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DwarfCasts from Ganymede & TitanLadies and gentlemen, it’s the non-live version of our second live Dwarfcast, our instant reaction to Fathers & Suns. Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps, Danny Stephenson and the Fan Club’s Jo Sharples convene to talk about the daddy discipline, predictive Pree and Taiwan Tony, for a very long time. We’re ably assisted by some of the least rubbish G&T commenters – Alex Newsome, Kris Carter and Rich ‘p2p’ Lawden – via Skype, and we’ve also got a fantastic interview with Pree herself, Rebecca Blackstone. All this, plus exclusive news about next year’s Dimension Jump, a preview of next week’s episode, and a final ten seconds that are probably the best thing this site has ever achieved.

DwarfCast 37 – Fathers and Suns: Instant Reaction (95.9MB)

Having successfully experimented with Skype, we’d now like to fling open our cargo bay doors to the general public, as we like to call you. If you’re interested in appearing on the show next week, leave us a comment in this thread and we can exchange details in the coming week. We’d also like a bit of advice – as there was so much to talk about for this episode, we found ourselves going on for an hour and forty minutes. How do you feel about this? Are you happy to listen to our nonsense for this amount of time, or would you rather we showed some discipline and wrapped it up far sooner? We can see both sides and we’re conflicted, so give us a consensus ahead of next week and we will comply with your wishes.

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  • I will listen to this tonight with a bit of lager. If I figure out how to use Skype/string a sentence together I’ll let you know!

  • I caught the end of this last night so will listen again soon. Was very impressed with what I heard though. It’s getting really rather slick.

    From how things went on week one, I’d suggest no longer than 80-90 mins. It’s a school night, after all.

  • Great ‘cast chaps, and great job on getting the interview with Rebecca!

    If I’m ever invited back on I’ll remember to speak louder, more clearly, and less Welshy. And be 100 times less banal. I, I, I…. sorry.

    90 minutes would be a good time to run as well, I reckon.

  • You could probably discuss Lemons in about 15-20 minutes. Definitely won’t be much to talk about with that episode…

  • Didn’t like that casual throw away comment about Benny Hill. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a bad day.

  • I well want to be on next week. A Jesus episode! I imagine I’ll have shit loads to either moan about or praise Dawkins name about!

  • I listened to the end, the end was great, as was the middle, and the start. I think the only problem, and unavoidable is the way the sound drifts in and out, not easy with a single mike? But it all makes very attentive listening. The interview was class, she has got such a mesmerising voice!

  • The chance to appear on a G&T ‘cast? It’d be nice. Though I can imagine me being a bit gushing about any Ted Dwarf after the one viewing. I’ve been at the hospital all day today, and thus far, have only watched Fathers & Suns the once. One time only!

  • “FECK! ARSE!” said Holly as Mrs Kochanski dusted his monitor thoroughly from corner to corner, before retreating back to the canteen to make another pot of tea.

    Fanfic writers, go to work.

  • Really good ‘Cast, guys. I’d say keep them at this length, or sort of aim for 90 mins. I enjoyed listening to it up until the episode repeat on Dave.

  • Listened to it last night and loved it. I’m perfectly fine with it being at this length, or 90 mins at the least. If there was any bit of disappointment with the Back to Earth Instant Reaction Dwarfcasts, it’s that I found myself wishing they went on a little bit longer :o).

  • 2 Hours of G & T waffle is fine by me. If you start to repeat yourselfs you know your done. I think the lenght is just natural in your conversations. it dictates itself.

  • I agree the medibot/dental bot thing. Not a massive fan of him. Could have been a great part for a better known face.

  • Tony Totally raised an eyebrow when I heard him. But yeah I agree with that comment that Rimmers speach about chinesse whispers is a pre-emptive to that, it’s him more interested in telling off Kryten than really knowing about racism himself as a topic and not him holding the right opinions to a sensible or to even a logical PC level. The idea that portraying a chinesse character in a bad light, a negative stereotype, and not employing a chinesse actor etc, all thats bad in the industry. I dont however have as strong opinions as you all seem to in this cast, including Alex too, because it’s a vending machine computer and we see no vestiage of human characterisation beyond voice on screen. I feel the idea that someone, maybe even rimmer has programmed the take away machine in an inapproriate voice or stereotype at some point makes it much more about the issue, rather than the show portrayal of the chinesse. I work in an industry where computer voices are used with accents as instructional tools on headsets used in jobs. Some of the accent settings are hilarious because of my informed love of uk comedy im sure it’s more so to my ear, often because of the technical level, the fake removal from the reality of someones real voice, which is not a race issue, its more about mimikable exageration failure. There was a chinesse actor in back to earth in a parody of blade runner, longer terms fans know it’s not an issue held by production team. But yeah as the third plot it flounders a little in structure, so i can see why people are going to pick on it on more than one level. Still a vending machine called Tony could be considered a tribute to the lisping vending machine voice over man himself. If were too PC we have to lose that machine to not offend lispers of the world. I feel it does try and save itself further with Tony’s line that he hates a vending machine on another floor, so he’s a vending machine that himself harbours hatred and rivallary, he’s as flawed a character as the rest of the crew.

  • Great podcast. An exclusive announcement, a guest, and a new episode related jingle. I mean. Wow. And you even let rivals diss you. What is that ridiculous voice all about that alex puts on though.

  • What is that ridiculous voice all about that alex puts on though.

    I am SO pleased I’m not the only person with a silly voice these days.

  • What is that ridiculous voice all about that alex puts on though.

    Worryingly, that is just my normal voice.

    Worry not, i was just making jarring voice jokes in light of the Tony Topic. Not very sucessfully. Dont really find it silly.

  • I love that. You come across as a very polite little boy, John.

    What happened?

    I don’t cunting know.

  • Again, nope, not finding it particularly silly. Though it did give me a chance to laugh again at the child version of you saying you’d ‘seen their horns’ and being told they ‘come off sometimes’. I am extremely childish.

    I wish I’d kept a bit more of my Nottingham accent now. I think it’s all but disappeared, but you can hear it a bit there.

  • I have a Croydon/Manchester accent. I can use it to be quite hilarious sometimes, but mostly it just annoys people.

  • I’m not even sure what a Nottingham accent is meant to sound like.

    It’s similar to Brummie, but more cultured. *runs away sniggering*

  • One last call – we’re still looking for people to join us on the Dwarfcast tomorrow, via Skype. If you’re interested, leave a comment here or email me directly – ianiansymes at gmail dot com.

  • Holy shit there’s a new episode of Red Dwarf tomorrow. These weeks are going quickly.

    Having seen this episode being filmed I’m looking forward to… Howard Burden’s work. I remember really liking Cat’s and Lister’s outfits in this episode.

  • I’d be down for it, but my reaction would be significantly less “instant” given how i’m having to watch the show at the moment. Unless there’s a decent method of streaming it live that I can access here in the US.

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