It’s finally happened, a day most thought we’d never see. A long-standing, well-respected and much beloved member of online Red Dwarf fandom is stepping down from his duties. Yes, Andrew Ellard is leaving

Oh, and I’m quitting G&T, as well.

The sharp-minded among you may have surmised that the above two facts are linked. Alternatively, you may already have read this week’s Friday TOS update, which spells it all out quite clearly. Either way: I’m taking over as the new writer/webmaster of the official Red Dwarf website. And as I’m sure is fairly obvious, that position isn’t really compatible with also writing stuff for an unofficial fansite.

So, I’m gone. Like, as of pretty much now – or at least once you get to the end of this post, which will (along with the “Out of Time” Dwarfcast over there), be my last contribution to G&T. Meanwhile, my first contribution to has begun, in the shape of this week’s updates (see? Bet you didn’t even notice the change in style. SEAMLESS transition.)


I’ve been part of G&T for just over five years, now – ever since the Great Relaunch of September 2006 merged my old site, Fuchal, into the fold along with a handful of others. It’s been a blast, and I’ve loved interacting with the site’s brilliant community, and seeing your reaction to things we’ve written, recorded and – in my last great contribution to G&T history – had printed via a POD publisher. The great memories I’ll take away from my time with the site are manifold, but particular highlights include:

I’d like to say I’ll miss our thriving community, too – but of course, it’ll be a part of my job to check in and visit the site regularly as a reader, as well, and I doubt I’ll give up on commenting just yet. I probably won’t be able to swear as much, mind.

I had a long list of people to thank, but then I realised that I got this job through my own hard graft, so there’s nobody to thank but myself. Actually, that’s a good idea, I’ll thank myself.

(I jest, of course. I’d like to thank John Hoare, Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps, Tanya Jones and Danny Stephenson for being brilliant people and the best collaborators in crimes against online TV show fandom that I could have hoped for in my time with the site. Not to mention Phil Reed, Austin Ross and – oh, what the hell – Kirk “Mr Flibble” Northrop, compatriots during the Observation Dome days, a period that essentially began the long and winding process that brought me to this point. And a doubly special thanks to every one of you who has bought, or is going to buy, The Garbage Pod.)

Anyway. That’s about it, really. I’m not much good at big speeches, and I know I haven’t always been an easy guy to get on with. And I know that, given the choice, I probably wouldn’t have chosen you as readers. But I just want to say… that over the years… I’ve come to regard you as… people… I met.

I’d better just go, OK?

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  • Congratufuckinglations. I had my suspicions – honest – listening to the commentary yesterday, but when I saw Ellard’s tweet about the RD site…well done, mate.

  • Congratulations, sir. You seem to be on your way to full recall. Next thing you know, you’ll be convinced you can write for professional websites without saying ‘cunts’ every now and again.

    No really mate, well done :D Maybe It’s time G&T officially merged with TOS?!?

  • Congratulations. Phew, it’s not a farewell from red dwarf worlds, we still get to enjoy your talents. Yes those BTE instant reactions were a high point of your time here for me as a listener/reader too. Thanks for everything. Great to know you’ve not gone gone. You’ve just joined that other site, the one I sometimes read 2nd. Ocassionally. When I see a link on here and I’m a bit clumsy with the clicking finger.

  • I’m made up for ‘im. Whatever he did that I didn’t etc etc…..

    Well done Seb! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the official site.

    Digital swear box perhaps? You’ll be bankrupt in HOURS.

    Good luck fella!

  • I should point out that I wasn’t being wholly serious with the above. They didn’t just get in touch with me and say that.

    (They didn’t say “please”, for one thing.)

    Hey, I’ve just realised I’m still allowed to post here. Excellent. I thought I’d have been banned by now.

  • Couldn’t be happier for you.

    I had a hard time when I first signed up to this forum and (at the time) believed I was being harshly treated. In hindsight, I can see that I wasn’t harshly treated at all. I was taking things to heart and wrongly seeing genuine criticism as a personal attack.

    However, even when I felt it was at it’s worse, I never felt you treated me harsh. Odd when you consider the picture of Iain Lee that you used to represent me in an article…

    Anyway. Thanks and best of luck.

    I make the odd post on the official forum so will see you there.

    ps Any chance of some tickets? :P

  • I’ve always enjoyed reading your contributions to this site (even when they were wrong…). In fact, if I were forced at knifepoint by an aroused youth to summarize your pseudo-journalistic offerings, alongside your ‘joe public’ commentary, I’m 90% sure I’d be as generous as to class them as relatively fair to middling. Or, for clarification, 68% fair, 22% middling, 10% erroneous…

    i.e. Gratzzzz on the new job! It’s brilliant news. Good luck, Seb! All the best!!

