Jo Howard RIP

Jo Howard in The Making Of Back to Earth

Amid all the optimism about 2012 from everyone in the Red Dwarf community, it’s with a heavy heart we start off the year learning of the sad death of Jo Howard who, on the 21st October last year, was lost to cancer.

As mentioned by Helen Norman’s obit in Seb’s review of the year, Jo had been at the company since series VII, moving from production manager, to line producer and finally 1st assistant director and producer on Back to Earth, where she was a key part of a team that did incredible things to bring back Red Dwarf in such a successful and worthwhile way, all while presumably working with a budget of £NotMuch.

Jo was clearly a well loved and important part of GNP, and she will obviously be very much missed by everyone she’s worked with, but as production on Red Dwarf X continues into 2012, it will serve as an ongoing tribute to the work she’s done on the show to help get us to where we are today.

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  1. G&T Admin

    A lovely tribute, Cappsy.

  2. Ascending the escalator, never to be forgotten.

  3. R.I.P :(

    It says in her Obit that she died in 2010, is that a typo?

  4. Very sad news to start the year.

    To Jo.

  5. G&T Admin

    She seemed such a bubbly lady, going by the Series VII/VIII/BTE docs. A sad loss.

    She shall be remembered in the world of Dwarf.

    RIP Jo.

  6. Very sad to hear this news. I loved her in the VII/VIII/BtE Docs. May she Rest In Peace.

  7. RIP Jo – thanks for everything you’ve done.

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