Well, I’ve rather spent my load by putting everything in the title, really. Nevertheless, please be excited by our attempt to honour the twenty-fifth anniversary of Red Dwarf‘s first broadcast with a LIVE RADIO EXTRAVAGANZA. Myself, Cappsy, John, Tanya and Danny will all be together in one room, joined by special guests Seb Patrick from reddwarf.co.uk and Jo Sharples and Jezzmund Tutu from The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. It’s all going to start at 9pm on Friday night – twenty five years to the VERY SECOND that The End first hit our screens. Once again, the show will be streamed live on our Spreaker page – the link will appear at around 8:45pm there, here and on our Twitter page.

As ever, we want to hear from you idiots – we’ll be responding to tweets and comments throughout the show, but we’re particularly interested in listening to your stupid voices this time round. Our Skype lines will be open to take your comments and questions, and absolutely anyone is welcome to call in at any time. Just add ‘ianiansymes’ on Skype between now and Friday, and you’re guaranteed the chance to tell us directly how much you think we’re dicks.

We don’t have much of an agenda or running order, so please come up with some good questions or discussion topics to throw our way – this is a celebration of all aspects of Red Dwarf, so we’d love to delve into the minutiae of things we rarely get a chance to talk about. One thing we will definitely be discussing is the Ganymede & Titan Silver Survey – the results of which will be published bright and early on Friday morning. Find out once and for all just how much everyone hates Pete (Part Two).

47 comments on “Live Silver Anniversary Dwarfcast! Friday 15th February, 9pm

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  • I hope you’ll have a special phone area, behind glass, with bored ladies in specs answering calls and a huge sign reading 01 811 8055.

    Actually that’s made me wonder – will those new apartments they’re building at TV Centre have the ‘W12 8QT’ postcode? That would be wonderful. I’d settle for 7RJ at a pinch, but I’d be pining for the ‘hey cutie’ ending.

  • I’ve bet my right nut that Pete Part 2 will be bottom of the Silver Survey.

    Looking forward to indulging in all the Dwarfy fun on Friday.

    Time to bring back Jez’s Coffee Lounge Cock? I promise I won’t ask any more after Friday.

  • > Time to bring back Jez’s Coffee Lounge Cock?

    Hah, I’d forgotten about this. We’re at our best when we’re sleep deprived and making zero sense.

  • > I hope you’ll have a special phone area, behind glass, with bored ladies in specs answering calls and a huge sign reading 01 811 8055.

    Our ‘special phone area’ will be our living room, and the ‘bored ladies in specs’ will be John Hoare telling everyone who calls in to fuck off. In specs.

  • Have set up a Skype account and added the boy Symes as suggested, just in case I decide I want to take part. Of course, I haven’t actually got a clue how Skype works, or anything like that, so will probably just listen, while sending you amusing Tweets that you can ignore.

  • > The moon wins

    Too bad Pecos, I was kinda hoping you would call in. Hilarity would ensue.

    In other news: Friday is a holiday, so I ACTUALLY GET TO LISTEN TO THIS LIVE! Three cheers for Presidents Day!

  • Awesome stuff guys. I don’t normally have a weekend because I work throughout, so this is something to look forward to. If it matches the standards of your previous live DwarfCasts, I’ll be glued to my laptop (not literally, that would be hideous).

  • Questions or discussion topics? Let’s see….

    Question #1: In evaluating and ranking the new and old series together, do flaws in Series X that are also present in the classic series (such as wonky effects, or the odd offensive line) count more against X then the earlier series? If so, is that fair? Do the earlier series get cut slack for being made in an earlier time, or should all series be viewed with the exact same objective lens? (Ex: It’s hard for me to be as critical of some of the effects in X when things like the Starbug cockpit screen in Marooned don’t stop that from being one of the best ever episodes.)

    Question #2: What are the top things that can be improved upon from Series X, if or when there is a Series XI? What is needed to bridge the gap and make XI better capture the earlier magic (while simultaneously being its own distinct series)?