    > That’s mine and John’s living room that Seb’s standing in, btw. It looks a STATE.

    Nah, Tanya it looks lived in! :)

  • What?! That’s awesome! Great job Seb.

    I’m tempted to include a joke somewhere in here, but wow. That’s just…yeah, no joke. Just a hearty, sincere, and well-deserved congratulations.

  • I just noticed you thanked me up above. I truly appreciate that.

    Thank you as well for all the hard work here, and the high-quality content. This will lead to huge things for you I’m sure.

  • ‘Grats. Can’t help assuming “hand-picked for the job in a proper sword-in-the-stone kind of way” is code for ‘heavy karaoke session’.

  • Congratulations!

    > Actually, that’s a good idea, I’ll thank myself.

    Can we see a list of people who’ve really fecked you over down through the years?

  • If I was GNP, I’d be happy to have you onboard, but I would make wear a company beard for a fortnight just for the delicious light hearted ironic revenge. ;-)

  • Congratulations Seb. What an article to open with!

    And good luck to Andrew moving on in future endeavours, hopefully he’ll have the opportunity to be the Red Dwarf script editor a few more times over the next few years…

  • Ori: to be fair, I think we were a little harsh to you and the ScutterCast gang to begin with. It was a bit unfair, really, but I’m glad we straightened it out – contrary to what people think, G&T has always tried to feel like an open community, it’s just that the style isn’t for everyone and we can all overstep the mark a bit sometimes – and that you’ve continued to come back and post says more for you than us, really!

    Everyone else: thanks for all your congrats and stuff. Like I say, I won’t MISS you, because I’ll still be around. I’m just not on the site side of things any more – I’m a G&T reader, just like you.

    BTW, I would just like to stress how important that “announcement of an announcement” thing I posted today was. DO NOT be anywhere other than at 11.30 next Friday.

  • Many many congrats once again Seb! You deserve it, you lucky lucky bastard. Don’t forget us little people, will you? :-(

    > That’s mine and John’s living room that Seb’s standing in, btw. It looks a STATE.

    I love you, Tanya. ^__^

  • I like to think the exchange went something like this at DJ:

    Andrew: Alrighty. What did you order?

    Seb: Lager.

    Andrew: I got you… crème de menthe. Ok, here it is – I like you a lot, Gerald…

    Seb: Seb…

    Andrew: Seb. That’s the one. I like you a lot.

    Seb: Oh thanks very much, you’re not so bad yourself (pats Andrew on the arm)

    Andrew: Don’t touch my arm. And uhh… where have you gone?

    Seb: I’m here. You’re looking at me.

    Andrew: Oh right. Yeah. So… what do you want?

    Seb: You mentioned something about a job.

    Andrew: What would I have to do?

    Seb: No, uh, on the website.

    Andrew: But I already work on a website! Do you have anything… in an

    Seb: Er, no… for me.

    Andrew: Oh yeah, right, of course. Sorry sorry sorry sorry. Of course. Right. (to
    an old woman walking past the table) You leaving, Seb?

    Seb: No that’s the old woman.

    Andrew: Andrew Ellard. (Offers his hand)

    Seb: Seb. (They shake hands)

    Andrew: So. What do you want?

    Seb: You mentioned a job.

    Andrew: What would I have to do?

    Seb: For me.

    Andrew: Oh yes yes yes of course. Very simple, very simple. Here we go. Do you
    want a job?

    Seb: Great, yes.

    Andrew: What’s great? What? What?…

  • I would love for a couple of you to act this out and record the audio. Tag it onto the end of the next Dwarfcast. I would, you know. I would love that!

  • Congratulations!

    Does this mean that Seb’s now a PromotedFanboy? (And this makes the second time, if you count the fact he’s also had a published Spider-Man comic strip, the jammy goit.)

    And the question on nobody’s lips but mine: what does this mean for Alternate Cover and Unlimited Rice Pudding?

  • Oh, any other sites I do are entirely independent of this – to be honest, it’s not even like there’s a specific restriction placed by GNP on my doing G&T, it’s just obvious/sensible not to do both.

    URP! has of course suffered this year for multiple reasons – lack of time on both my part and that of other writers. I don’t want to kill it off for good, but we’ll have to see if there’s a form in which it can be successfully brought back.

    Alt Cover is still an ongoing concern. Obviously we don’t post all that regularly, but any time I’ve something to say about comics it’ll go there. And the podcast on there is very much still going on (despite the current delay – new one recorded, hopefully going up by end of this week!)

  • Fook me! Sensible Seb, this is going to take some getting used to.
    Well done! I know he can’t write, I have his comic.

  • I bet the recording dates will clash with me on every level too. Bah.

    Oh well – time to wear out my F5 button tomorrow then! (not a euphemism)

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