Dimension Jump XVII is HERE

And has been for nearly 24 hours now. Hey, what better time for G&T to go through one of its frequent periods of non-activity than during the biggest event in the Red Dwarf calendar – and the biggest DJ for bloody years?

Luckily, we’re not completely dead. Follow the G&T Twitter feed for as many updates from the convention as I can frantically tap out with my sweaty unpleasant fingers – and it’s also worth following the TORDFC Dimension Jump account. We should be doing a DwarfCast on Sunday to round up the convention, if we haven’t all done a Norman Wisdom. Can’t believe they let these two idiots anywhere near the running of the convention, though.

Anyway, must dasharoonie – there’s a blow-up doll doing the rounds. I believe it’s my turn.


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  1. All the organisers allready deserve a big round of applause.
    I’m having such a happy little Holiday I’ve forgotten I’m only in Birmingham.

    I think I really am on Mimas on planet leave.

  2. Hogie the rogie manufactured in Ruslip.


  3. Can’t believe how big this DJ is, compared to my two other experiences. The fact my friends I invited are such Happy little fan girls now they have met Mr Barrie is worth the price of entry alone. The standard of the event living up to what I told them it would be. t’s Saturday Night and as I wait to get my pizza, it feels like I’ve already had a weekends worth of entertainment. From Mr hawks self refering quiz, to having a photo with cast members against a series X back screen that looks so Cool. Chris Barrie turning a request for basically that horse anecdote again, into a personal date tragedy story. Great auctioneering from robert lighting up the section of dwarf ship with his phone, simulating a lift effect onboard, a ton of rdx photos from Bill. The new man in rubber mask book being signed. Giving robert my back to reality script to get signed, and telling him he only has 5 minute to learn all these lines. Hattie telling me she got lee hurst the spot of warm up man, that shows on its front page. Getting to meet Richard and thank him for The beginning which I saw recorded with him bumping into scenery. A really Cool magic illusion from john as well as close up magic in the autograph Que. The series XI question the cast seem positive to, with Chris thinking more will be clear in a month or so.

  4. A fancy dress fathers day card, with popadom. And a red.dwarf dress with bug/midget shoes we must have our own lady Gaga.
    Wilma and betty kissed! Yabbadabba it’s a good do here. Pizza finished back to the disco.

  5. OMG I WANT THE LIGHT BEE POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. All the organisers allready deserve a big round of applause.

    I’m having such a happy little Holiday I’ve forgotten I’m only in Birmingham.
    I think I really am on Mimas on planet leave.

    Ewww, not MIMAS. Surely Miranda would be better than sleeping in a left luggage locker? ;-)

  7. Mimas Cus its on a poster here. Where as Miranda is some shite Ellard apparently hoares on for money according to Dannys DJ Q and A.

    Got to ask Doug about Entangled, great full answer to that, in terms of original direction of the 1st ending. Siting the monkey from bilco as a brilliant comedy inspiration. And wanting rimmer as the monkeys dad lying about its intelligent status, and lister as the put upon mum, having to deal with the monkey throwing crap (craig reacted to this with an ‘it always happens to me ‘ face) With them both acting like a divorced couple acess to the monkey at different times. Doug wanted at 1st a real chimp but its now illegal for TV. So maybe that’s where health and Safety hate began. He couldnt be allowed to be like bilco. Must Google that bilco ep now.

  8. He wanted to annouce RDXI today. But its not yet definate or announcable.
    He felt likely filming in Feb. For autumn broadcast people think if that happens.
    Story ideas exsist, but not writing until outside broadcast filming capability is known.

  9. @RedDwarfForum 1h

    When asked about a return for Holly dougs reply was simply “Yes!”

    Kochanski plz.

  10. Taiwan Tony!

  11. I’ve left DJ, and what’s the first thing I see at the train station. No lie, a man carrying a life sized winnie the pooh over his shoulder in a firemans lift like its Just been shot or something and he’s got to take away the body! I think the heightened emotional state of happyness im in must have connected that quantum rod from the opening ceremony, causing coincidental soft toy appearances.

  12. If anyone’s wondering who that was when Craig Charles stood on the chair…it was me :P

  13. It’s still surreal to look at the photo of me with Chris Barrie and all on board Red Dwarf X ship. I know it was reality, it did happen, but it looks photo shopped to my brain just cus I cant take in what a quality photo is doing existing with all those TV people and me. I didnt bother with any other photo’s. How the cast managed to get through near 400 people without their hands falling off. Fair play to them.

    Very happy with my series V script now being signed by so many of the people who made the episode, with a Doug dedication autograph at the bottom of the page now. He was having a good look back through it, and explaining what draft it was to his wife who was there, and then he did a couple of re-writes on it I think, and gave it back to me. ;-) Bill Pearson signed it, after he had mentioned working on the set’s for Back to Reality. He’s not credited on the scripts long credits, but he told me when i presented it to him, that he made the viewfinder that Lister looks into to see the alt crew, as well. Where as Craig said he still knew all the lines, but there wasnt time to test him.

