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We’re currently in the midst of what can only be described as a volcanic fuckstorm of Red Dwarf X publicity, press and trailers. Right now, I shall make an attempt to collate the more exciting of the most recent droppings, including some fairly spoilery images that have been released for Trojan. So think on before you read on – there may well be spoilers ahead, but do bear in mind our spoiler policy.

First, some press bits. Den of Geek have added a lovely spoiler-free review of Trojan, which seems to be a spot-on assessment according to my memories of the recording. After that happened, the Radio Times published a hugely positive interview with Doug, where he indicates that the series is back to its best, and that it’s going to be a huge success. Later on, Digital Spy picked up on some of Doug’s comments about the BBC, and published this piece… which includes a shedload of spoilery images from Trojan for good measure.

These pictures teach us the following: Lister wears the same uniform as Arnold and Howard; Kryten sort of does too, thanks to the addition of a comedy hat; Howard pulls a lot of silly faces at times; there’s a sexy lady with a gun. Kryten also appears to be impersonating a fruit machine in the last photo. As usual folks, feel free to speculate about things you don’t know, but if you were at the recording or have seen a screening, shut your stupid fat face.

Right, elsewhere there’s a couple more clips and stuff that we don’t think we’ve covered yet. Let’s start with the lovely Dave break bumpers starring the cast:

Excellent, each and every one of them, but Chris Barrie’s face is the real star. More excitingly, however, there have (I think) been two more teaser scenes released since our last update. The first is the semi-mythical ‘areolas’ clip:

Some dislike Chris’s delivery in this, but I don’t see a problem with it. It’s a bit of a cheesy joke, but they can get away with that as long as they’re not all like that. And today, another clip has surfaced, dubbed: Smudges.

This one seems to have divided opinion like a bitch, but I like it. As m’colleague Cappsy pointed out elsewhere on the site, it’s the sort of thing that Robert could have done very badly in the past, but Series X Kryten is not the same as Series VII Kryten.

Anyway, that seems to be what’s going on. I expect there’ll be far more titbits incoming at a steady rate over the next couple of weeks, and the only early warning we’ve got is you. Stay alert.

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  • Only just noticed that Susan Earl doesn’t have an “H”. Presumably Trojan has a stasis pod.

    Love the pictures of Lister, Rimmer and Kryten in faux Star Trek garb.

  • I’ve had a team working on this over the past few weeks, and what we’ve come up with can be reduced to two fundamental concepts. One: Kryten isn’t wearing enough hats. Two: Matter is energy.

  • The lack of Cat pictures makes me think/hope that A) The Cat also has to wear the uniform and is not too happy about it which could be hilarious or B) The Cat is going to have to wear the uniform but modifies it to make it more in keeping with his sense of style.

  • Love the pictures of Lister, Rimmer and Kryten in faux Star Trek garb.

    Ssshhhh. Patrick Stuart might hear.

  • UKTV have put up some descriptions for ‘Lemons’ and ‘Entangled’ on their listings. One little new titbit of information, I think.


    Marooned in Britain in 23 AD, the Dwarfers need an 8 volt battery to power up their Returner Remote and get home.


    Lister loses Rimmer in a game of poker to a group of Biologically Engineered Life Forms. Kryten and Cat become quantum entangled and do everything in perfect unison.

  • The comments about Danny stealing every scene he’s in are so pleasing to read! Let’s face it, the Cat has been pretty lame, and almost superfluous, since VI. I’m sure even Danny himself would admit that…so to see he and Doug totally recapture the character is amazing.

    Bobby is also doing a decent job of bringing an old school Kryten that we all knew was still in there somewhere.

  • Only just noticed that Susan Earl doesn’t have an “H”. Presumably Trojan has a stasis pod.

    Hmm, you mean Howard has his own “Lister?” And it’s a hot woman he probably can’t touch? (I hope that’s one of the premises, ’cause it’d be fucking hilarious.)

  • Love the pictures of Lister, Rimmer and Kryten in faux Star Trek garb.

    Ssshhhh. Patrick Stuart might hear.

    Well, as long as Patrick Stewart doesn’t, Doug’s OK.

  • Only just noticed that Susan Earl doesn’t have an “H”. Presumably Trojan has a stasis pod

    Never presume, you make a pres out of u and me.

    they must mean gelfs.. its got to be an error there

    It’s a pretty big typo to accidentally put “biologically” instead of “genetically”.

  • Interview was rather good, some nice information I’d never heard before, and Doug being so enthusiastic is encouraging.

    As for the clips, I think the Areolas one is pretty funny, but the Kryten one is just alright. Not horrid, but I was a bit put-off by Lister joining in. Perhaps just out of context though.

    Mark Dexter as Howard looks like a superb bit of casting, and those uniforms are quite lovely; Kryten in the hat gets funnier every time I look at it to boot. Getting a Series V-VI feel for Trojan overall, which is very exciting.

