It’s Been 4764 Days…

…since Red Dwarf had a studio audience recording. Well, they’re back at it from 6pm tonight.

Please pick one of the following for your cut out and keep G&T news story:

a) I’m so excited all six of my nipples are tingling.
b) The girls could scarcely stop themselves from jumping up and down.

We’ll have a FAR FROM FULL report on the recording tomorrow. Don’t know about you, but I’m stupidly excited to discover whether the crew really were train passengers and it was all a dream…

EDIT @ 16:30: Set “picture”SET PICTURE.

EDIT @ 16:40: “Studio” “Tour”.

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  1. > I’m stupidly excited to discover whether the crew really were train passengers and it was all a dream…

    That being the case, Chris Barrie went to the toilet for a little while, and Chloe Annett only got on for a couple of stops.

  2. > Really like what you can *see*…

    /Cranes to see around crew

    Down in front!

    Stupidly excited to see this photo…

  3. >Stupidly excited to see this photo…

    So am I. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

  4. It looks a lot like the Recuperation Lounge from Back to Reality.

  5. I misread Si’s opening commet as “Chris Barrie went to the toilet for a little wank”

  6. Well, we’re sat in the holding area. Getting pretty exciting now.

  7. I did sort of think for a second I was seeing the prison bunk room set from VIII, just cause of the colour of this set. I’m guessing – well, hoping really – due to the size, it’s not the bunk room.

    Though unfortunately I don’t get to go to the recordings, it is particularly exciting for me personally to think that the last time they shot an episode in front of an audience was around the time I started getting into the show (late ’98). I remember rewatching all the episodes I first saw and recorded on UK Gold, renting a few VHS tapes over and over again from the local library and video stores, buying the books and constantly wishing I could get my hands on the original Series I – VI VHS tapes – which luckily came true earlier this year, thanks to wonderful ebay.

  8. ****Comment, not Commet. That would just be silly.

  9. I am preposterously excited by those photos.

  10. It’s happening…’s really happening!!! A little late but here’s hoping everything goes amazingly well tonight and good times to all! :)

    First prediction – Kryten will say the word ‘sir’!!

  11. OMG this is hopeless – I want to stay spoiler-free but I can’t resist clicking on every single pretty picture.
    Must. Show. More. Self. Control.

  12. G&T Admin

    # Since you took your love away… #

    Sorry, that’s been going round my head since yesterday, and I just had to let it out.

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