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LIVE from RUISLIP, it’s the BEST Red Dwarf episode EVER, talked over by A PACK OF CUNTS

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & Titan

John Hoare! Ian Symes! Tanya Jones! Seb Patrick! Jonathan Capps! and, joining us through some form of phoneline based WITCHCRAFT, Danny Stephenson! Also, some annoying Skype noises.

DwarfCast 32 – Back to Reality (34.2MB)

Back to Reality is, of course, officially the best episode of Red Dwarf ever, as decreed by the wise masters of Ganymede & Titan. Will we do it justice, or will we spend most of the commentary picking at petty problems? There’s only way to find out…

(In case you haven’t already guessed, we have Danny Stephenson to thank for the shiny new logo.)

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  • I think it’s worth noting. I mention a ‘Neil’, Neil is a friend of mine and a fellow dwarfer who was in the room with me at the time of the Skype conversation. I also feel I should apologise for the disruptions of the dwarfcast due to technical difficulties.

  • Incidentally, we’re a bit out of date with our iTunes reviews and don’t yet have enough to calculate an average. So, if you listen and haven’t yet given us a review then it would be pleasing if you could do so. Negative or positive, we just need more!

    This is the link to the iTunes web feed, which you can use to view us in iTunes and leave a review.


  • Cool. But dam, I have to go to work. I know what I’m listening to when I get home, I bet even with skype noises it’s better than the fan commentary on the DVD.

  • The fact that ‘A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas…in 3D’ isn’t an intentional gag makes me want to cry.

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