…since Red Dwarf had a studio audience recording and we’re still doing this fucking joke.

This will be the third episode recorded and, it seems, the first to contain location footage! Ok, so it’s a location that’s still in the grounds of Shepperton, but as Andrew Ellard points out on Twitter, it’s not for the first time:

Cat’s hair! Kryten glimpse! Return to Emohawk/Rimmerworld location! RT @NathanCubitt: new #reddwarf video up on Dave http://bit.ly/yvgQQR

That behind the scenes video has also given fans the first look at the Cat’s new hairdo and there seems to be a lot of people who aren’t sure about it, but our first reactions during the recording on the 16th December were all positive. It works. We promise.

To finish, let’s steal something else from Ellard’s Twitter feed:

This week’s #reddwarf recording, I’ll say this: it’s gonna be an ep that gets hugely talked about on broadcast. (BUT NOT UNTIL THEN PLEASE!)

This is exciting and also a little bit terrifying. No matter what, though, you can expect a non-spoiler set report from me tomorrow and, if you’re very lucky, some experimental AudioBoos from John and I over on our Twitter feed.

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