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One again Seb Patrick has emerged from beneath his blanket of unsold 2008 calendars to launch forth glorious, glorious NEWS.  This week: the absolutely gorgeous reversible DVD cover. (Warning, there’s a minor episode 3 spoiler after the jump, but nothing you don’t already know from the trailer).

It’s something we’ve been expecting since references to such a thing have been appearing on Twitter over the last few weeks, but it’s great to see it here in all its glory.  Where as previously Chris Veale had produced CG recreations for the background image, it seems this time the benefit of producing the DVD during production has allowed for the use of a nice high-res image of the new bunk room.  Everything else is present and correct as you’d expect, save for a portion of the logo on the spine (something which is understandable considering starting that logo again would be writing cheques that no amount arses could cash).  For the spine image they’ve opted to show the main guest star from episode 3, our sweet Lord, Jesus H Cribbins. It’s all basically lovely, although the fact this will only be a feature for the DVD release has left my wallet openly weeping.  HMV’s exclusive steelbook thing can fuck off, though.

In other news, G&T got a nice quote in the review roundup.  We’re just like the big boys!

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  1. Brilliant design, absolutely brilliant!!! BUT this more or less confirms that there may never be a ‘special edition’ with EXTRA features, as to do the cover the same AGAIN to match the other’s would be silly. Shame.

    All we need now Is a limited run of aramay cases with a Series IX sleeve design for sale on TOS for 2.99 (inc p&p).


  2. Oh man, that’s lovely. I hope we get this for Region 4.

  3. Absolutely great. I do like consistent packaging, me.

    However, I think I’m going to plump for the BD especially since BTE was skipped this treatment. I won’t be double-dipping for the sake of packaging unless the next 4 episodes blow me away.

  4. Okay then… Rich, Danny, Mick? Which one of you is going to create us a lovely Back to Earth cover, so that it fits in with the rest of the DVDs?

  5. I love it!!! If only they could include BTE in the package with the cover too!

  6. G&T Admin

    Okay then… Rich, Danny, Mick? Which one of you is going to create us a lovely Back to Earth cover, so that it fits in with the rest of the DVDs?

    Ah i was going to post that someone has already done it.

    The only thing I would change of that one is i’ve remove the Bevel filter on the Dwarf Logo (looks strange when colour edges don’t do the overall effect if you’re gonna do an effect like that isolate the two colours and treat them individually) and add a 2|Entertain logo on the spine :D

  7. …Can I not set HTML image sizes now, since the redesign? :(

  8. G&T Admin

    …Can I not set HTML image sizes now, since the redesign? :(

    By complete accident the width and height parameters seem to be not allowed. I’ll add them back in when I have a mo!

  9. I was all set to print off and use the excellent Back To Earth alternate cover when I noticed that the blurb says 20th instead of 21st century. Start again…

  10. It’s fine. It’s all a dream so it totally makes sense it was set in the 20th Century.

  11. EDIT: Wrong thread.

  12. I like that alternative one, but there are definitely a few things I’d pick at: the blurb, multiple cast members on the spine, the logo, the BBC logo. It’s also a little too blue – I’d prefer to see it in the actual bunkroom colour.

    It’s definitely a nice effort, though. Would love to see someone do one very like it with a few tweaks (original blurb, etc.)

  13. Fucking brilliant. Literally the best news I’ve heard all day.

  14. Is that Jesus on the spine?! Also a clever way of making everyone buy both copies, nice plan.
    So glad it’s not a free DVD copy you can leave in the Blu-Ray case.

  15. I wish the Blu Ray had a reverse sleeve just because I prefer the design! Anyway, a Blu Ray pre-order and an itunes subscription unfortunately means that there is absolutely no way I can justify buying the X DVD, as wonderful as that cover is.

  16. Seriously considering buying both sets, then putting the Bluray set in the DVD case…

    Actually no, that’s silly.

  17. James, that is beautiful.

  18. So the UK DVDs have ‘series’ written on the spine? Region four has ‘red dwarf’ then the series number on the spine. Interesting, I guess.

  19. This will be perfect for me as I took the whole uniformed spines thing a bit too far!

  20. Well, OBviously you’re going to have to show us the full versions of all those…

  21. (Although for full brilliance, you should have put a spine logo on ’em.)

  22. I made a sleeve for my copy of RD:USA, too. Just thought I’d mention it.

  23. Found my copy of RD:USA out, and took a photo of my sleeve. I made it about 10 years ago, and the few felt tips I had were running out, but even I have to admit that it’s shitter than I remember. :/

  24. G&T Admin

    You actually did the font the same as the programme. Nice touch.

  25. Cheers.

  26. A work of art, Si. The front cover in particular is glorious!

  27. To be fair, I did copy the ship from an old smegazine strip. But that’s copied, not traced. ;)

  28. I see your back to earth covers and raise you my series IX cover


  29. That is a gorgeous chunk of loveliness! Any chance of a link to a high-res, full-size cover?

  30. thank very much but i’m afraid i’m not sure how. here’s a full size one on photobucket…

  31. G&T Admin

    Seeing the Rovers Return as the background is a major headfuck, but it looks ‘right’ for this, which is REALLY strange.

    Excellent work!

  32. That’s the second fantastic BtE cover I’ve seen today.

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