    Question #3: Which is preferable, an episode with too much plot jammed in (like Entangled), or an episode which doesn’t have enough plot (like Dear Dave)? (Assume the episode is at least mostly funny, and don’t factor in the heartless ejecting of female supporting characters into space).

    Question #4: Obviously, the survey will speak for itself, but where does it look like X falls in the pantheon of Red Dwarf?

    Question #5: This is kind of a weird one. I always had the idea that if you (metaphorically speaking) stuck the 16 episodes of Series VII and VIII in a blender, squished it all together and chopped up the result into 6 episodes, you’d have 6 at least decent episodes of Red Dwarf (with the narrative strength of VII and the “comedy” of VIII, etc.). And I got the feeling that X was kind of like that, combining the highs of VII and VIII and (mostly) minimizing the lows to make a decent series, albeit not quite reaching the earlier highs. Do you agree or am I completely over-theorizing (or both)?

    Question #6: Taiwan Tony…. great guest character? Or the greatest guest character?

    Discussion Point #1: Series X was really good, but I couldn’t help but think that the Dwarfers were too chummy, when a lot of the earlier magic came from the Dwarfers’ antagonism towards each other. While narratively, it makes sense at this point for these characters to have settled into all being quasi-buds, I wonder if (if or when there is a Series XI), the show wouldn’t benefit from higher levels of antagonism (like in Quarantine and Bodyswap and Stasis Leak) when Rimmer was legit the villain of the episode.

    Discussion Point #2: I found it interesting that Robert Llywellyn’s Kryten was present during the most domestic aspects of X, since his version of Kryten wasn’t there during I-II, and Llewellyn’s Kryten was a completely different character in III. It’s just a weird feeling seeing the modern footing-found Kryten in the more small-scale sitcom-setting, since it’s a new dynamic we really haven’t seen before, but I do like it. I was wondering if anyone else had thoughts on that.

  • My thoughts on:

    Q1: I dont think I was ever offended by a line in classic Dwarf. The first thing that offended me was the ending of Tikka. As for wonky effects, they dont bother me. Though it was difficult to rank the episodes of X, it wasnt for those reasons, but because within many of the episodes there were parts I loved and other parts I hated, which is not the case in classic Dwarf..

    Q2: Awesome question! The look of X is wonderful; no improvment needed there, imo. If they could get Goodall to create some original tracks, that would be fantastic – though the recycled tracks in X work very well. And I want Kochanski to return, though it seems I may be in the minority on that one.

    Q3: Too much plot, while frustrating, is clearly preferable to not enough, imo.

    Q4: Ranking the individual episodes, X was all over the map for me. If I had to rank the series, I would put X above VII and VIII and below everything else. But I rank BtE quite highly, so.

    Q5: That is interesting. VII and VIII are so different to each other that I cant imagine how to combine them. X is very different again, but it did have more compelling moments than VIII and more woofers than VII.

    Q6: *eyeroll*

    DP1: Moose. Need I say more? :)
    …Yes, I need. The characters evolve in every series, and there is much new territory to explore in series XI now that Rimmer sees himself as a working class kid. Though there is less overt antagonism, Rimmer is still “non buds” with the others.

    You are right that without antagonism there would be no show. Rimmer and Lister acknowledging that they are best friends, should be the second-to-last thing that happens in the last episode. They are not there yet in series X. (BTW, the *last* thing that happens in the last episode should be, “… but Rimmer is still a smeghead.”)

    DP2: This never crossed my mind because Bobbys comic delivery and timing is excellent (as long as he is allowed to play Kryten as fussy rather than whiny). There have been sitcommy bits in III-VIII, and plus he was on a sitcom before Red Dwarf, albeit a bad one.

  • Brilliant.

    Do you know how long it will run for? I don’t get home from work till about 10.25pm. And will it also be listenagainable?

    Id like to hear obviously about your personal choices in submitting to the poll. I’d love to hear you praise your top episode or two onto a god like pedestal and slag your lowest rated episode into room 101 forever.

    In tribute to Lemons which I think most of you liked. Id like to know which famous figure from history’s cock would you like to hold and why?

