Yes, this is clearly just a plug for a project that a couple of the G&T staff and many of our friends are involved in. If that offends you, look away now.

Still here? Good. Because we want you to go and download A Brief History of Time Travel, a radio-sit-com-but-on-the-internet, written by James Hunt and’s Seb Patrick. Starring Joanna Elliot, Jon Shaw, Henry Imbert and G&T’s very own Ian Symes, who is easily the best one in it. Furthermore, also on the credits are sound designer Danny Stephenson from G&T/Sweden, regular guest star Xander Newsome from off of Gazpacho Soup, and the extra special guest star, across all six episodes, is one Robert Llewellyn. He was in that old sitcom with the big spaceship and he had a funny head.

It’s available to buy now. I know that “paying for stuff” and “the internet” are often strange bedfellows, but this is worth it.  It’s a completely independent venture (and how many audio sitcoms can you name that weren’t made by the BBC?), that’s been run to a professional standard throughout, and if we want independent voices to get themselves heard, this is exactly the type of project that deserves our support. Plus, it’s cheap as fuck. You can get the full series of 6x 30-40 minute episodes for £7, or you can get the complete package with a shedload of extras for £11. This includes a 20-odd minute audio spin-off for each episode (with deleted scenes, ramblings from the writers and interviews with the cast) and a massive 400-page book that’s packed with just about every single scrap of detail you could possibly want from the series.

Basically, we don’t ask you for much. But all of us at G&T really want this to be a success, so if you want to make us happy, you’ll go and give A Brief History Of Time Travel a try.

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  • I suspect a large number of those of us who frequent this shithole happily contributed to the pot to try and help to get it made. But what I’ve managed to listen to so far has been adequately not-shit for me to not regret parting with the couple of quid I tossed their way. :)

  • I was one of the cheapo bastards who crowdfunded for episode 1 only. Just bought the lot, and the extras too. So I guess that’s a result, right? Right?

    Okay, some actual appraisal. Only ep 1 so far, the rest are downloading.

    First, the shit bits.

    There are no shit bits.

    Secondly, the bad bits.

    I thought the shows were a wee bit quiet, especially as teh soundtrack mp3’s seemed spot on. Not a huge niggle, just a bit of a “hmm”. Luckily I know how to use volume buttons, so that was fine.

    At 38 minutes, I think it’s a mite overlong. I think there could have been some more ruthlessness in the editing to get it to 30, but on second listen it didn’t feel too bad, so I guess you aclimatise to the pace.

    And from a narrative level, I didn’t think the story was a particularly brilliant effort, but did it’s job as a ‘pilot’ and scene setter. I’m sure subsequent installments will have a bit more punch to them. But the constant stream of gags and one liners more than helped offset any storyline quibbles I have.

    Thirdly then, the good, nay great bits

    The writing was really good – each character pretty well defined, some excellent lines (“Who are you, and why are you insulting me?”), funny gags… and familiarity with the characters over time will just enrich this! Henry’s almost drunken joyous delivery of the Prof was really funny, and my fave bit. Excellent sound design, and I loved the crowd scene (“Oh look! They’ve invented fire!”).

    That bloody theme song is too damned catchy for it’s own good.

    So all told, I give episode one a solid 7/10 – really looking forward to the rest, and I’ve already linked the shit out of it on Twitter.

    Great work guys. You delivered on my quid with APLOMB.

  • I will call you whatever I wish, wifey.

    A note about this series: Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. You all NEED to go and buy this.

  • I’m now 2/3 of the way through the series, and I really am enjoying it. I properly laughed out loud earlier (I listen on my mp3 player, and try not to *LOL* too much in front of people), even though it was Ian speaking.
    If you’ve not bought it already, I can honestly recommend getting this. It really is very very good.

  • > Yes, this is clearly just a plug for a project that a couple of the G&T staff and many of our friends are involved in. If that offends you, look away now.

    A simple “I’m in this, so buy it, you twats!!” would’ve sufficed. :p

    Seb and James need to write more. They are GOOD!

  • I’ve only just gotten around to checking my various websites I have bookmarked. Hence, I’m a little late reading this. But in my tired and more than a little drowsy state at work, I thought I had clicked the link for TOS. I didn’t really notice the change of layout or big fuck off Ganymede and Titan banner. It wasn’t until I read the words “cheap as fuck” that I realised where I was….

    Well fuck off then! It tickled me…

  • And now some feedback that is a little more topical. I listened to it all today at work and I did like it. Especially the way the ending really completes this little adventure. Over the last few years, the lack of an actual ending to stuff has really bugged me.

    But I still hope we get to hear from the characters again at some point? (Yes, that is a question)

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