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I love you. You know that, don’t you? I wouldn’t want you to… GO anywhere, not knowing that.

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & Titan

Two DwarfCasts in as many weeks? Surely some mistake?

Well, as you’ll see when you listen, there’s something quite significant about this one. We’ve commentatorised on Out of Time – another of the episodes it’s really about bloody time we got around to – and once again, we have a full G&T complement of voices: Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Seb Patrick, Ian Symes, Tanya Jones, and Danny Stephenson (occasionally) appearing once more courtesy of the magic of Skype. All of this, AND a story about shitting in the street, AND several Richard Nixon impersonations.

DwarfCast 33 – Out of Time (51.3MB)

Increased frequency? High-quality episode choices? All the team in one place? What’s going on? Could it be that there’s some really important shit going down and you need to listen to the very end of the commentary to hear what it is?

Well, possibly. You’ll just have to, er, listen.

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  • What an end. :-( why couldn’t it have been happier times where you all drank your own p*ss but then stayed all together! See ya smeghead.

  • Personally I like to think the entireity of III-VIII (no, I mean IV-VIII) is in a bubble with the odd dose of reality seeping through (Marooned, DJ, Gunmen, BTR amongst others…), that BtE is merely the final portion of ‘oh, right, we’ve been THERE all these years…’ and they pop out of that bubble right…about…now, or in a couple of weeks…coincidentally, just before production proper of X commences.

    And FFS the only good one has gone. Not even the ones who sound like Phil Collinson and a non-Welsh Russell T Davies can make up for the class that has just left the building. It would be interesting if he was going to work on Dwarf in some capacity. If not then…good luck all the same!

  • Not even the ones who sound like Phil Collinson and a non-Welsh Russell T Davies

    I’m intrigued.

  • Capps sounds a little like Phil Collinson and John a bit like RTD. Either way they need to exec produce something asap.

  • For some reason, I missed this one when it was originally out. By far my favourite DwarfCast commentary. You all have such fantastic banter when you’re all together. Nice touch with the ‘Marooned’ clip, too.

  • It’s struck me that ‘Out of Time’ plays a similar idea with the characters as ‘Back to Reality,’ namely showing them a version of themselves that goes against their moral core. The threat the crew thwart at the conclusion is a triumphant stand that proves that even though they’ll be absolutely shit-scared, they’ll be prepared to sacrifice everything to take control of their fate. Regardless of the resolution to the cliffhanger, ‘Out of Time’ is an absolute masterpiece of character development, comedy and (oh yes) drama for ‘Red Dwarf,’ and I am frequently amazed that it doesn’t top the best episode polls.

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