  14. > How the cast managed to get through near 400 people without their hands falling off. Fair play to them.

    Plus the Saturday ones stood for about 90 minutes of pictures before launching into the 3 hours of autographs.

    Isla Ure told me her hand was all right, but her smile muscles were killing her. I’d forgotten about that aspect, 3 nonstop hours of being lovely to people you will never see again. I wonder how the weekend was for them on balance.

  15. Lots of Birminghate this weekend, which I don’t understand at all. Spent all Friday before DJ started exploring the city and absolutely loved it. Could totally live there.

    Even when I got home and was talking to my friend, an ex-Londoner transplanted to Pasadena, I said, “And Birmingham is AWESOME!” He said, “You should try Bakersfield…”

  16. G&T Admin

    I like Birmingham in general, but the area the hotel’s in isn’t exactly the best…

  17. That’s true of any city. Salzburg is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities; the area near the train station is dirtier and more run down than anything we saw this weekend.

    I loved the art museum. I loved walking along the canals and people watching in Victoria’s Square. And they have the CBSO and a jazz club, so my music needs are met. When can I move in?

  18. G&T Admin

    If you’re going to live in Birmingham then we need to have a chat about who to chose as your football team (it’s Aston Villa, by the way).

  19. Sorry Cappsy, no matter where I live it’s Galaxy ’til I die. *nods*

  20. I beg your pardon. I was a Galaxy fan from its inception.

    I never supported the Lakers even in their glory days. So that should dispell that. Hmmph. ;)

  21. G&T Admin

    Seb’s just bitter because Galaxy are provably better than Liverpool at the moment.

  22. The nice thing about being a football fan in America is tickets are way cheaper than for any other sport. You can get one for $5, which won’t even buy you a large coffee at Starbucks.

  23. G&T Admin

    Blimey. Football fans in this country get absolutely rinsed. It’s not *too* bad at Villa, but London clubs especially bleed their own fans dry with ticket prices.

  24. Now I know where to take my G&T friends if they come visit me!

  25. Had a fantastic time. All the cast were lovely and Rebecca Blackstone is a total sweetheart. She was at the Saturday night disco chatting to everyone as though she’d known them for ages. She has a good memory too as she remembered Annie and I at the autograph session the next day.

  26. >>The nice thing about being a football fan in America is tickets are way cheaper than for any other sport. You can get one for $5, which won’t even buy you a large coffee at Starbucks.

    That’s because in America, no one really cares about football (soccer) after you leave high school, although I will admit it has been gaining popularity in the past decade or so. I know Houston has a professional team, but I couldn’t tell you what their name is. I’ve honestly tried to get into the game, though. Really honestly.

  27. Houston Dynamo!

    I like MLS. I arbitrarily chose to support Toronto (because they wear red and I like Toronto despite never having been there it’s mostly Scott Pilgrim’s fault) when I got into it a few years ago. That was a mistake.

  28. Oh, yeah. I tend to get them confused with the hockey team (Aeros). I’m still trying to figure out why we have a hockey team in a subtropical climate…*confused*

    GO TEXANS!!!

    *listens to crickets chirping quietly while everyone stares blankly*

  29. Toronto is known as the Los Angeles of Canada. So Seb supports Galaxy by proxy. :)

  30. Doug has confirmed that Series X Rimmer is in fact the original Rimmer, not the S8 Rimmer

    When Asked if he plans to bring Chloë back as a regular. he Said he wants to find things for her to do but not necessarily as Kochanski.

    While I can go la-la-la-I’m-not-listening unless it’s addressed in the show, it’s disappointing that Mr. Naylor didn’t leave the Rimmer question as open as the Series VIII ending. For me, First Officer Rimmer’s story should be done and nano-Rimmer gets to screw it up in a new and original way.

    And I’d prefer that Naylor took a stab at something approaching Last Human’s Rimmer/Kochanski dynamic over bringing Holly back. Not that both couldn’t return but VIII was a little… crowded and I think Kochanski has more to offer.

  31. G&T Admin

    When did Doug actually say that? Because I have absolutely no memory of it…

  32. G&T Admin

    I always thought Pendo was joking when he tweeted all that stuff.

  33. >Doug has confirmed that Series X Rimmer is in fact the original Rimmer, not the S8 Rimmer

    Years of ambiguity ruined. It’s like when Ridley Scott spoke out about the mysterious character… You know, from that film he did.

  34. What, Bill Pearson?

  35. G&T Admin

    OMG I WANT THE LIGHT BEE POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Working on that!

    Props to Rich Lawden for the majority of those posters. He’s responsible for the majority of the artwork that wasn’t from the RPG books. I did the lightbee render and the light reflecive panels insert. But apart from that, pretty much all down to p2pProductions there!

  36. Let me know if/when those will be available. I’ll be the first to buy one. I even have a place on the wall right over my desk for it.

  37. Twennnnnty-fiiiiiiiive yeeeeeears…

  38. My baseball cards must be worth a fortune!

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