  • This starts at 8AM Saturday for me, so I’ll try my absolute darndest to wake up in time for the action.

    I also want to Skype in, but I’m just hoping I won’t forget what to say. (I’d imagine 40% will be me excited to speak to you smegging cunts, and the other 60% will be an unusually detailed and slightly boring recount of when I discovered Red Dwarf.)

  • Do you know how long it will run for? I don’t get home from work till about 10.25pm. And will it also be listenagainable?

    We’ll play the running time by ear, but I think there should still be time for you to call in if you want to. It will be listenagainable immediately on Spreaker, or on G&T and iTunes the following day.

  • I have to work after all – “faculty development.” :( Hopefully my lunch break will happen around noon so I can tune in at least a little.

    I hope someone will do a toast. I wrote one and was going to recite it via the Skypeways, but am not allowed to install Skype on school computers and there is no wifi.

    In twenty thirteen may we thrive!
    It’s a marvellous time to be alive.
    Red Dwarf’s still excitin’ us
    Ganymedians and Titan(u)s
    So here’s to the next 25!

  • And so Red Dwarf is 25 years old. That quirky little sitcom we’d all watch on a Thursday night and then discuss in the playground the day after…

    Oh come on, we all know what this pretending to like Red Dwarf is about. I want to be the filling in a G & T sandwich. 25 years you whore!

    Yours sincerely, Anthony Hopkins.

  • I won’t be listening live but I will be listening.

    Questions/discussions below (with my own personal answers):
    Would it ever have been as good if Rob Grant was never involved? (No.)
    Should Rob Grant come back? (Yes.)
    Has it changed the face of British comedy forever? (What?)
    Was series X as good as 1-6? (No, but it was better than 7 & 8.)
    Should it come back for series XI or just leave it as something beautiful? (Yes & It’s too late. It should carry on and hope to improve again.)
    Would you like to see other guest writers writing future episodes? (Only if they’re Rob Grant. Or John Cleese. Or a twenty year old Woody Allen. Or me.)
    Shouldn’t Dave be all over this anniversary? (Yes.)
    What’s your favourite joke in Red Dwarf? (Currently: I’m not a frying pantheist.)
    Series X has centred more than ever around the human condition, do you think this is a reflection of Doug’s mind and his own sense of mortality? And if that’s the case, will the renewed interest and positive feedback from the latest series alter his approach and move him away from introspection and towards less Ego-centric episodes? (…Say again.)
    Would Ego-Centre be a good name for a space station? (Now you’re talking!)
    The books are good, aren’t they? (Yes.)
    With or without Kochanski? (Always without. Lister finding Kochanski would be like Victor Meldrew getting another job, or David Brent becoming a successful comedian, or Norman Stanley Fletcher getting out of prison. It would be a different sitcom… It would be Going Straight!)

  • “You’ll have to add me as a contact: ianiansymes.”

    You have not added me yet! It’s pending!
    It’s ok if you do not want to hear me, I sound like Jack Nicholson!

  • I’ll do my best.

    And, Pete, I imagine Ian will be adding everyone who requests it, it’s just he’s probably away from his PC at the moment.

  • >we don’t have much of an agenda

    I’m back to work at 9:30, but will try to call in the first half hour if it fits into your nongenda.

  • 25 Years, I can still just about remember sitting and watching it.

    Even if I cant remember what I came in the room for.

  • Talking about the books is interesting. The difference between the books and the show is why I wouldn’t mind a reboot one day after the series has ended and our beloved actors are all old. Not a reboot that’s Red Dwarf the audience sitcom, but “Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers” with the world depicted in the books. The scale of the books is much greater and the feel is much darker, and I’d love to see that stuff realised on screen.

  • Highly enjoyable evening, apologies for the accent etc etc..

