Robert Llewellyn has gone dun an Audioboo. He reveals some things about Red Dwarf X that you might want to hear (one of which could be described as a mild spoiler, as it mentions the nature of some guest characters).

For anyone who’s forked out £5 for Robert’s Man in the Rubber Mask Audioboo channel, three new boos have appeared so far this morning, the first of which, surprisingly, contains a good few nuggets of actual, factual news.

  • Episode 5, Scene 1 – This is a long one, apparently, and seems to exclusively feature Craig and Chris. No word yet on what characters they’re playing.
  • Pickup Week – As expected, Robert’s confirmed that they’re spending a whole final week recording pickups from the previous 6 episodes. He mentions a scene featuring Danny that had an unscheduled appearance of a boom shadow and another featuring “Genetically Engineered Lifeforms” because a “thing that was going to explode didn’t explode”. GELFs, eh? Well, I never. There’s no mention of which episode this is from, so I’m not about going speculate (because, erm, I know) but I’m sure you’ll all have a good idea.
  • Series broadcast – He says September. Unsurprising and probably only an estimate at the moment, anyway.
  • DVD Extras – Now, this is interesting. Bobby claims that each episode has been overshot, with some running to 35 – 40 minutes and as a result there will be plenty deleted scenes on the DVD. My impressions of the episodes I’ve seen was that they might’ve even ended up a bit short rather than long, so I’m happy to have that assumption proved wrong.
  • KRYTONS FACE – There it is, up there. That definitely looks like the new mask (rather than a picture from the test with BTE’s at the start of production) but it also looks like it’s not been fully fitted and glued yet. Still, there it is for you gawp at and pass comment on as you please.

If you want to hear this all out of the the horse’s rubbery mouth, then you’ll have to stump up £5, but considering you get the audiobook for the original Man in the Rubber Mask plus the future chapters that are currently being written PLUS these little snippets from the set, I’d say that’s a bargain.

ADDENDUM (17/01): Robert’s now removed the Audioboo and the picture of the mask that was attached to it. It’s also worth pointing out that we’re now aware that this picture is definitely of a test mask fitting sans make-up and other refinements.

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  • when i saw the smaller pic on the site i thought ” surely that is not it hat looks atrocious ” and it turns out it is that picture.

    it does not look Fantastic but everyone seems to be in agreement that on screen it looks Good. so i am willing to believe them until i see it for myself next week.

  • To be fair, that picture doesn’t really do it its fully justice. Probably something to do with it being under natural light and the face Robert is pulling.

  • It’s alright, except the eyes. Do they add some foundation around his eyes before shooting, to make the color match the rest of the face? Or is this it?

  • im sure robert wont be happy with you taking info from his audio boo’s when he possibly put it up to get more people to join his audioboo ;)

  • £5 is a bargain for these boos. The audiobook as it stands is a joy and the prospect that it’s going to have additional chapters added is the treatiest of treats.

  • im sure robert wont be happy with you taking info from his audio boo’s when he possibly put it up to get more people to join his audioboo ;)

    This is why I didn’t quote the whole thing. And why I urged everyone to buy it at the end of the piece. Or didn’t you get that far?

  • >This is why I didn’t quote the whole thing. And why I urged everyone to buy it at the end of the piece. Or didn’t you get that far?

    good point well made

  • >This is why I didn’t quote the whole thing. And why I urged everyone to buy it at the end of the piece. Or didn’t you get that far?

    good point well made

  • I think a few of the lines aren’t pronounced as much as they should be and it isn’t smooth enough around the eyes (the latter may of course be because it isn’t glued fully on).

    And sure, the nose is a little loose, but to me, that’s just cute.

  • >Well it worked for me, I’m $7.64 poorer. Not a bad little exchange rate.

    It really is a massive bargain. A whole audio book, the sequel he is currently writing and all the exclusive interviews.

  • It’s not as good as previous masks – even when seeing it in person and on the monitors at the recording I saw – but ultimately I don’t care that much. Apparently the mask fitting is down to an hour now? That’s the price we pay for Bobby’s comfort! I genuinely don’t mind, it’s still quite obviously Kryten.

  • The lips look longer, I, too, am getting a series-two-Kryten vibe (especially on the nose) and the lines on the forehead don’t come as far across the brow as previous masks (I notice these things when I draw pictures of Krytes), but it looks nowhere near as bad as I’ve been fearing for the past month.

  • Nice shot of a corridor there, too. And I think that’s the diving bell suit from BtE, but I’m not 100% sure…

  • It looks pony.

    Nah, it looks OK. Would prefer it slightly squarer but it’s still distinctively Kryten.

  • I said the new mask had a series II vibe… It’s the nose mainly. It now hooks down instead of levelling off. Looks good on screen though!

