Doug has gone dun a Tweet:

16, 23, 7, 13, 20, 27 – Dates

Worst Hurley impression ever.

He’s neglected to mention the months, but it shouldn’t be too hard to puzzle it out. Tomorrow’s going to be a BIG DAY as treachery’s Seb Patrick will be TOSSING off details about how we can apply for the tickets, so expect the Red Dwarf portion of the Internet to go a little batty around about 11:30 tomorrow morning.

Should be fun!

EDIT: He’s Tweeted again, simply saying:



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  1. Seriously, I’m gone FIVE MINUTES, and you start reporting things before I’ve even reported them.

  2. If that’s November/December, it’s wednesdays/tuesdays, if it’s December/January, it’s Fridays (with one saturday). Hoping it’s that.

  3. G&T Admin

    Well… so long as Doug continues to post things before you have the chance.

  4. Of course, if it’s January/February, we’ve got Mondays with a Tuesday.

  5. Since it is 2 episodes before Christmas and 4 after it then I assume the first two are December and the last four are January.

  6. December/January is what I’m hoping. It’s my birthday in January.

  7. Interesting to see the dates and get an idea of the time frame. Now for the inevitable scramble for tickets. I’m moist with anticipation.

  8. From Bobby Llew’s Blog: “We record two episodes before Christmas and four in the new year.”

  9. >*assumes 7th actually means 6th*

    The first Monday of the year is a bank holiday so I assume they are moving the live audience filming date to Saturday so they still have time for the usual rehearsal and pre-record of 4 days.

  10. Are you a member of the “smart party”?

  11. Gotta be Dec/January.

    I’m so excited I think a little wee just came out.

  12. >December/January is what I’m hoping. It’s my birthday in January.

    It’s my birthday in May! Small world, huh?

  13. Blimey. It just goes to show, huh?

  14. I’m far too excited about this. I am also far too on-the-other-side-of-the-planet.

  15. G&T Admin

    From Doug’s Twitter re:

    Site down? Maybe they’re expecting traffic later and planning accordingly.

    Ooh you cheeky bastards!

  16. Thank fuck for that, I thought it was just our connection having one of it’s funny half hours.

  17. The trick is, of course, to make sure you include the www. But we all knew that.

  18. G&T Admin

    unless you use twitter to try and tell people about the difference, and Twitter obfuscates the www. off the link which confuses the fuck out of everyone!

  19. Bring back Ellard.

  20. “11.30am Sharp” my arse.

  21. Any piss-taking of Seb is not to be taken seriously, I should add.

  22. Aplications open at 2PM. Oh you cock tease.

  23. Haha, I just come on here to say 11:30 sharp my arse as well.

  24. Right then. So, registration with Lost In TV complete. See you around for more of the same constant refreshing and flying about like a madman at 2pm.

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