    February 15th 1988, Red Dwarf, The End:

    In the 22nd century or sometime thereabout
    Lister joined the space corps and Red Dwarf headed out
    Friends were not a problem with eleven hundred crew
    But he had to bunk with Rimmer, a ‘smeg head’ through and through
    Lister soon went crazy as Arnold was a twat
    So he planned to get arrested using ‘Frankenstein’ the cat
    Pets were not allowed on board and Lister soon got caught
    A few years locked in stasis would roughly equal nought
    Serving out his sentence there, appeared to be the gist
    As time and space in stasis booths just ceases to exist
    Moving on 3 million years. At last he was released
    All the crew were long since dead and life on Earth had ceased
    Holly the computer, explained the crews sad fate
    Involving Arnold Rimmer, a cock up and a plate!
    Radiation filled the ship, said Holly, quite nonplussed
    Judas Rimmer’s drive plate job had turned the crew to dust
    Lister, out from stasis, felt frightened and alone
    But found out fairly quickly that he wasn’t on his own
    Frankenstein was pregnant and her kittens had survived
    And due to inter-breeding, more and more arrived
    Cat was ‘Felis-Sapien’ his breed had just evolved
    So the question of him being there was easily resolved
    Rimmer, on the other hand, surely should be dead
    But there he stood with nostrils flared, an ‘H’ upon his head
    Now merely hologrammic, projected by a bee
    Arnold Judas Rimmer was there for all to see
    So there they were, the three of them, plus Holly on a screen
    Surely the most motley crew the universe had seen
    With no idea which way to go, the posse headed forth
    And thus began the story of the legendary Red Dwarf….

    The 1st and probably last poem I’ve posted on G&T, for those that missed it with apologies to those that wished they had..

  • Yep, much better than writing my uni essay. The fact that you did two and a half hours and barely even scraped the surface of Dwarf shows how much there still is to discuss about the show despite years of discussion.

    Today really has felt like a weird celebration and this site, along with TOS’s Doug interview, are to thank for that.

  • The Skype was perfect! It was like I was in the same room! But I’m 8000 miles away!
    John I hope I didn’t give you the wrong impression and you go and turn all my posts into penis’s! It was a backhanded compliment! A hammer is the tough guy that beats people up!

  • Wow, I sounded really nervous during my bit. It’s probably because I was. Mind you, my accent didn’t help that at all.

    Fantastic show, and without any mid-show dropouts that the Series X ‘casts were plagued with. The kebab was kept from spilling onto the control panel, I take it.

    I had fun, both on-air and off.

  • “Ben Hur of DwarfCasts” indeed! Well said, Phillimess. This is my new favorite one. I didn’t call in and yet absurdly, as I listened, I kept hoping to hear myself call in. Three hours flew by, and for the first time since the Series X Preview, I listened last thing before bed and again first thing in the morning, including to the musical countdown prelude.

    Tanya and Steve’s discussion about mining gender stereotypes for easy jokes was especially engaging. Too bad you couldn’t hear each other very well, resulting in much cutting each other off mid-sentence, but I got the gist of both sides, with further clarification on the second listen. I’m embarrassed that although I consider myself an enlightened 21st century gal, the fact that women get short shrift in the writing of Red Dwarf never occurred to me before I joined G&T where people were talking about it. I pick up on racial double standards almost instantly, but I need gender ones pointed out to me. Which is a pretty weird way for a white woman to be wired.

    50th DwarfCast coming up – anything special planned for that? Devoting it to the novels would be nice. :)

  • Just listening to the DwarfCast – got about 20 minutes left… – and I’m really enjoying it. I think Soundable Object said something about liking the freestyling element to it. I’d agree with that, too. But I don’t want to stop the commentaries. There are loads of commentaries I’m looking forward to hearing. Mostly Confidence and Paranoia, because I have NO IDEA if it’s good or shit. Too much of that Craig Ferguson ballbag and not enough Lee Cornes.

    Plus Rob Grant mentioned something on his Twitter feed a few days ago about doing another RD book…. I don’t think it was mentioned but Rob could write one whenever he wants. He hasn’t got the same conflict of interest as Doug. Imagine getting a new book and a new series at the same time from the different creators. Just blew my load.

  • Well that seems to have fallen under everybody’s radar.

    Especially given the number of G&Ters regularly bitching about Rob’s non-presence.

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