RDX trailer INCOMING. Also, some other things.

Now, let me begin by saying that it can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that things have been getting rather quiet around here of late. It’s no secret that updates are thin on the ground and we’re relying on the Forum to break important news. So, I’ve decided, if it’s all right with you, to appoint myself update officer and set myself the task of doing a bit of an old round-up. Any objections? Well, tough.

Mangled quotes aside, this week is going to be a biggie, and I’m going to state the reason for that in my next paragraph, pretending for a moment that every single one of you doesn’t already know everything I’m about to say.

Trailer? I hardly know her!

First, Doug informed us of the existence of a 48 second trailer, to be launched mid-July. Then, the fruits of his loins mentioned that we’ll all have seen the trailer once he returns from his week’s holiday. Finally, Doug informs us he’s looking forward to this Friday. Conclusion? Well, we’re either getting the trailer this Friday, or this is a Naylor family prank designed to make prancing fools of us all, and the only thing on Friday that Doug’s excited about is the fifth episode of Britain’s Secret Treasures.

For sake of argument, let’s assume it’s the former and OMG THE TRAILER IS BEING RELEASED THIS FRIDAY. Details of the exact time and place have not been divulged, but presumably Doug will be the one to keep an eye on for any extra pre-Friday information. Whatever the case may be, we’ll be on hand to tell you exactly what to think once it drops, so for God’s sake don’t panic.

So, apparently Red Dwarf X is now finished

In news that you’d rightly expect any semi-competent fansite to feature the very moment it occurred, all six episodes and DVD bonus material has now been signed, sealed and delivered to UKTV, hence Richard Naylor swanning off on holiday, the vain man. It’s seems like a lifetime ago (but I still remember the shit like it was yesterday, tho’) since the new series was shot, so it’s weird to think that it’s now all finished.

DVD-wise, the most interesting part is certainly the Behind the Scenes documentary which, according to Doug, will run at around 140 minutes, which is just the right side of fucking insane. What’s even more interesting is Doug describing the BTS documentary as having “teeth” which does suggest a certain amount of candid detail about the various production problems we’ve seen Doug hint at over the past few months.

Previous documentaries have always been very up-front about troubles in the production, especially Juliet May in series V, and Dwarfing USA had great big bastarding teeth. The difference is, though, they were made well after the fact, and while the Back to Earth docco lightly nibbled at Norman Lovett from time to time, it didn’t feel as brutally honest as other documentaries have been. We’re told to expect the release in November, so the exact size and ferocity of the BTS’s incisors will be revealed then.


Meanwhile, in the land of G&T members who actually do useful things, our very own Danny Stephenson ran this picture of Doug Naylor and BTS director Nathan Cubitt, taken by production exec Roopesh Parekh, through his impossible brain and worked out what the subtitles actually say on Doug’s screen. In case you’re physically afraid of clicking on links, the full text is “Trying to replicate the iconic Closing Credits shot without a Motion Control Camera, Deane has to run around the studio to operate the Epic without creating a shadow.”. Well, well, well. If we’re correct, this tells us that the closing credits will, for the first time since series IV, include the ship flyover using a physical Red Dwarf model, which is obviously very pleasing. The Deane mentioned is presumably Deane Thrussell, Digital Imaging Technician on Back to Earth, and it sounds like he had quite a job on his hands to get the required shot without the use of motion control. We know that the first model shoot, to put it mildly, didn’t go very well so presumably this comes from the more successful second shoot, but it’ll still be interesting to see whether this lack of motion control will have a negative effect on this or any other model shot in the series. Basically, the whole model situation still makes me a little nervous.


And finally, a new Red Dwarf Podcast is in town and its name is Ganymed… oh, no, wait, The Red Dwarf Introcast! The premise is simple: a TV and sci-fi literate American couple (Heath and Angela) have never seen Red Dwarf and know basically nothing about it. Week by week, they’ll be watching every episode while two Red Dwarf fans (Sarah and Shane) provide context. It’s a nice idea and I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes, especially Heath and Angela’s surprising first reaction to The Cat, and their amusing theories about what happened to the rest of his race. So, yeah, if you haven’t already, check it out.

I think that’ll be *quite* enough for now. Now, go away, rest up, and prepare yourselves for the Series X trailer. Go on. Get fucked.


