Oh, Dave

Because I couldn't find a Red Dwarf related facepalm.

And now a brief intermission from the regular scheduled SILENCE.

Since Craig and Danny have worked various sections of fandom into a foamy soup about audience tickets for Series X, we’ve been getting a notable rise in emails from people mistaking us for something approaching Red Dwarf professionals (that is, a notable rise from 0 to somewhere between 4 and 6). These have usually been asking us for tickets (and, oddly, on one occasion wanting to buy the Starbug Playset).

Today we received another ticket request which mentioned that Dave themselves have been pointing people to G&T. This is the email that they apparently send back to people in response to Red Dwarf related questions:

Thank you for your email.

You would need to contact the production company as we would not be responsible for distributing tickets:


Kind regards

The UKTV Team

Not overly amusing at first glance, I admit, until you click on the erroneous link to ‘Grant Naylor Productions’ and see the sole blog entry listed therein. I’m tempted to not bother correcting them.

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  1. Keep calm and reply to these emails with the instructions ‘cheques are to be made payable to…’

  2. Does one of you lot work for Dave? Is this an attempt to infiltrate Dave TV and gain more website “hits” for G&T?

  3. Can’t you post something else that’ll appear on the ‘Grant Naylor Productions’ link? Like *this* piece? Or a piece called LWe know nothing about Red Dwarf X tickets, Dave are fuckwits”?

  4. Ganymede and Titan is no longer interested in the audience Dave emails used to attract.

  5. G&T Admin

    > Like *this* piece?

    This is a good point.


  7. G&T Admin


    “Permission to write home immediately, sir, this is the first good point a Bromley’s ever made!”

  8. I’m so proud. *sniff*

  9. >I’m so proud. *sniff*

    Not more beans, man; this place is starting to smell like the inside of a packet of peanuts.

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