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It takes a special type of willful negligence to leave G&T so rarely updated since the 25th Anniversary earlier this year, but we’ve somehow managed to top that by completely forgetting we had two DwarfCasts sat in the bank ready to be published all this time.  Oh well!

The first of these is our commentary for the series V rom-com Holoship, along with its myriad deleted scenes.  In attendance are the full G&T compliment of Tanya, John, Ian, Danny and Jonathan, along with the fan club’s Jo Sharples and Jezz Harrison.  You couldn’t hope for a better group of people.  Well, you could, but you’re not getting them.

DwarfCast 51 – Holoship Commentary (87.6MB)

Give us a while and I’m sure the site will jump back into life.  Whether that’s with articles or more DwarfCasts remains to be seen, but life is all the richer for a bit of mystery, isn’t it?

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  • Just a couple days ago, I was talking to a sci-fi fan who said that this was his favourite episode of the show and he thought it was a great love story for Rimmer. It’s definitely one of my favourite episodes. I remember Doug Naylor saying in one of the Smegazines that he was disappointed with the episode and wasn’t moved by the love story at all. While I do wish there were a few more scenes with Rimmer & Nirvanah, I feel the opposite way really. I know you’re always going to be very critical of your own work and see it in a different way, but I wonder if he feels a bit different about it now.

  • I ranked this top I believe. Great character episode and fucking funny to boot. Is there a funnier end to an episode than the one pictured above?

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