    Now the shoulders on the new suit… eeeeh, not so much.

  • Hard to get the full effect with the blur, but while it’s obviously changed from the earlier series, they’ve thankfully lost the over-collagened permanently pouty look of the last two series which I so greatly loathed. Looks much more jolly, and not just because he’s smiling – I’m pretty happy with that. :)

    (I like it a lot better than Cat’s overdone pompadour, anyway!)

  • The expression on his face in that new mask makes him look a lot like Robin Williams’ Bicentennial Man if anyone remembers that. Creepy smile.

  • God knows what they were trying to achieve with the nose and mouth, it’s like there’s…too much face! Though, okay, it may not be glued on right.

    I applaud the decision (if it was deliberate) to go for an older-series’ look, specifically series III and, yeah, a touch of David Ross (anything that winds Norman up more is fine by me!).

    Series V remains the benchmark. The V mask, for me, IS Kryten.

  • II’s mask was just a bit crap.
    With III’s mask you can’t recognise Robert inside it.
    In IV it was wonderfully flexible, going great with his facial expressions.
    In V it was a bit too pointy and square for me, I think.
    VI’s mask was perfect.
    VII’s mask looked bad, especially with the lines.
    VIII’s mask really winds me up, I don’t know why. Something about the beakish nose makes him look like a duck.
    Back to Earth’s mask is also perfect.
    And THIS looks…a bit dodgy, but I’ll assume it’s not finished. Looks like he can open his eyes a bit wider in it, so that’s good for pulling funny faces.

  • I actually liked VII’s mask a lot. The sharply-defined corners made it look great…imho.

    Runner up: VI.

  • IV’s mask is a bit odd. It’s kinda weird seeing a robot with a double chin, no doubt from Bobby’s porking out after quitting smoking. His costume looked best in VI when the shoulder pads became seperate from his chestpiece and before he changed his paintjob from metallic black to metallic silver.

  • doug seems to be trying to give all the characters a fresh look and i agree thats for the best esp if he trying to prove the show can go on and on as fresh as eva

  • He DOES look like Bicentennial Man!

    Strange how the nose makes him look so different. I hope Bobby can act through all that! Pretty much every report mentions the mask. Hopefully this one detail won’t be distracting in the final product.

  • Back to Earth’s mask is also perfect.

    Can’t agree there. The mask itself is fine, but the joins between the eyes and the rest of the mask were horrible. Something the other masks never had a problem with.

    Actually looking at that new pic, it looks as though the new mask has that same problem.

  • Well, with no offence intended to Mr. Llewellyn, I think that’s just a problem with aging. I think they mentioned the crinkling around the eyes in the cast commentary.

  • Ever since I saw the headline to this story I keep thinking of the smeg up!

    ‘Well, you haven’t got it then ‘ave ya?’

    The cast will always crack me up however the episodes turn out!

    But does he say wibbly wobbly woo or bibbly bobbly boo?

    I have found a working vhs machine and the smeg up tape and I intend to find out! Retro Dwarf…

  • > ‘Well, you haven’t got it then ‘ave ya?’

    I do that too! Along with a mental image of his face pulling.

  • Very melancholic rainy day boo Mabel!

    Silly Bobby letting slip minor spoilers.

    Just got to get out the smeg hammer then look for old Smeg Out vid. It should be too big to lose!

  • >Very melancholic rainy day boo Mabel!
    Aw, not so bad really, apart from Chris being under the weather. No doubt he’ll be on form anyway, just as they say Craig was during the first episode.
    >Just got to get out the smeg hammer then look for old Smeg Out vid. It should be too big to lose!
    Ha, true that! And unlike with DVDs you’ll be capable of putting the cassette back in its box when finished. (:
    I also still have old, well-loved (read: worn out) VHS cassettes of the Smegouts and much other RD. There’s one from a Seattle public tv station pledge drive (’98 or ’99) of Danny and Craig singing a very sweet, a cappella rendition of Tongue-tied! Got to get myself a converter and copy it onto DVD sometime.

  • Smeg-Ups was probably the first sign that something was amiss in the Grant Naylor partnership. The script was attributed to Doug and Robert…and that was a “huh?” moment.

  • I can remember when the Radio Times arrived with the first info I’d seen on Red Dwarf VII. The cover (god we got a RD cover halcyon days!) didn’t quite feel write and then when I turned to scan the episode entry a feeling of overwhelming horror consumed me when Rob’s name wasn’t on it.

  • You know what? The more that I look at it, the more I absolutely LOVE this Kryten mask.

  • Can’t believe we still haven’t got a photo of Kryten! Was really hoping for a promo shot of the gang once filming had finished just to tease the fans and spark some early media interest but nothing yet.

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