  • > (talking about BtE) ‘It looks like there was a ton of money thrown at it, but that’s just the brilliance of the direction…’
    > (new series) ‘Back. To. Its. Best.’

    Not one for modesty, our Doug…:P

  • From that Den of Geek review:

    From the pleasingly Series 3-like appearance of the episode title to the small-scale, character-centric plot and barrage of jokes, you get the impression that Doug Naylor has been watching a lot of repeats on Dave whilst writing this new run, and that’s no bad thing.

    Let’s hope they don’t mean the episodes with all the funny bits edited out.

  • Love the new clip. Love all of it. Trojan has got me well intrigued. No smug mode now im seeing all this new dwarf glimpses ive not had any insight into being at 2 of the shows, going around thinking I’ve got a handle on the series cus I’ve seen it and someone told me a tiny bit of ep 1 and then now im looking a star trek and rimmers brothers face and im like what the hell is going on. New Dwarf. The shows about to surprise me afresh. Can not wait. Checks calander. 2 Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Its quite disconcerting (in an exciting way) to see Craig and Chris in all in these series 3/4/5 style scenarios – but with old old faces. Didn’t really happen in BTE. Makes me think when October 4th rolls around I will be in a similar scenario to when I watched series 3/4/5 – but with an old old face.

  • Don’t know if you’ve seen it on ‘Soup, but my new issue of Doctor Who Magazine’s arrived, and *that’s* got a full page feature on the new series!

  • There’s a nice note on DWM’s RDX piece in Tom Spilsbury’s Editorial:

    I know Red Dwarf is nothing to do with Doctor Who –

    He’s obviously never seen the Doctor Dwarf threads…

    – but I do know that there are a large number of readers who are also Red Dwarf fans, and given that the new series is going out on Dave, it’s perhaps not likely to get the mainstream attention it deserves. The publicists at Dave were also extremely helpful and offered DWM an interview with the cast, and I must admit, they won me over.

  • Red Dwarf has nothing to do with Doctor Who, eh?

    Tweet him that picture! Point out that they currently share a costume designer! Tell him one of last year’s Doctor Who Big Bads was in Red Dwarf 23 years ago! One of Lister’s shipmates is Rory’s Dad! etc etc ad nauseum

  • As long as you don’t make us out to be pedantic saddos with nothing better to do.


    Too late for that, really, isn’t it? E-mail away.

  • As long as you don’t make us out to be pedantic saddos with nothing better to do.

    Too late for that, really, isn’t it? E-mail away.

    Yeah … that ship has sailed, sank, and been made into the next Cameron documentary already. LOL

  • Installing a new computer, eh?

    Clearly the return of Hilly.


    This piece in the Metro amuses me for two reasons:

    …Chris Barrie as the hologram Dave Rimmer…


    Early reviews have suggested a return to form for the show, which has revived the studio audience for its latest series…

    WAKE UP EVERYONE! It’s time to wake up and watch Red Dwarf again!

    Hehehe. Well, it amuses me anyway.

  • Hehe, seeing as some of them haven’t laughed at the show for nigh on 20 years, I’d say ‘revived’ nails it! :P

    Incidentally, I can’t believe it’s been 20 years…TWENTY years since V. Back To Reality…I refuse to accept that show is 20 years old.

  • WAKE UP EVERYONE! It’s time to wake up and watch Red Dwarf again!
    Hehehe. Well, it amuses me anyway.

    Oh well, make that two of us. I didn’t think of it like that until this, and now I can’t stop chuckling.

  • Just noticed that over at the Dave site, there are are new Profile pages for the characters. Well, I don’t know *how* new they are – they cover Back to Earth, at least – but clicking on each character profile gives us a new photo of each character. The Cat’s is particularly fetching…


  • I see Doug has said on twitter that the DVD cover will be double sided enabling you to pick one side which matches Series 1-VIII or a new design.

  • brilliant! i like consistant packaging! :) now i just hope they could do a new cover for BTE too (unlikely but still..) :)

  • Well, I’ve preordered the BluRay, but have asked Father Christmas for the DVD. I’ll probably have the consistent job with the DVD collection.

  • Ooh. Six new Pics of Rimmsy up on Dave. http://uktv.co.uk/dave/blogpost/aid/654057

    A couple are obviously BTS, and one of them is very obviously from Lemons (from what I’ve read of the synopses – that and the fact that there’s a mound of lemons in it) and looks very amusing. :)

    No sign of the Chris Barrie edition of the Dave Weekly podcast, but no doubt it’ll be up soon. :)

  • Medi-Bot from ‘Fathers and Suns’ in the last picture, it looks like.

    And you can also see the nails on the table with the lemons. Nice to finally see something identifiably from ‘Lemons’.

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