, and five twats.

    Seb, you didn’t need to tell us the working title….


    This is a very good idea indeed. The paperback copies, in particular – a solid, physical record of greatness! Thinking about it, it’s pretty amazing that it comes to over 200 pages.

  • I’m going to buy one tomorrow, if I remember, which I probably won’t. I will buy a copy, though. Well done.

  • >I’m going to buy one tomorrow, if I remember, which I probably won’t. I will buy a copy, though. Well done.

    This is you’re friendly reminder: it is now tomorrow.

  • Love the blurb…

    People who bought this book also purchased ‘X-rated Join The Dots Vol III and Mr Happy by Roger Hargreaves..

    There goes my pocket money again.

  • Aaaaaaaaahhhh mine just arrived!!!

    And I’m opening…

    The shrinkwrap is not cooperating…


    Wow. It’s beautiful. Now to figure out what a quagaar warrior looks like. Ah, I’ve found it! It’s reading “Ganymede & Titan presents.”

    Now to put aside my homework and settle down for some enjoyable reading. There goes my productivity for the rest of the month, at least!

  • I have a self-updating version of the ebook.


    Hey, everyone, Phil’s cheating the system! Can we have him arrested?

  • Been away but got home to find it today. Very nice indeed, and your cover looks great in person Danny.

  • Yeah I haven’t ordered it yet, mainly because I massively forgot to order it. I will buy it, but I’m too lazy right now. Seriously I will buy it, well done again.

  • Just a quick heads up if you STILL HAVEN’T BOUGHT THIS YET (sob) – if you use the code APRILMAILUK305 at the checkout, you can get free shipping (in the UK) until the end of April. Thus meaning you only have to pay a fiver to get your hands on it.

    Doug Naylor bought it, so YOU have NO excuse.

  • …And done! That’s my fiver spent. I’ll look forward to having a gander at this. At the danger of making your heads swell, I do (and have for quite a while) actually think the stuff on this site is well written and presented, and I hope the book does well. There. Now don’t expect praise like that too often.

  • Well, it’s arrived this morning. I’ve just opened it, and have read straight through to page 40. I was expecting to just dip into it now and then – I’ve seen most of the stuff before, right? But, as soon as I’ve eaten, I shall return to this tome. Really enjoying it.

  • Finished. Well done, you annoyingly clever people.
    Might I suggest a sequel? An annual yearbook perhaps?

    (Though I must point out – as an anal type – that Noel Edmonds’ awards were, in fact, called ‘Gotcha Oscars’. It sorta rhymes, see.)

  • They were briefly, but then changed to plain ol’ Gotchas for the majority of their lifespan, due to the fact that, you know, Oscars is a trademark. Had to change the design of the awards as well. So don’t come to me with your Noel Edmonds anal antics.

  • Would copyright prevent a possible future book from containing anything from the comments or forum?

  • I was just about to say everything on here is covered by Creative Commons, but having a look around we have nothing on the site the indicate this. That might be a stumbling block when it comes to our sequel, ‘The Life and Comments of performingmonkey’.

  • “Noel Edmonds anal antics” + Drinking Tea = Tea + Nasal passage.

    Thanks for that.

  • Thanks for the book. It’s brilliant. It’s already impressed my dad that I get a brief mention, and it’s been a useful way to pass the time at work by hiding round the back of the office block reading it instead of doing any work, in a way that I cant with the website version. cheers. ;-)

  • I realised as I was reading an article in The Garbage Pod the other day that I’ve never understood the title ‘Nanarchy’ before. I don’t mean I’ve ever thought ‘I don’t get it’ – I mean it’s never even occurred to me to think about what it’s supposed to mean, or why the episode is called that. In fourteen years. Bit fucking weird.

    Anyway I finished the book today. It’s a great read and it looks lovely in my bookcase, between The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss and Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.

  • Strangely enough, we went on a shopping trip in Birmingham, and Ian spied a copy of Tongue Tied in the markets. jammy sod.

  • Hope you don’t mind if I bump this thread. Great book, gorgeous cover, very funny, very informative. Plans for anything else book-wise?

  • Just been having another read of the book. I think a sequel is overdue. You’ve got the whole new series announcement/recording/review stuff to include, for a start. And the Silver Survey. Plenty of stuff to pluck from the 2011-13 archive.

  • > It’s not the Garbage Pod II though.

    Because of Red Dwarf’s history with Part Twos?

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