It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned next year’s Dimension Jump (in fact, I can’t be fully certain we’ve covered it at all since it was announced, which is our bad) but this week there’s been a veritable flurry of guests being announced (well, two) one of whom is everyone’s ex-Priory resident, Craig Charles.

Craig was as excellent as ever last year so it’s nice to see him confirmed again.  It seems like an age since his lengthy absence from DJ and his triumphant return in 2006, but he seems to be a pleasingly regular attendee these days.

Also coming along is the excellent Bill Pearson, he of making the only good bits of Series VIII (that Starbug crash was ace) and rescuing the disastrous Series X model shoot.  Coupled with his past and present connections with the show, he’s also got a ludicrously huge and interesting CV so he’s bound to go down very well (although, contrary to what we tweeted this morning, this isn’t actually his first DJ).  To be perfectly honest, you should really come to DJ.  So, you know, do that.

Finally, Dave’s traditional Friday updates continue the trend of a new podcast interview (this time with Chris Barrie, and there’s really nothing more to say other than the host seems quite nice and is obviously a fan of the show) and a bunch of  excellent new pictures, festooned with his amazing Chris Barrie faceThis one seems to show Rimmer talking to Kerry Shale, but is that him as Medi-Bot (MEDI-BOT) or Taiwan Tony?  And who the fuck are those two guys, anyway?  Also, hats.

Right, that’s yer lot, fuck off now.

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  • Also, that fucking podcast, Barrie slams down a massive fucking spoiler within his first sentence. That is plot based and joke based for Lemons.

  • Rimmer faces!

    For some reason these new pics have given my hopes for X a new lease of life. Though part of me wishes I was going into this series completely in the dark, even regards to episode titles! Not that I went into the classic series’ (shut up…) cold; the first Dwarf I ever saw being the Smeg Ups video.

  • I used to read the Radio Times capsules before every episode anyway. All part of the fun – a wax droid theme park eh? The Radio Times capsule for Back To Reality was a non spoilery beaut.

  • One of my fondest memories of last DJ is Craig staggering out onto the balcony on Sunday morning (or was it Saturday morning?) and blagging a cigarette off me, he was looking very fragile but said he’d had a fantastic night.

    Really happy to see he’s going to be there again, he really is a lovely chap.

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