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  1. Ha ha – PODMAX. The name will never be used or written down (podmax).

    I miss Adam and Joe.

    I’ve listened to that podmax and it is an interesting perspective from the newbies. Counting the seconds until the trailer of course!

  2. Loved the Out Of Time tribute as well.

  3. G&T Admin

    I had no idea that the picture was going to be anything worth analysing, I did it because I was bored one Sunday morning. I got stuck on a few words but at that point it was pure speculation, but it made WAY too much sense to just ignore it… Plus it was quite interesting information.

  4. I love how I’ve already been hugely entertained by RDX without even seeing a frame of it. I’d be happy enough having all this great build-up info and the 140 min doco, let alone the stuff in between!

  5. Can’t wait to see the new trailer, but unfortunately, I won’t get to see it here until late Friday due to my schedule. The wait is already torture. :(

  6. G&T Admin

    This is how I got to that text:

    First i zoomed into the shiny mouse on the desk, then unwrapped the reflection to reveal the viewpoint from the desk, there was a VU meter on the desk in front of doug so I enhanced that to get closer to Doug’s glasses I then zoomed into the reflection of his glasses, the image was much clearer by that point, and then it was a simple case of retyping the message in black over what I saw.

  7. G&T Admin

    It feels good to finally have something we can reveal without it being massive spoilers from the filming.

  8. That’s the same thing I did too Danny. I just don’t run around bragging about it!!!

  9. G&T Admin

    Well, you took that guy out in Laos from 1000 yards away with a rifle shot in high wind, so you’ve still got that.

  10. >This is how I got to that text:

    >First i zoomed into the shiny mouse on the desk, then unwrapped the reflection to reveal the viewpoint from the desk, there was a VU meter on the desk in front of doug so I enhanced that to get closer to Doug’s glasses I then zoomed into the reflection of his glasses, the image was much clearer by that point, and then it was a simple case of retyping the message in black over what I saw.

    I just moved the screen nearer to my eyes. Thats my zoom function…

  11. I farted once on the set of Blue Lagoon.

  12. Well, Andrew’s just Tweeted that “There are 2 assumptions in this #reddwarf X piece that are gonna prove to be wrong.”
    That’s this very article that I’m commenting on that he’s on about. WRONG?! That’s it. I’m not believing any assumptions that G&T makes ever again.

    *stomps off in a huff*

    *comes back*

    I wonder which assumptions they are?

  13. Who’s the guy in the picture with the trailer?

  14. G&T Admin

    That’s “Red Dog” Xavier. He’s a lesser known bounty hunter in America. He claims to be really stealthy but ever since some grudge-bearing targets he arrested stole his car, he’s vowed to carry the trailer around on searches, which makes him really easy to spot unfortunately. So that’s RDX’s trailer. Closest we could get.*

    *I haven’t a bloody clue.

  15. G&T Admin

    I farted once on the set of Blue Lagoon.

    ……………………….. *slap*

  16. Danny, that sounds way better than most reality shows today. You should pitch it to NBC.

  17. That man is what you get when you search “broken trailer” on Google Images.

  18. Not really noticed anyone making assumptions about the trailer, other than that Friday is the day to look out for it.

    So maybe Friday is not the launch date? Also, I’ve been kind of assuming (inwardly) that the trailer will be online, so perhaps that’s a prevailing (incorrect) assumption and it will actually air on Dave? Or the other way round?

    Hmm, I dunno. Maybe people out there are assuming that the trailer will contain footage of the series, when in fact it’s just a little teaser (maybe a fly-by with some on-screen text, for example)?

    All intriguing. It’s about time we had our appetites whetted again, it’s been quite a while since the cast photos.

  19. I’m still awaiting episode titles to really get the brain overheating.

  20. Friday? I’m kinda expecting an announcement on TOS, then some kind of update to the RD section of the Doomsdave site.

  21. >Well, Andrew’s just Tweeted that “There are 2 assumptions in this #reddwarf X piece that are gonna prove to be wrong.”

    The trailer isn’t out friday and Richard is adopted and therefore not the fruits of Dougs loins.

  22. The trailer will include no jokes about butter.

  23. I’ve a feeling that the trailer will be online tomorrow and TOS will report it on Friday. Even if I’m wrong I can’t sleep tonight because I’m too excited.

