Hello! You know that Red Dwarf X thing that’s happening? Yeah, forget about all that for a moment, we’re going to talk about ourselves for a bit. Now, pay attention because this concerns YOU.

Put simply, at some point next Friday / Saturday (barring any large, unforeseen problems) Ganymede & Titan will be doing a great big re-launch all over your astonished faces. When it does, the biggest change you’ll notice is a brand new design. It will still feel like G&T, but we’re very happy with the improvements made and I’m pretty damn sure everyone will like it aplenty.

The Content Management System the site runs on will also be migrated from an old, dusty version of Drupal to the nice, new version WordPress. That part is more for our benefit, though the widespread use of WordPress should mean most of you will be familiar with your new user account screens and the like.

As a result of the content migration, you can expect the whole site to go read-only (no updates, no comments, no nothing) at some point next Friday (7th) and then eventually disappear for a while before magically reappearing sometime later on, in all its relaunched glory. The Forum migration is proving be the biggest challenge and as a result it’s quite likely that it will be closing it for an extended period of time (possibly from this Sunday until the launch). I’m going to do everything I can to avoid this, but consider this fair warning that you might be without your fix of talking shite on there for a little while. It’s not all doom and gloom, though, as comments will be remaining open until as late as humanly possible.

We’ll give you a more detailed rundown of the new system after we’ve relaunched, but we’re intending the transition to be as smooth as possible for everyone. If you have any specific questions / comments, then fire away.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programme.

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