Ooh, Richard Naylor (son of God) has tweeted a photo of the Red Dwarf X edit suite, which includes a nice shot of a big monitor…

It gives us a further glimpse of the bunk room set, looking resplendent with its monitors and lovely details on the wall. You can also make out another Cat costume, which I’m sure you’ll agree looks far better than the one in the first publicity shot. He appears to be holding a couple of bottles of milk (or possibly Smirnoff Ice), which I don’t recall from any of the episodes I saw recorded. This suggests that this scene is either from episode 3 or 6, or that I’m an idiot. Place your bets now.

There’s not much else to say about this photo, other than that Doug really needs to improve his posture, so what the fuck else is going on? Well, Richard has also said that they’ve been putting together trailers for the series – “a bunch of 10, 20, 30 second ones and also one 50 second one”. Lovely. It’s things like this that remind you that we’re edging ever closer to broadcast. Elsewhere, behind-the-scenes director/editor has been tweeting too, hinting that some bits of the documentary are nearing completion and possibly that the DVD will be a 12 certificate. This is all much more positive than Doug’s tweet from last week, which simply read “Aggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”.

In other news, the logo for the next Dimension Jump convention has been released – and it’s bloody brilliant. A simple idea, beautifully executed, and I can’t wait to have it on a t-shirt. The other two logos featured are great too (I especially like the coat of arms), but as squash enthusiast Andrew Ellard said earlier, “show goes back to classic Dwarf basics, DJ logo does the same.” DJXVII is currently pencilled in for April 2013, and we’ll be there, obviously.

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  • As soon as I saw this picture I recognised it instantly from “Lemons” (I dont think I’m wrong on this – but if I am I apologise)

    I’m willing to stake my reputation on this and say it is from Episode 3.

  • The DJ logo and Cat’s bottle of milk sitting in the box of good ideas marked “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?”

    (Feel free to point and laugh if I’m wrong)

  • Even though it isn’t very clear, I can tell that I prefer this Cat costume to the previous…It looks like his outfits are going to change from episode to episode. Which makes me very happy.

    And I love the DJXVII logo’s. Especially the winning one. I entered one….but regretted entering it about 5 minutes after. It’s okay for a first ever attempt to design something for a competition….but is still shit! (Not including the time I entered a design for a machine to help Garfield lose weight….Blue Peter I think it was)

    This is it if you want to laugh and point in my direction…


  • Fair enough. That’s what I get for being too lazy to actually check (which I obviously now have). ;)

  • After much thought, I’m almost certain that’s from the first scene of episode 3.


  • He appears to be holding a couple of bottles of milk (or possibly Smirnoff Ice), which I don’t recall from any of the episodes I saw recorded. This suggests that this scene is either from episode 3 or 6, or that I’m an idiot. Place your bets now.

    Happily, it suggests both – because I’m fairly sure the others are right and the scene is from 3, but the milk bottle shows up in 4 as well.

    (And yeah, it is one of those “How did it take ten series to get around to thinking of that one?” ideas. Brilliant, though.)

  • I like ori STUDFARM’s design, but the Red Dwarf ship should have been reversed as it’s a reflection in the helmet.

    Just six more months to wait!

  • I’ve just noticed that you can’t see Red Dwarf written on the side of the ship anyway. As you were.

  • My only concern is that it has the long remastered ‘nose’ on a squat body, which might look a bit odd. Until we see a better picture though I can’t decide.

  • That’s definitely a valid concern, but I’m sure they would have changed it if it looked too awkward.

  • I think any sense of awkwardness might just be based on what we are used to. I.e. we’re used to the ship looking two particular ways. Mixing those element can feel a bit odd.

    I reacted that way a bit when I saw the design of the ship in Back to Earth. The design was actually very good, combining elements of both the original and pencil designs (which I believe is essentially the route series X is taking albeit they’re actually using the PHYSICAL MOVIE MODEL*) but I’ll admit seeing certain elements together gave me a sense of being disproportionate. It was mainly the combination of ship dimensions that ram-scoop** in my case. If I’d seen it that way from the beginning, I doubt I would have had that reaction.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great way to go. Just takes a little getting used to.

    *Sorry for shouting there, but I’ll admit I’m quite excited we’re seeing it. I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

    ** I think that’s what it’s called. That long mesh thing stuck on the front of the ship which (according to the books) draws in Hyrdrogen from the ‘currents of space’. It’s a wonder the old bird manages to keep chugging along isn’t it? Heh.

  • No-ones yet attempted to come up with a crude reconstruction of the audio from the wave displayed on the screen? For shame!

    I suspect it goes something like this:


  • > and possibly that the DVD will be a 12 certificate

    I don’t think that will come as a surprise to anyone who was at the last recording?

    > Photo! PHOTO!

    Someone take a photograph of Ian getting his award.

  • > I don’t think that will come as a surprise to anyone who was at the last recording?

    Oh you bloody tease…grrr! #spoilerfree

  • I love it! Series one style with a new twist! I think we’re in for a real treat later this year.

  • I swear, whenever any new Red Dwarf goodness gets posted online it’s taken down before I get to feast my mind on it!

  • Two things I noticed:

    1: Though the cue itself is great, what it really shows is Goodall’s genius when he wrote the theme, which is so full of recognizable motives that it’s still giving him material to work with 25 years later. In this case he took the minor triad of the opening and made it diminished. Simple and brilliant. He did this in an earlier series as well (Series 1 or 2) but in that case he used the diminished chord to modulate to a different key whereas this time, he stays in key. Since the cue is for something involving a phone, it makes sense to stay in key and repeat the material to echo the incessant ringing of a phone.

    And 2: he’s a Pro Tools man. Good.

  • I use Logic and Reason to make my music. Music programs make sentences ambiguous.

  • >> Logic or gtfo. :P

    >Made sense to me.
    >(See what I did there?)

    It took me a while, but yes.

    Danny and performingmonkey, what do you prefer about Logic? My music editor friends are split about 50/50 between Logic and ProTools and they are all just as adamant about their preference as performingmonkey. I never understood why. It’s not like Macs vs PCs because those really have a completely different user interface. With Logic vs ProTools, it just seems like whichever one we learned to use first, is the one we prefer. (I’m bracing myself for angry rebuttals, so go for it :)

  • Not very au fait with Pro Tools. I’ve had more exposure to Logic. That’s simply it.

  • I do wish people wouldn’t discuss things with seriousness and knowledge. It makes a mockery of this site.

  • I’ve never used Pro Tools, only Sonar and Logic really. Something about Logic just clicks with me (even when I turn the metronome off…:P). Though it’s mainly down to what you’re most familiar with. I’m sure Cubase is an amazing and powerful program but it made me cry when I had to (try to) use it once.

  • I use Logic and Reason to make my music. Music programs make sentences ambiguous.

    My garage band Reaper has the Audacity to use fruity loops for its Music 2000!


    … Sorry. That one didn’t quite have the ambiguity of your example. :(

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