    The Blue Lagoon anecdote and the slap made me lol

  24. I predict the two assumptions that are incorrect are going to be the trivial details: “the Deane mentioned is presumably Deane Thrussell” and that “presumably this [the credits shot] comes from the more successful second shoot”.

  25. The trailer will actually be released on Saturday. On Friday we’ll get a teaser for the trailer. Today we’ll get a teaser for that. And so on and so forth.

    >Loved the Out Of Time tribute as well.

    Yeah, how many times is that now, guys? ;-)

  26. G&T Admin

    > Yeah, how many times is that now, guys? ;-)

    Not enough.

  27. As cool as it would be for the trailer to be released tomorrow on TOS update, would a Digital TV premiere on Dave say around 8-9pm time slot tomorrow get a wider audience? I hope that is not the case but would be cool to see it after a flagship programme a it would surely catch most casual fans of guard, who were not expecting it.

  28. Before people started talking about Friday, I was hoping that there’d be a trailer on Dave during tonight’s RDVI repeats. That would be nice.

  29. What’s the latest on the trailer? I’d investigate myself, but my phone’s battery is dying (as usual), and I’m also kinda busy.

  30. G&T Admin

    No word on it yet, so god knows what’s happening.

  31. It just occurred to me that I no longer have a hard drive recorder so it’s likely that I’ll be taping RDX on VHS old school style.

  32. Seems from a Doug tweet that it is expected today but they are having problems getting it up.

  33. Seems from a Doug tweet that it is expected today but they are having problems getting it up.

    This is no time for masturbating. No wonder it’s taking a while for the trailer to appear though.

  34. G&T Admin

    Doug has just posted that it will be up within the hour.

  35. No trailer yet? Fine. I’m defiantly going to a movie.

  36. I’ve just watched it. I’m excited. G&T, ARTICULATE MY THOUGHTS FOR ME!

  37. Arrrgh, all this waiting and now I have to wait for the latest Flash player to download! *nervously drums fingers on the table

  38. Watched the trailer ! Will wait for the obligatory G&T article before i post my thoughts. Good and bad ones :)

  39. The Red Dwarf model looks fantastic. Less enamoured with the CGI effect of…I dunno, Blue Midget…flying towards the camera. Kryten does look very “beaky” in that first scene. Yet to be converted by the new mask.

    Oh, and someone give Chris a line!

  40. It’s not CGI, it’s definitely a model – just looks a bit oddly composited. Still, I’m sure it’ll all come out OK. And Red Dwarf looks insane.

    Also enjoying Lister’s kebab/console explosion and Cat actually getting a decent line.

    Verdict so far: Good.

  41. Couldn’t watch with sound, but I don’t care. It’s already exciting. Loved Cat’s suit at :30. Lister dripping all over the console looked pretty silly, but I’ll be happy to see it in context. Overall, it looks great. I’ll decide on how it sounds later.

  42. Cat’s Costumes Are All Brilliant! And He Did His Dance!!!

    Oh, and LOL: “Is it because you’re lee last human alive”…nice to see Kryten still has that lovable “fluffs his lines” bug.

  43. Red Dwarf model looks amazing, sets look awesome, costumes are good with the exception of Kryten…his suit looks kinda cheap.

    From the short clips shown looks like there should be some interesting stories, that opening clip reminds me of the start of Timeslides, which is one of my favorite episodes due mainly to the fact it focuses on what it would be really like to be stuck in Listers situation.

    Disappointed that it seems like Holly is not going to be in the series (knew Norman wouldn’t be, but was hoping they had somehow kept Hattie as a secret)

    Bring on the start of airing!

  44. What two assumptions were proved wrong?

  45. I still feel that where the model has been shortened it has become a bit front heavy, but there’s every chance i’ll get used to that. There’s one particular scene in there that is a reshoot and it’s really great seeing it realised properly at last.

  46. >Oh, and LOL: “Is it because you’re lee last human alive”…nice to see Kryten still has that lovable “fluffs his lines” bug.

    Pretty sure he says “The”.

  47. I’m going to guess the scene with Lister dripping onto the console? Seems like that would have been the hardest to execute in front of an audience.

  48. Argh! I still have to wait until I get home to see it! Any chance of a link on this thread somebody?

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