Craig Charles appeared on the brilliant Loose Women earlier, and they played a previously-unseen clip from The Beginning. Our friends over at Gayspacko Poop have handily filmed it on their phones and uploaded it – look out for a guest appearance by Alex Newsome’s reflected hands. Embed and analysis below the line.

This seemingly fits in to the whole ‘only one man can save them’ spiel we saw in the episode synopses. It’s a funny clip, although I find Kryten’s extended towel-folding miming to be a little unnecessary. But then, it’s easy to over-analyse these things – remember, these are just short, isolated clips from a far wider context. They’ve been selected for whatever reason to be shown ahead of transmission, but there’s nothing significant about them that they should have to stand up to so much more analysis that they would have done if they were any other 30 second chunk of a 30 minute episode.

Still, the Cat punchline makes it all worthwhile. We’ll try and keep our eyes peeled for any more promotional appearances that may feature little snippets like this, but do help us out by posting in article comments, the forum and on Twitter. THANKS.

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