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DwarfCasts from Ganymede & TitanIt’s 2013 and yet here we still are, foisting the same old shit on you. Rejoice! Join Ian, John, Cappsy, Danny and the Fan Club’s Jo Sharples as we once again gather to talk over an episode of Red Dwarf, namely Bodyswap and the series III deleted scenes. ¬†Marvel as we inform you on such as topics as the lack of a live audience, why the cast’s impressions of each other should’ve been included in the final episode and the exact dimensions of Craig Charles’ penis.

DwarfCast 47 – Bodyswap Commentary (106MB)


Hey, you, where do you think Bodyswap would rank in a list of your favourite Red Dwarf episodes? Well, if you haven’t already then be sure to submit your rankings to the G&T Silver Survey and help us in our quest to find the widest range of fan opinion possible.

There, that was seamless, I think.

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